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Welcome to The Outlast Trials Guide Wiki & Walkthrough, In this Outlast Trials Walkthrough & Guide Wiki, we will tell you about The Outlast Trials Storyline. “The Outlast Trials” is a horror game set during the Cold War era. Players become unwilling test subjects of the Murkoff Corporation, which aims to explore brainwashing and mind control techniques. Trapped inside Murkoff’s facility, players can choose to face the trials alone or team up with 2 to 4 players.

The main objective is to survive, complete Murkoff’s therapy, and earn the opportunity to be released back into society. The gameplay involves evading enemies, hiding, and fleeing.

Players can earn tools from Murkoff to enhance their stealth abilities, create opportunities to escape, and even heal themselves and others. Along the way, players can investigate and collect documents and items that expose Murkoff’s unethical practices.

The game incorporates a character customization feature, allowing players to create their own trial patient and personalize their in-game cell.

The Outlast Trials introduces various characters from Murkoff’s Sinyala Facility who can assist players in their quest to survive the trials.

Throughout the gameplay, players experience a process designed by Murkoff to break down the test subjects’ identities, introduce a new ideology, and ultimately lead them to embrace the corporation’s beliefs. So come The Outlast Trials Walkthrough & Guide Wiki and take a look at this

The Outlast Trials Walkthrough & Guide Wiki


There are 6 “Storylines” in the game

1 – Easterman Recruitment – Recruiting Eastman
2 – Gathering Ex-Pop – Gathering Ex-Pop
3 – Project Lathe Collapse – Project Lathe Collapse (ahah I have no idea how)
4 – Project Lathe Two – Project Lathe Collapse Number Two
5 – Project Lathe Redesign – Project Lathe Collapse
6 Redesign – Completed Reagents – Completed Reagents

Storyline 1 – Easterman Recruitment

How did Dr. Easterman get started with the Murkoff Corporation? 1 – Document – Interman Interview with CIA 1 CIA Archives 1953.01.12 MURKOFF CORP CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICE INTERVIEW MESSAGE INTERVIEW BY JAMESON LAWLER (CIA) AND HENDRICK JOLIETH EASTMAN (CIVIL) Written: 1953.01.12, Chicago 11 Murkoff Purchases: 1954.04. 03 EDIT FOR CLARITY [Minutes 33-36] LAWLER: You were present at Mr. Dulles’ speech at Princeton. EASTMAN: Are you asking me? LAWLER: Are you denying you were there? EASTMAN: No, no. I just couldn’t interpret your tone. You seem to already know…

LAWLER: I mean, the brainwashing has gone way too far into

the popular imagination. Last July, this story hit the front pages of every
major US city. Twenty-one American prisoners of war refuse to return home, pure-blooded Americans who would rather settle in communist China.

EISTERMAN: I read the papers.

LAWLER: That’s the question we have to answer: “Why, in the name of all that’s holy, would someone, given a choice, become a communist?”



Written: 1953/01/12 Chicago 11

Murkoff Purchases: 1954/04/03


[36-39 Minutes]

EASTERMAN: You’re talking about thought reform.
LAWLER: I’m talking about brainwashing.
EASTMAN: You’ve read my work. You must forgive me, I was working strictly on assumptions based on the German psyche in the run-up to 1933. Red stuff coming out of…
LAWLER: No, no, no. This is exactly the assumption we are working on.
The basic truth, the concept of faith, is exactly the same between communism and
National Socialism. You talked about it. A more subtle threat. Movement upstream.
EISTERMAN: Political truth is rooted in culture, in sex. Advertising. Music. Consumption. Drugs.
LAWLER: Everything is language.

3 – Document: Easterman Interview with CIA 3 Murkoff Corporation Internal Central Intelligence Agency memo Transcript of interview between Jameson Lanler (CIA) and Hendrick Joliet Easterman (Civilian) Recorded: 1953.01.02 Chicago 11 1954.04.03 Edited for clarity [39 -41 minutes] Lawler: Everything is language. Easterman: Everything is language, yes. Lawler: Your brother committed suicide. (Note: several moments of silence) Lawler: Your brother committed suicide in Korea. I assume he was a lieutenant?

Easterman: You have what you do. You say things that sound like questions, but they aren’t really questions.
Lawler: I’m not saying anything untrue.
Easterman: We can’t know. My brother died alone. The examination was careless.
Lawler: You don’t think he killed himself, do you?
Easterman: A lot of strange things happen in war.
Lawler: Right. Emphasized correctly.
Easterman: What are we talking about?
Lawler: I have the opportunity to study what happened in Korea. We’re detaining C.P.A. subjects in Hong Kong who are being brainwashed. We need someone with your conscientious knowledge to investigate.

4 – Document: Arrived in Hong Kong Arrived in Hong Kong Easterman Letters 1953.02.09

Private Correspondence of Dr. Hendrick Joliet Easterman

February 9, 1953

My dear Irene

Burn this letter as soon as you read it

The weather in Hong Kong is surprisingly mild and I fear it was a mistake to refuse my scarf. This city (I would call it a city with a shudder) seems to
be made mostly of bamboo and damp cardboard, and I live in constant fear
of earthquakes.

However, the conditions for my research are as good as I would expect
from the greatest army on earth, and my first interviews were very

I’m sure I can find evidence to disprove the silly
story of Stanley’s so-called “suicide.” So far I have spoken to four
veterans and one Lutheran priest, all of whom were prisoners of war of the Korean People’s Army. I have yet to find conclusive evidence for specific psychological programming, but the extent of the trauma is truly impressive.

The food here is too spicy and I miss you terribly.

I know you don’t like it when I repeat myself, but I have already found my letters to you hidden in your indecent things, and indeed, you should burn this
letter after reading it.

5 – Document – CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN OLIVIER BARANCHIK AND EASTERMAN Date: April 19, 1954 (title deleted) Dr. Easterman,

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Olivier Baranczyk, Assistant Director of Behavioral Medicine at Murkoff Corp. Mount Massive Hospital.

Of course, you are familiar with the Murkoff Corporation.

Our mutual friend Jameson Lawler shared your findings with me in Hong Kong (with appropriate confidentiality, of course.) Your research is remarkably in line with the work on dream therapy that we had a hand in at the Los Alamos Laboratories.

We enlisted the cooperation of the agency to take you to Los Alamos and introduce you to our research team. You should find tickets and travel documents in your bedside table.

I would strongly recommend that you accept the invitation, as this letter is directly related to highly sensitive issues of national security. Your knowledge of such activity, even without your active participation in such activity, may constitute a security risk requiring some form of enforced silence.

But don’t come just to get away with it, the research of our scientists at Los Angeles Alamos is doing vital, inspiring work far beyond any of the crude, clumsy methods exhibited by our enemies in the communist world.
I was told that you are a person who can believe in miracles.

Olivier Baranchik


Storyline 1 – Easterman Recruitment 2
6 – Document – Horror in Clea Easterman Diaries 1954.05.01 MURKOFF CORP PERSONNEL SURVEILLANCE ENTRY IN DR. HENDRIK JOLIETH EASTERMAN’S PERSONAL DIARY Date: May 1, 1954 Saturday. While browsing through a second-hand bookstore in Santa Fe, I found a book of monster stories collected from Weird Tales magazine, including a childhood favorite of mine.

This story is pathetic nonsense, the work of a drooling fetishist, both horrified and aroused by the more atavistic ways of worshiping our dark brothers. But the first paragraph seemed strangely applicable to my new friends in

Los Alamos: “I think the most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to relate all its contents. We live on a serene island of ignorance in the middle of the black seas of infinity, and we were not supposed to swim far.

The sciences, each of which works in its own direction, have so far done us little harm; but one day the unification of disparate knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality and our terrible position in it that we will either go crazy with revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and security of a new dark century.”

Today is the first of May. Workers of the World Unite

7 – Document – For the Future For the Future The Easterman Diaries 1954.05.04 MURKOFF CORP



Date: May 4, 1954

I was warned against talking about politics with our Dr. Wernicke. I believe the exact phrase was: “We can ignore his past for the sake of the future.”

This Baranchik (damn those foreign names) seems to think that my research in brainwashing and ideology revision should somehow be organically combined with the old German’s work with microwave signals and “guided visual stimulation.” Wernicke is perhaps nothing more than a parallel show hypnotist.

I tried to get Wernicke to clarify the intentions of his experiments, but he somehow reduces every conversation to the psychotherapeutic overtones of Germanic folklore, making one brief foray into the inherently doomed nature of all heterosexual relationships. He does have his own arguments.

Strange dreams since my arrival. Wernicke is certainly a cheerful and handsome
man. I am contacting Murkoff Human Resources again to find out how to get
Irene here. A man must be able to concentrate.

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