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Welcome to our Survival Fountain of Youth Guide Wiki & Walkthough, Looking at this game, you might initially compare it with other first person survival crafting games like green hell or subnautica. There are common tropes like hunger, thirst, and stamina. And yeah, the combat itself is a real-time action. While it is similar-looking, you’ll find out soon that there is a lot of unique aspect of the game that are not shared with those game. The only game I can draw an exact similarity is the Long Dark and you’ll soon hear why.

Everytime you gather resource from plants or everytime you craft anything, The day will pass rapidly for a specified duration. This adds time as a resource you need to manage. Before you actually commit to the activity, you get to browse around on the time you’d like to set and the game will detail in exactly how long this action will take and how much of your survival stats will go down when you completed said task. Next to that, you’ll also need tools to complete some of the activities and the material you need to craft the most basic of tool can usually be collected without any tools or from the ground

Next to the very obvious survival stats, there is also other aspects you need to keep track of like
The time of day (you can get injured if you craft at night without light)
The weather. The sun, rain, and wind which you need to avoid by finding a shelter or at least a shade provided by plants and rocks

Your status effects, following the weather is the diseases you can catch caused by said weather being allowed to affect long enough

The complex interfaces. Which this Survival Fountain of Youth Guide Wiki & Walkthough will explain in detail shortly

Things I wish I knew b4 playing

A few words (more like paragraphs, why do people even say this phrase anyway when there is obviously going to be a lot of words)

This game is very forgiving when it comes to the survival elements despite of the inherent complexity, and you should note that it is very important to keep your health as high as possible. Even the hardest dehydration or starvation would need at least a week to kill you if you start at a full health. Sleep, eat, and drink often to keep your health points as high as possible

The main way you can die unavoidably is due to lack of preparations. Do not try to explore too far (yet), instead make mental notes of the resources you can easily reach within 100 meter radius around your base. The general starting area have enough food and water sources to keep you alive for the first two weeks.

Important Note: Pay Attention on this chapter. Almost every information you need to know about the game can be found in the various menu tabs. You wouldn’t even need half of what this guide has if you knew how to use the interfaces right, but you’re already here so let’s continue.

Status Effects

To the top right corner of the UI is the list of the status effect, first thing you’d notice (unless you picked the navy coat) is the symbol of THE SUN, you are literally about to experience sunburn so run away to shade. Now that you’re not under the sun anymore Press “C” to open the status window

You’ll be seeing more variations of these from time to time which shows details on the current status effect. While most status do not have immediate negative effect, this will eventually develop into something that does deliberate you with various stat reduction. It will eventually progress if you didn’t treat it immediately and would even lead to free trip down the river styx.


The crafting tab shows everything you can and can’t craft. The right part shows category shortcut which is useful and you should be able to tell what it is just by looking at the icon, the crafting list will get bloated at some point so keep this in mind.

Clicking on the locked craft will display the list of materials needed to be found in order to collect it and clicking.

Clicking on the icon on the list of material would may hints on where you can find that particular resources.
This also shows the kind of workbench needed to craft the items


This tab is a 3 part that shows various self development of your character. The first one is the list of perks that you can unlock using PP 🙂 (perk points). You get more point either by exploring the world or by completing survival tasks.

Survival Task

This serves as some kind of progression and list of item most player wouldn’t even know exist in the game. Each time you complete a task, you get a perk point.


Next is skills, every action reward XPs which will lead to leveling up a particular skill. This tab shows the list of skills and the benefit of said skills. Up to the third level is when your skill will start showing additional perks.
You might also find books while exploring. Books will unlock new unique perk or a unique recipe for one of the skills when you finished reading it.


Looking at this the first time, the map will not look like the screenshot I provided. If you follow the tutorial, it will eventually tell you how to draw on the map. This map will show the exact location of a resource AND THE SPAWN AREA FOR ANIMALS (hostile or passive). It will additionally tell you how long it is until the resource/animal respawns.

Again, as I said. Half of the content of this guide relies on the fact that you don’t know how to use this feature. And that’s okay, the game itself fails to explain in detail on what each of the interface does.

Mapping takes a long time to complete and the area of the map will depend on how high you are standing. Try drawing the map as soon as you reach the peak of the mountain, that alone is enough to map out almost half of the island in one go. While exploring, you’ll also find a lot of navigational tools which will provide massive boost to your cartography progress on top of the skills you have.

That’s it for this Survival Fountain of Youth Guide Wiki & Walkthough

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