Sword Factory X Trello & Beginner Guide ( WIKI)

Hi guys, This is our Sword Factory X Wiki and Sword Factory X Trello. The Sword Factory series’ next major thing is Sword Factory X. There are numerous new features, regions to explore, and stuff to purchase. There are swords, sounds and sound effects, music, mapping, models, and much much more.

This game has more than 120K visits and the Server size is 12. Find codes for a variety of other games on our Roblox Games Codes page.

Sword Factory X Codes Wiki

  • As of today, there are no Sword Factory X Codes available.

Sword Factory X Wiki – Trello & Beginner Guide

Sword Factory X ⚔️ is the next big thing in the Sword Factory series. There are tons of new features, areas to explore, and a bunch of new items.

Create swords
Upgrade your swords in the ascender
Unlock new areas and defeat bosses
Put your best items in the bank!

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~ Sword Factory X Team

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