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Welcome to our Super Snail Beginner Guide & Walkthrough. Super Snail is a brand new game by Qcplay Limited and This game is trending on App Store. Today we will tell you about Super Snail, weapons, Lottery System, Gear Slots, and How to Evolve Your Snail.

In this Super Snail Beginner Guide, We have used some tips and tricks shared by users on Discord. So come and take a look at this Super Snail Beginner Guide & Walkthrough, Cheats Wiki

Super Snail Beginner Guide & Walkthrough, Cheats Wiki

Get Acquainted With The Basics: After you finish your tutorial, make sure you’re comfortable with the game’s mechanics and interface.

Upgrade Weapons: You can upgrade your weapons using the resources you gather. Upgrading is essential for progressing in the game.

Use the Lottery System: This system allows you to potentially acquire high-tier stuff. It might not be reliable, but it’s worth trying.

Utilize Your Valuables: Once you get valuables from drawing, make sure to activate them to increase your stats.

Basics of Relics: Relics have five stats (FAME, ART, FTH, CIV, and TECH – AFFCT) which you can see in your relic tab. The dominant trait or the highest among these five is the most important.

Using Relics: Relics can be embedded in the compass during Exploration to boost your HARD stats. FAME boosts all HARD stats, ART boosts HP, FTH boosts RUSH, CIV boosts ATK, and TECH boosts DEF.

You visit our Super Snail Relic Guide for a more in-depth guide

Equip Your Snail: Equip your snail with the valuables you’ve activated. You can do this through the snail inventory menu.

Unlock Gear Slots: Unlocking gear slots allows you to equip more valuables and boost your stats.

Evolve Your Snail: This makes your snail stronger and often provides extra bonuses.

Complete Daily Tasks: Doing so will provide you with premium currency.

Spend Your Currency Wisely: Save up your premium currency for packages that can enhance your gameplay.

Exploration: This is a key part of the game where you collect resources, intel, and items over time. You can skip current areas to progress faster, but it might not always be efficient.

Trade Intel for Buffs: You can trade intel for upgrades. Prioritize things that improve loot efficiency or increase damage.

Fight Bosses: You can fight bosses to get bonuses. If you defeat a boss in less than two attacks, they will not respawn.

Redeem Cards: Redeem cards for rewards, upgrading your gameplay.

Start New Exploration: After settling from one exploration, check all upgrades and gear before heading into the next adventure.

Eat Mushrooms: Mushrooms provide permanent bonuses. Begin with the ones that give an attack boost.

Super Snail Easter Egg Bonanza

Easter Eggs are a big part of Super Snail’s fun + meme-y culture! We’ll start you off with a few to get your fingers tap-tapping!

Not growing enough Fungus on the Fungus Farm? Dislodge this blue bit soaking up all the nutrients!
Don’t forget to recycle! Cans on the ground sometimes still have Reagents left in them.

If you can’t defeat the Robot Guard in the Treasure Room yet, don’t worry! Keep talking to him and he might open up to you. Robots have feelings too.

Shrine Guide

You can toggle between the Shrine and the Gear station using this button now.

Super Snail Beginner Guide

“Laser” and “incense” are used as verbs interchangeably fairly often, but Incense is actually the item you’ll need to do the lasering. If you don’t have any yet, just keep exploring! It becomes more frequent at the end of Koryeo and into the next World Area. The icon looks like this!

Super Snail Beginner Guide

You can place up to 3 Incense sticks at a time in front of the Buddha Statue. To “laser” something — like a pesky bat or rat, or a turtle that just won’t go away — place your Incense on the Shrine and then tap on the Buddha Statue to make him angry.

Careful though — if there are no animals around, Buddha Statue will have nowhere else to look but up, and that can have devastating consequences for nearby aircrafts. Then again, there might be some nifty resources you can snag from the salvage if one of those happens to crash…

Using Incense will trigger several different storylines with a variety of in-game rewards. Just have fun and explore at your own pace!

Super Snail Golden Finger

Super Snail Golden Finger can be obtained just by tapping on your screen!

At max tier, the Golden Finger’s Relic’s AFFCT Stats reach:
ART: 54
FTH: 100
FAME: 61
CIV: 64
TECH: 53

The Golden Finger Relic’s Skills are:

Aura Awaken
Tadpole Pond upgrade b-tad Cost -10%
Fungus Farm upgrade b-tad Cost -10%
Time Machine upgrade b-tad Cost -10%

Embed Perks, once Awakened:

Place in Yamato Museum: In Yamato, 2x b-tad Drops +15%
Place in Quarry: Stone Output +30%
Place in Lumber Camp: Wood Output +30%

Relic Resonance:

Golden Finger & Koh-i-Noor Diamond: Per 10 DEF-Fungi eaten, DEF +7 (Up to 500 DEF-Fungi)
Golden Finger & Matrix System & Hammurabi Code & Eye of Akamoddo: Per Realm conquered, DEF +90 (Up to 8 Realms).

You can get fragments for your very own Golden Finger from the Giga Ball Machine with Lottery Tickets, the Alchemy Furnace, or from Grandmaster Scrolls or FTH Master Scrolls — but if you’ve got the patience, try tapping on the stone in front of your Garage 999 times! There will be an occasional “clunk” or other sound to let you know you’ve got the right rock.

That’s it for this Super Snail Beginner Guide.

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