Super Arrow Afk Skill Build – Stage, Boss, Tower, Mastery

Super Arrow AFK: Skill Combos quickly became a leading title in mobile games shortly after its release in November 2022 and introduced various skills to players. However, players often face the daunting choice of identifying the best skill builds.

In Super Arrow AFK, there are multiple awesome builds; however, we have compiled some suitable Super Arrow Afk Skill Builds for the next time you decide to embark on the RPG. You can also refer to our Super Arrow AFK Guide

Super Arrow Afk Skill Build

In the below builds, if something is outlined in red it means that it is more essential than what is not outlined in red, with the order of importance generally from left to right.

If you are missing a skill inside the red area then the build may not perform as well (or at all in the case of the first quick-clear deck, since all 4 outlined skills are the bare minimum for the combo).

Feel free to experiment with what you find beneficial, especially in the areas outside of the red.

The red outline on the power decks means these subskills are essential that they are placed to that main, with the numbered skills being 1 as the highest listed damage sub-skill you own and 11 being the lowest of the high damage sub-skills.

This first deck is for end-game stage quick-clear (played where you 1-shot all enemies).

Super Arrow Afk Skill Build

There are many variants possible for the main arrow of Radiance, but Radiance has the largest splash area of all bomb-type skills, making it the ideal choice.

Double Shot should only be used on a stage where you 1-shot, otherwise, if you 2-shot then there is no real point in halving your damage for more projectiles and would largely be a wasted slot.

If you are at a priority stage and really want to farm it instead of the one lower, you can remove the double shot and change it to whatever else you like, including EXP increase etc. Ballista can also have a Gold increase added, or HP Absorption if you are getting hit hard.

Drowning Darkness/Raging Wrath are presently bugged, but they will be included in the build when they fix it.

Quick clear decks can be used for Daily Mine — simply run up and down the middle of the map casting Maneuvering Attack, Radiance, and Basic Attack Ballista when available, preferably staggering them out at appropriate distances. If you see the bottom or top edges of the map, turn back around and run the other way. Rinse repeat to 2000-2200 kills per run.

This second deck is for mid-game quick clear.

Skill Build 2

Again, enemies should all be dying in one 1-shot, and if they are not, then you are farming too high of a stage and need to adjust to a lower one. Spear on High Angle proccing Dark Flame and Ice Shock is superior to attempting the first deck without Rapid Barrage–in short, if you do not have Rapid Barrage, the second will still be able to clear everything around you at a fairly high speed, and faster than a Radiance on Cluster Bomb without Rapid.

Because at this stage in the game you may be lacking sufficient AOE clear, the last line of Radiance is added, but this can also easily be changed to the Ice Arrow line with Drowning Darkness from the first deck if you feel you do not need the extra splash from the Radiance Line, and HP Absorption, if needed, can still be placed on Basic Attack if you’re taking too many hits.

Boss Damage/Promo Build

Boss Damage/Promo Build

Because Drowning Darkness is bugged right now and will not affect other skills, the 4-line primary variant will not be shared at this time–since we do not know when it will be fixed. For Promotions, the Initial Attack is to be swapped with the Dark Sub-Skill Focus Shooting.

This is because the Initial Attack buff will work on Dragon since your damage is counted up, but will not work on Promo bosses since their HP goes down–and because Promo has small-size bosses, making Focus Shooting a great addition.

There are other considerations I will not mention here as to some better skill swaps while I wait to hear back from Mobirix on my tickets–first from v1.7.0, and secondly from 1.10.0 for reconfirmation. Depending on what they say, I may be able to update this deck again, both when Drowning is fixed, and when I hear back on a possible issue with some skills and their use.

If you do not have Ancient Magic Circle, Luminous Fall, or Rapid Barrage, these may be exchanged for Fire Smite, Lightning Smite, and Stagger respectively (Dragon requires a source of Weaken to prolong the battle and earn more total DPS, and presently that is awarded Luminous Fall or Stagger), but then the build will no longer be min-maxed and you may see higher yields from moving Flaming Meteor Strike and Icicle Downpour up to Rain of Arrows, and the smites/ults or other persistent AOEs back down to Basic

Mastery Farming Deck Build

Farming Build

Add Element Damage is changed to whatever element you need to farm can be added, and there are plenty of variants. Double Shot can be exchanged for another Add Element DMG type or another persistent AOE like Stagger.

If you lack Legendary or Epic Multi-Projectiles, just add the Magic/Normal variants–we don’t care about damage, we just want consistent arrows falling to keep healing.

Rapid Barrage has a home in the deck or can be used to make a completely separate mastery farming deck where it’s put on High Angle and Ice Vortex instead, with Auto Ballista being on Lifesteal Arrow instead, but most players will not have access to that since masteries are finished to 999 early and in a few days.

The general idea is to use Ice Vortex and Burn to trigger lines, and Add Element DMG to apply elemental mastery gains to those lines. Make yourself as weak as possible when doing this–lowest rarity Quiver, change to all HP/Evade pet pages, etc.

Make yourself so weak that you can’t really kill the enemies, or so that it takes a while to kill them. Depending on your device, you may want to kill them within 20 seconds or so if you find yourself crashing.

Physical Mastery Farming Build

physical Build

Same strategy–make yourself as weak as possible by equipping a low-level quiver, changing to a Pet Engraving page on all pets for HP etc., and find the stage where you can’t kill the enemies too quickly depending on your device.

A track may be added in place of Gut Buster if your penetration rates from your Arrow Equipment are adequate enough.

Super Arrow Afk Skill Build Late Game

Late Game - Universal Farming Build

200 mine kills
550 treasure kills (depending on ACU)
Useful for 4P Raid

If masteries are still needed:
Swap Killshot for Add Damage (Lowest Mastery)
Swap Explosion for Add Damage (2nd Lowest Mastery)
Only swap in stage farming as losing these skills will impact dungeon efficiency.

Barriers are solely there for auto-queue 4P Raids and potentially having a full raid party. Love playing RPG game> make sure to visit our Valiant Force 2 Guide