Clash Royale Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2022 Arena 9

Hi, guys SirPlumPit here This is one of the most solid Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2022 out there in terms of consistency through all balance updates. I’ve used this deck exclusively in the past for challenges and had great success. Although this deck is not a strong as it used to be (in part due to the prevalence of an overly aggressive meta and how the pump can’t appear in your starting hand), it certainly can defeat the strongest of opponents when played skillfully.

This extensive guide will address how to deal with unfavorable situations and how to outplay your opponent.

Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2022

  1. Three Musketeers: Arguably the strongest and weakest card in the game. This card is extremely situational and can be used to meltdown tanks, aerial units and can be used for nasty dual lane pushes.
  2. Battle Ram: Just as strong on defense as it is on offense. Use it to kit troops and it can also be used as a lightning rod.
  3. Elixir Pump: Used to gain an elixir advantage over your opponent and bait out spells.
  4. Ice Golem: Used on offense as a tank and on defense as a meat shield or kitting unit.
  5. Miner: Used on offense to redirect troops, counter squishy units and chip damage. It can also be used on defense to counter melee troops or tank damage (only a last resort).
  6. Goblin Gang: One of the most important cards in the deck. Used on offense and but more importantly on defense. It counters everything such as glass cannons, tanks, air troops and melee units when played correctly.
  7. Zap: Pretty self-explanatory.
  8. Minion Horde: This card is one of the hardest cards to play correctly if your opponent have the correct counters. Use it on offense, defense and as a bait card.

Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2021

Pros about this Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2022

  • This deck give you many options on defense and offense despite the high average elixir cost
  • This deck gives you immense comeback potential. You can often win even if you have a significant tower health deficit
  • You can win unfavorable matchups if you play skillfully and don’t make any critical mistakes
  • You can change your playstyle depending on the situation of the match
  • This deck is less prone to card nerfs

Cons about this Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2022

  • This deck does not have massive matchup advantages to many decks
  • One mistake with this deck can cause serious problems
  • You will often take quite a bit of damage in single elixir time
  • Your card cycles can easily get messed up if your opponent plays well or if you had to play an awkward defense
  • The pump does not appear in the starting hand, preventing you to pump up of your opponent does not make a starting move

Things that people often don’t understand about this deck

  • This deck does not have “perfect defense”: Many people play this deck too passively, opting to play this deck like a control deck. Although this might work for some matchups, many times, you may encounter a deck where you can’t mitigate tower damage and may opt to split push in order to thin out your opponent’s elixir on both lanes.
  • Certain cards are only played in niche situations: Cards like the minion horde, battle ram and miner are extremely valuable cards, when played correctly. These cards act like trump cards, used to punish your opponent if they make a mistake. You sometimes don’t want to be in a situation where you need one of these cards but it is out of cycle.
  • This deck is not formulaic: Some may think that this deck is formulaic where you follow some fixed steps to win the game. This deck is very heavy; if you are playing a strong opponent, playing in a consistent manner can get you punished. Most of the strongest three musketeer players use psychological tactics (such as faking pushes) to gain an edge on their opponents.
  • Don’t play three musketeers freely in the back: Some people may think that this deck relies on an overwhelming push to win the game. Although this is true for certain situations, most of the time, it is the smallest of things that make you win the game. Relying on 3M, ice golem and battle ram pushes alone will not win you the game. A strong opponent will know exactly how to defend with positive elixir trades.
  • Only pump when you know you will not get punished: Make sure that you have the correct cards to counter your opponent if they play aggressively in response to playing your pump.
  • Don’t rely on your three musketeers too much: Many people rely on the three musketeers too much which makes them susceptible to heavy spells. Using cheap cards to defend is much more consistent and can net positive elixir trades.
  • This deck plays very differently depending on your opponent’s deck: Sometimes this deck plays like bridge spam, while other times it plays like dual lane beatdown or control. Playing this deck the same way against every opponent will give you a disadvantage.

Cards to watch out

  • Heavy spells: Fireball and poison are sometimes hard to deal with, try to force your opponent to use heavy spells on pumps. Rocket and lightning are less threatening since rocket is expensive and lightning has a limit to how many troops it can counter and can be negated by a well-timed battle ram.
  • Arrows: This card can be annoying to deal with since many players that use arrows also use another light spell such as log or zap. If you opponent does not have a heavy spell, use three musketeers more often.
  • Mortar: Good mortar players will play the mortar on defense and try to out cycle you. Use the ice golem or battle ram on the opposite lane to distract the mortar and defend without over-committing. If you notice that your opponent overcommits on defending the mortar, you can allow the mortar to get a few hits on your tower. Focus more on countering their defensive mortars as they are extremely deadly to three musketeers.
  • Pekka: This card is often enough to defend one entire lane. If you encounter the pekka, try to refrain from playing three musketeers and use small battle ram pushes to bait out the pekka. If your opponent plays the pekka before you play three musketeers, they are at a disadvantage as their pekka is out of cycle.
  • Tornado: Especially deadly when paired with the fireball. Good opponents will use the tornado to pull three musketeers into one lane. Very often tornado players don’t have zap so try to use the minion horde more often.
  • Bowler: The bowler now pushes back the battle ram. Try to bait out the bowler or redirect it with the miner during a push.
  • Princess: This cheap card can destroy three musketeers when played correctly. Try to focus on countering the princess, preferably with the miner, but a good opponent will find a way to protect their princess. And good way to counter the princess is to use a push to distract your opponent and use the miner to attack the princess.
  • Miner: They will try to attack your pump. Try to place the pump in between the two princess towers and try to have goblin gang in your hand when you pump up if you are facing a miner deck. If they also have poison, try to mess their cycle up so that the poison and the miner are not in the same cycle.
  • Mega Knight: Treat it like a pekka. Try to bait out the mega knight since if your opponent plays the mega knight before your three musketeers, you will have the advantage.
  • Xbow: This card is annoying to deal with since this deck does not have a significantly beefy tank. Use ice golem to tank for the xbow and find a way to chip out the xbow. If you notice that they overcommit on their xbow defenses. Use surprise three musketeers to counter their xbow and bait out a spell, then bridge spam or push if possible.

General tips to help you gain an advantage

  • Figure out your opponent’s card rotations
  • Bait out heavy spells
  • Play aggressively when you have no viable way of completely defending their big pushes
  • Mix-up your playstyle midgame to try up your opponent
  • Pump up if your opponent is playing too passively or conservatively
  • Don’t be predictable, change your miner, goblin gang and minion horde placements
  • Refrain from cycling zap or using it when your opponent wants to bait it out, it is a possibility that not having zap in hand will cause you to lose the game
  • Do not overcommit if you are not fully certain you will get value or do significant damage on your opponent’s tower
  • Buy as much time as possible and separate supports from tanks when countering big pushes
  • Try to surprise your opponent (with a clever miner and minion horde placements) if they are defending in a consistent manner

Mechanical skills that you must have down pat

  • Kiting units to the other lane with the ice golem or battle ram
  • Play the goblin gang fast enough to fully counter the goblin barrel
  • Zap swarm cards fast enough and as cleanly as possible. The longer it takes to zap, the less value you get

Disgusting, yet useful tactics

  • Kiting units with one unit with the battle ram or ice golem to the other lane and then kiting the same unit again back to its original lane with the other unit. This gives ample amounts of time to counter the troops
  • Predict princesses, if your opponent plays them consistently in the same spot, with the miner when you use a minion horde push
  • Battle ram + Minion Horde is a nasty combo if your opponent overcommits or if they don’t have the correct counters. Make sure to get zap ready
  • If they center plant the pump, you can use the miner to attack the pump and place a troop such as the battle ram or goblin gang on the opposite lane to apply pressure. People often freak out since there are many things to deal with all at once.

Ways you get screwed when playing this deck and how to prevent them

  • You get rushed at the start of the match: This is usually not a problem. But if it does happen, don’t be afraid to overcommit on defense, chances are that you have a counter push and can even out the elixir lost. Always try to make full use of your princess towers.
  • You get overwhelmed by a beatdown deck: You are most likely allowing your opponent to develop a massive push. The key to beating these kinds of decks are to split three musketeers when appropriate and counter push the other side, thinning out your opponent’s elixir. Also take advantage of kitting and make use of the minion horde when necessary. Don’t aim to prevent all damage to your tower, try to defend competently and not perfectly.
  • You get out cycled: This is usually not a problem since this deck’s fastest 4-card cycle is 10 elixir. But if you happen to get out cycled, try to identify which cards you can use to defend your opponent’s push which are not prone to their spells. They might try to use prediction spells which will net them massive negative elixir trades if not successful. Remember, with this deck, there might be some sacrifices to tower health that must be made in order to get an edge over your opponent.
  • You get overwhelmed by counter pushes: You are most likely not splitting your units enough or in a correct manner. Playing all your troops in one lane is asking for trouble. Also don’t try to overcommit on pushes if you think your opponent can amount a nasty counter push.
  • Your opponent has too many hard counters: This sucks, but at least you have the pump. Most hard counters are heavy spells in which you bait out with the pump.
  • There are too many support cards stacked on the map: Refrain from pushing and try to focus on eliminating the support cards from most threatening or easiest to counter first. Do not place any troops down that will provide value for your opponent’s support cards. You can distract support cards with the ice golem if necessary.

How to play this Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2021 (general)

Single Elixir Time

  • If you make the first move do not play a card higher than 3 elixir since you might not have enough elixir on defense if they try to play aggressive
  • Try to play passively and pump up as safely and as often as you can
  • Counter your opponent’s pushes while keeping up with their cycle
  • If they have a large elixir deficit, try to counter push to punish
  • Only play the three musketeers reactively to counter pushes
  • Try to split your opponent’s damage between the two princess towers

Double Elixir Time

  • This is when you can play more aggressively
  • If your opponent does not have any hard counters to your three musketeers in cycle, you can safely split three musketeers in the back and place an ice golem on the two musketeers side and a battle ram on the one musketeer side. Make sure to get your zap ready and send a miner to deal additional damage or redirect units
  • In double elixir time, it is not recommended to pump up since you will give spell value to your opponent and it is often the case that your opponent can out cycle their spells for your three musketeers. Only pump up if you can’t push and have an elixir advantage that you readily can’t use.
  • If one of your towers is low and another is healthy and you are worried that your opponent will spell cycle you, split three musketeers where two musketeers are on the health tower side and the one musketeer is on the low health side. If they use their spell on the one musketeer side. Go hard in the paint on the two musketeer side.
  • If your tower health is super low, you must apply constant pressure to prevent them from spell cycling you. It is all or nothing.
  • You can use your minion horde more liberally and make more risky plays if you can’t break through your opponent’s defenses.

How to deal with specific deck archetypes

  • Miner poison: This is a hard one for single elixir time. Always pump up in the middle. Hover your miner or goblin gang around the pump to get ready for their miner. Good miner players will sometimes send a miner on the tower and poison the pump along with the tower hoping that you play a useless troop around the pump. During double elixir time, try to split your musketeers so that two musketeers are on the healthy tower side. This baits out their poison so you can amount to a big push on the one musketeer side. Most miner poison decks don’t have good minion horde counters (other than the poison) so you can use that to your advantage.
  • Giant/Golem/Pekka: When possible, play your three musketeers after they play their tank. This gives you more options to defend and attack. Most often, you should split three musketeers so that one musketeer is on the side with the tank and two musketeers is on the other side. This will force your opponent to defend the other side which thins out their existing push. Focus on tank/support separation as that will prevent you from being overwhelmed. If they use a heavy spell on your musketeers. Punish them with a greasy minion horde and try to counter push along with the miner.
  • Hog control/cycle: Try to mitigate significant damage during single elixir time. During double elixir time, you can over defend and use the remaining troops to counter push. If your opponent is sending predictive spells, use troops that won’t be countered by those spells (e.g. minion horde when they have log, three musketeers when they have arrows). Their hog will give them no value in terms of doing damage on your troops so you will have a +4 elixir advantage in which you can utilize on offensive counter push.
  • Lavaloon: Identify what spells they have. If they don’t have a heavy splash spell such as fireball/poison, you will not have a hard time against their decks. But if they do have a heavy splash spell. Split three musketeers where one musketeer in on the lavahound side and two musketeers is on the other side. Most lavaloon decks have bad land distraction units so you can use that to your advantage. You can most likely safely bridge spam if their tombstone is out of cycle. Use battle ram as a lightning rod on defense if they have lightning. Use minion horde of they counter your three musketeers with a heavy spell. If they happen to have multiple spells such as fireball + arrows. Play more like bridge spam, this will stress out your opponent and they will consider fireballing your pushes.
  • Siege (xbow/mortar): If you are playing against xbow, use ice golem and bridge spam to tank. Sometimes you will be force to send a miner on their xbow. Try to mitigate as much damage as possible in single elixir time. You will catch up to their cycles during double elixir time. When playing against mortar make sure that they are not getting too much damage with their mortar. It is okay for them to deal a little damage but you should especially make sure that they don’t play or get value from mortars on defense when you have three musketeers on the map. If you absolutely need to use miner to counter a defensive mortar it is not a bad idea.
  • Graveyard + Poison/Freeze: Make sure that you don’t give them too much value when they counter your pushes. When possible, use the ice golem to prevent their tank from crossing the bridge. This allows your princess tower to counter the graveyard greatly mitigating damage to your tower. You might need to use miner to defend the graveyard if they repeatedly use poison on offense. If your opponent has freeze, place a troop to counter the graveyard and if they freeze your troops place another troop to counter the graveyard. Try to place the minion horde as your second counter to the graveyard after they freeze, since the skeletons can’t counter it and most meta graveyard freeze decks don’t use arrows.
  • Spawner: It’s a free win. There is no reason to lose.
  • Three musketeer: Pump up as much as possible. They will probably do the same. Play your three musketeers after they play theirs so that your princess tower can help defend pushes. Always try to place a tank in front of the musketeers to get extra value. Chances are that your opponent does not have a heavy spell.
  • Log Bait: Use your goblin gang exclusively for the goblin barrel and make sure you counter the princess when possible. On offense, make sure that you zap any swarm troops fast. Stacked princess provide too much value for your opponent. When they are not ready with their princess or they are playing their princess in predictable spots, use a minion horde and miner combo to cheese your enemy.
  • Royal Giant: They provide a free meat shield to bank your troops for a massive counterpush. Most often, they have lightning which can be countered with a battle ram and use the ice golem to distract the support troops behind the royal giant.
  • Bridge spam: Try to mitigate as much damage as possible during single elixir time. Do not pump up if you don’t have a sizable elixir advantage on your opponent. During double elixir time your deck will shine against bridge spam. Use the ice golem to tank and use the goblin gang to counter the battleram. Use minion horde for liberally on defense as bridge spam usually have bad air counters.

Thanks for reading this Three Musketeer Battle Ram Deck 2021 All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.