Super Snail Relic Guide – Awakening and Resonance

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Super Snail Relic Guide. In this article we will talk about Super Snail Relic, How to upgrade Relics, Special Stats and Buffs, Awakening and Resonance and other useful information.

On the other side, if you’re new to Super Snail and looking for an in, you could combine this list with our Super Snail Guide for beginners in order to get off to a quick start and Super Snail Characters Guide. So come and take a look at this Super Snail Relic Guide.

Super Snail Relic Guide

Basics of Relics: Relics have five stats (FAME, ART, FTH, CIV, and TECH – AFFCT) which you can see in your relic tab. The dominant trait or the highest among these five is the most important.

Using Relics: Relics can be embedded in the compass during Exploration to boost your HARD stats. FAME boosts all HARD stats, ART boosts HP, FTH boosts RUSH, CIV boosts ATK, and TECH boosts DEF.

Relics and Enemies: Almost every enemy in the game has a weakness to one of the 5 AFFCT types. If you can make this, you get extra RUSH DMG on that enemy.

Upgrading Relics: Relics can be upgraded to increase their stats. The relics are sorted by their rank from Orange (highest) to Green (lowest). Each relic has a Tier, indicated by the number of stars.

Special Stats and Buffs: Each relic provides unique abilities and buffs that are permanent and always working.

Awakening and Resonance: Once a relic is at its maximum tier, there is an option to awaken the relic. This will boost the relics AFFCT and special stats, and also contribute to Resonance and Mirage fights.


Awakening is a process that you can perform on a blue or higher relic once it has reached its maximum tier. Awakening the relic provides additional boosts to the relic’s AFFCT and special stats and unlocks its contribution towards Resonance and Mirage fights.

The requirements to awaken a relic are as follows:

  • Blue relics require 100 blue fragments.
  • Purple relics require 100 blue fragments and 300 purple fragments.
  • Orange relics require 100 blue fragments, 300 purple fragments, and 900 orange fragments.

Upon awakening a relic, it gains further strength and starts to contribute towards Resonance.


Resonance is a complementary mechanic to Awakening. Once a relic is awakened, it contributes towards resonance. Resonance provides additional boosts when relics within a resonance set are awakened.

For instance, awakening both the Code of Law and Commercial Code relics will provide the extra buff of “Snail HP +500”. The more relics of a set you awaken and the higher their rank, the stronger the resonance boosts you receive.

Civilization Mirage: Each orange relic has a Civilization Mirage, which consists of a series of fights. Completing individual fights rewards a Gem of that AFFCT, and completing the entire mirage rewards 3 more Gems of that AFFCT and a unique reward relating to the relic.

Mirage Pedestal: Gems earned can be used at the Mirage Pedestal for more rewards.

Relic Forge: Relic Forge allows you to choose what relics you want at a cost: Relic RF. This currency can be obtained from fighting in Manhunt Act and participating in Weekly Events.

Supreme Relics: Supreme Relics are obtained in the Premium Shop for USD or CAD.

That’s it for this Super Snail Relic Guide – Awakening and Resonance

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