Super Snail Characters Guide – Best Characters Tier List

If you are confused about which Super Snail characters are the best from every faction, don’t worry – Our Super Snail Characters Guide Tier List highlights the best hero and what makes them special.

Super Snail global release brings balance changes and new characters in game and with the new changes resulting in some shake-ups both big and small when it comes to selecting Defence Derby heroes.

But for new players or people looking to grind through up the competitive ladder, which Super Snail hero you pick does matter.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some characters in our Super Snail Tier List are relatively universal, while others are better or worse depending on the Super Snail game modes.

Super Snail is a new game available for Android and iOS, with so many heroes to choose from across two different classes and Factions.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in Super Snail. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

On the other side, if you’re new to Super Snail and looking for an in, you could combine this list with our Super Snail Guide for beginners in order to get off to a quick start.

Super Snail Characters Guide Tier List Ranking Meaning

Super Snail Characters Guide

This Super Snailtier list will assist you in finding the best characters for your team. The characters in this tier list are listed under five levels explained as follows:

S-Tier: The so-called “meta” characters in the game. These are the best, strongest characters to use.

A-Tier: These Super Snail characters are pretty good, offering a solid chance at clearing the game’s content no matter the situation.

B-Tier: These are viable Super Snail characters, although they aren’t as strong as the S- or A-tier characters.

C-Tier: These Super Snail characters aren’t too terrible, but they should be replaced by better ones as soon as you can.

D-Tier: You should avoid these characters and only use them for emergencies or if you don’t have a character to fill in a specific role.

Super Snail Characters Guide (Tier List)


Hitmen are deadly assassins dispatched daily by the Demon Gods to kill the snail. The arrival of the hitman is triggered by the completion of an exploration for the day. The encounters start with Hitman No. 1 and progress sequentially as each hitman is defeated.

Upon defeat, hitmen attempt to escape, presenting the snail with a choice to either let them flee or intercept them for additional rewards. Once a hitman is fully defeated, including in the escape attempt, they are replaced by the next in line. The total number of hitmen remains unknown.

The rewards for defeating hitmen include W-tads, Demon God Chests, and Lottery Tickets. The quantity of these rewards can be increased with specific Relics.

Just like most snail battles, the ability to use the RUSH ability against a hitman depends on identifying the enemy’s weakness. For instance, Hitman No. 1’s weakness can be discovered if the snail has a minimum of 80 CIV.

Certain hitmen may form relationships with the snail, becoming friends or partners, or unlocking new storylines once they’re fully defeated.


In the game, partners are essential characters that you acquire from various sources. They start a friendship storyline that evolves through correspondence, advice, and the exchange of gifts until their friendship level reaches 3 hearts. At this point, partners move into a room with their unique minions.

Some partners in the game include:

Kim Chi-yum: With the skill “Cuisine of Kim Chi-yum”, this partner increases Snail TECH and B-tad Output from the Tadpole Pond. Kim Chi-yum has the minion Koryeo Snail of the Angel type.

Big Guy Park: Through “Prison Conditioning”, Big Guy Park enhances Snail FAME and Snail AT. His minion is the Ironball Thrower of the Demon type.

Chichikaka: With “Chichikaka’s Mouth”, she augments Snail CIV and Snail ATK. Her minion, Chika, is of the Mutant type.

Prince Nerd’s Soul: Utilizing “Prince’s Curse”, this partner bolsters Snail FTH and Soul Offering SPD. His minion, Tomb Figure, is of the Zombie type.

Jiro Toyato: Through “Jiro’s Gutter Run”, Jiro increases Snail FTH and provides additional Free Gene Speedup (Mecha). His minion, The Mechanic, is of the Mecha type.


Minions are unique entities associated with your partners. They can aid you during battles and provide various benefits based on their number in your troop formation. Some minions include:

Koryeo Snail: This Angel minion belongs to Kim Chi-yum and for every 10 Koryeo Snails in a battle, troops gain an extra X00 HP.

Ironball Thrower: This Demon minion belongs to Big Guy Park. For every 10 Ironball Throwers in a battle, troops gain an extra X0 ATK.

Chika: This Mutant minion belongs to Chichikaka. For every 10 Chikas in battle, troop Earth DMG increases by X.

Tomb Figure: This Zombie minion belongs to Prince Nerd’s Soul. For every 10 Tomb Figures in a battle, troop Earth RES increases by X.

The Mechanic: This Mecha minion belongs to Jiro Toyato. For every 10 Mechanics in a battle, troop Regen increases by X0.

That’s it for this Super Snail Characters Guide

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