Tales of Luminaria Tier List 2023 & Reroll Guide

Welcome to our Tales of Luminaria Tier List 2023 & Tales of Luminaria Characters, which provides a comprehensive overview of all available Best Character in Tales of Luminaria. Tales of Luminaria has 3 different factions and each faction has some different characters. There are total of 21 Tales of Luminaria Characters in the game,

In this article, we will tell you the  Best Tales of Luminaria Characters to use in the game along with Tales of Luminaria Characters so come and take a look at these Tales of Luminaria Beginners guide & Tales of Luminaria Reroll Guide.

Tales of Luminaria Tier List 2023 ( Jerle Foundation )

Jerle Federation Since olden times, they have lived in harmony with nature and the Primordial Beasts

  • Leo Fourcade – S Tier
  • Yelsey – S Tier
  • Celia Arvier – S Tier
  • Michelle Bouquet -S Tier
  • Lisette Regnier – A Tier
  • Lucien Dafaure – A Tier
  • Maxime Hasse – A Tier
  • lmansVanessa – B Tier
  • Morax – B Tier

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Tales of Luminaria Tier List ( Gildllan Empire )

Gildllan Empire A technologically advanced nation whose growth is fueled by artificial extraction of mana from the Primordial Beasts

  • August Wallenstein
  • Alexandra von Sonne
  • Amelie Laurence
  • Bastien Forge
  • Gaspard Herbet
  • Hugo Simon
  • Laplace

Tales of Luminaria Character ( Adventurer )

Adventurer Members of neither military, they investigate the mystery of the Primordial Beasts on their own.

  • Falk
  • Edouard Rouquier
  • Lydie Delacroix
  • Ana-Maria Marschner
  • CharlesRaoul

Tales of Luminaria Tier List

Tales of Luminaria Reroll Guide

  • First of all open game and complete the tutorial
  • Now check your in-game mailbox and collect your pre-registration prizes
  • Now go back to the gacha menu and spend all of the currency on weapons/outfits -> reroll.
  • The 5-star weaponry of your chosen character would be the reroll target. If you don’t have any 5-star weapons, go to the menu button on the title screen (don’t press the screen when you first start the game; instead, go to the bottom and tap the menu button) -> erase account.

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