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Welcome to our The First Descendant Tier List Wiki for Crossplay Beta. The game “The First Descendant Crossplay Beta ” is now available and based on our experiences from the Alpha version, demo, and various insights, we have compiled a tier list for The First Descendant.

If you are confused about which The First Descendant characters are the best in the game, don’t worry – Our The First Descendant Crossplay Beta Tier List highlights the best heroes and what makes them special.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in The First Descendant Crossplay Beta. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to.

So come and take a look at this The First Descendant Crossplay Beta Tier List. Also Read: The First Descendants Weapon Guide

The First Descendant Tier List Wiki


  • Lepic: AoE Dealer
  • Ajax: Tank Dealer
  • Viessa: DeBuffer


  • Jayber: All-In-One
  • Sharen: Assassin
  • Gley: Close-Range Dealer


  • Blair: The Fire Mage
  • Bunny: Agile, Mid-Range
  • Freyna: Toxins Dealer

The First Descendant’s Best Characters Tier List

Lepic: AoE Dealer

With his powerful prosthetic right arm and an array of explosive weapons, he commands the battlefield, subduing enemies with strategic prowess and overwhelming firepower.


Passive Skill: Close Call

Effect: Provides a chance to survive fatal damage during battle. When faced with what might be a killing blow, AoE Dealer has a possibility to hang on, giving him a last-ditch opportunity to turn the tide.
Active Skill 1: Grenade

Effect: Throws a powerful grenade at the enemy, causing explosive damage.
Special: If Overclock is active, Grenade causes additional burn damage over time.

Active Skill 2: Overclock

Effect: Temporarily boosts all Skill ATK, amplifying the damage dealt by other skills.
Special: Adds a burning effect to both Grenade and Overkill, causing damage over time to affected enemies.
Active Skill 3: Traction Grenade

Effect: Launches a special grenade that pulls enemies within its range closer together, allowing for more effective AoE attacks or controlling enemy positioning.
Active Skill 4: Overkill

Effect: Fires a potent shell at the enemy, which stays at the landing point for a set duration, inflicting consistent damage to any enemies within its proximity.
Special: If Overclock is active, Overkill causes additional burn damage over time.

Ajax: Tank Dealer

Ajax serves as the vanguard of his team, conjuring formidable barriers that not only guard his comrades but can also turn the might of foes against them through reflective counterattacks.

Skills Overview:

Passive Skill: Event Horizon

Effect: Grants Ajax the capability to accumulate Void Energy during combat. This energy plays a crucial role in amplifying the potential of his other skills.
Active Skill 1: Orbit Barrier

Effect: Ajax forms a robust shield before him. Its toughness scales with his HP and DEF stats.
Special: When enhanced (likely through accumulated Void Energy), the barrier returns damage based on Ajax’s DEF to adversaries who dare to assault it.
Active Skill 2: Void Walk

Effect: In a swift move, Ajax vaults skyward before crashing back to the earth, jolting nearby enemies with a stunning impact.
Special: When enhanced, Ajax receives a surge in his maximum shield capacity for a specified duration.
Active Skill 3: Expulsion

Effect: With a mighty swing, Ajax repels nearby foes, pushing them away from his vicinity.
Special: Upon enhancement, the range of the knockback and the strength of Ajax’s shield both see significant improvements.
Active Skill 4: Hypercube

Effect: Ajax summons a dome-like barrier around him. Its resilience is a function of his HP and DEF attributes.
Special: If bolstered through enhancement, this shield can ricochet back a portion of the damage (scaled with Ajax’s DEF) onto adversaries striking the barrier.


Lead with Void Walk: Initiate encounters with Void Walk to disable a group of enemies, ensuring a safer environment for Ajax’s teammates to operate.

Prioritize Hypercube in Crowd Control situations: When facing numerous foes, summon the Hypercube to create a protective area for allies, especially if enhanced to reflect damage.

Expulsion for Positional Advantage: When the team is overwhelmed, or to thwart enemy formations, use Expulsion. Enhanced versions can create even more space, granting tactical advantages.

Balance between Orbit Barrier and Hypercube: Depending on the situation, decide whether a frontal shield (Orbit Barrier) or a full protective dome (Hypercube) is more advantageous.


Be wary of enemies with anti-shield abilities as they can quickly break through Ajax’s barriers.
Agile enemies who can bypass the barriers can pose a threat; always be prepared for a flanking maneuver.

Since Ajax relies heavily on his enhancements, opponents can strategize to interrupt or mitigate his Void Energy accumulation.

That’s it for this The First Descendant Crossplay Beta Tier List Wiki –

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