Super Snail Reconstructor Guide

Welcome to our Super Snail Reconstructor Guide, In this article we will show you Super Snail Reconstructor Guide and How to earn Reconstructor Fast.

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Super Snail Reconstructor Guide

RF, short for “Reconstruction Factor,” is a form of in-game currency, also known as Civil RF, that you can exchange for valuable fragments in the Reconstructor section of the game.

It’s crucial not to confuse this with “CIV,” an unrelated AFFCT type. In this guide, we will refer to the currency as “RF”.

Earning RF You can accrue RF through various activities, such as participating in the Monthly Manhunt Act, Weekly Events, or Genetic Sim. Additionally, you can also obtain RF via in-game purchases.

Using RF To use your accumulated RF, tap on the Events Icon (🎉), located in the top-right corner of your screen.

Then, select “Reconstructor,” located at the bottom-left corner. Each AFFCT type has its dedicated RF shop. You can swap between them by clicking on the corresponding AFFCT icons at the screen’s bottom.

Missing ‘Reconstructor’ Icon If you don’t find the Reconstructor button within your Events (🎉) window, it means you haven’t unlocked it yet.

To unlock the Reconstructor, you first need to earn some RF.

Spending RF Wisely In the RF shop, you can click on a Valuable, followed by the “Details” button, to view its max tier details.

Please remember that you still need to activate the Valuable and invest the right Reagents and additional Fragments to level it up.

Top 10 Orange Valuables Here are 10 Orange Valuables that we believe are worth your RF. But remember, how you spend your RF is ultimately your decision. Enjoy and keep shining! :SnailSparkle:

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