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Hi guys, welcome to our Tower Brawl Guide Wiki, In this Tower Brawl Guide Wiki, we will tell you about the Victory Requirement, Card Upgrade, Refresh Price, War Engine Expansion Costs and much more.

So come and take a look at this Tower Brawl Beginner Guide. Also, read our – Tower Brawl Cards, Classes & Best Team

Tower Brawl Wiki

This is our Tower Brawl Wiki, the community site all about this game. Tower Brawl is a very good competitive game that has elements of tower defence and real-time strategy. This game has so many cards and equipment that you can use in the game. In this wiki, you will find some tips

Tower Brawl Guide – Tips & Tricks


Victory Requirement: Destroy the enemy’s war engine

PVP Gameplay Introduction: players take part in battles, attacking enemy soldiers and the war engines. Characters will attack enemy troops first (some characters have the ability to directly attack War Engines).

Time Limit: The maximum time limit for a single game is 10 minutes. If there are no clear results, lightning will fall randomly and cause great damage.

Cards: After refreshing, three different cards will appear. You can select a card to place into your formation. Some cards (such as Wisps) can be used directly without taking up space in your formation.

Refresh Price: The initial cost is 5 Silver. After each refresh, the cost increases by 5, with 50 Silver being the max. The refresh cost will rise after each refresh, even if no cards are chosen. Normally, you will not obtain Silver after selling cards (the exception is the Elf and the high-level Ice Mage).

Card Upgrade: Cards start off as common quality at the beginning of battle. If you obtain the same card again, the quality will increase (from common to rare to epic). Each time a card’s quality is increased, its skill effect will be improved.

War Engine Expansion Costs:

  • Slot 2: 30
  • Slot 3: 50
  • Slot 4: 80
  • Slot 5: 120
  • Slot 6: 160

How to obtain Silver:

Each wave of monsters consists of one big monster and several medium monsters and small monsters. You can obtain Silver by defeating monsters or enemy troops.

You’ll obtain 50 Silver for defeating a big monster, 10 silver for defeating a medium monster, and 2 silver for defeating a small monster. The bigger the monster is, the higher its HP and attack. The strength of monsters will gradually increase the more waves there are in a game.

After defeating a big monster, it will drop a treasure chest. Treasure chests have a chance of containing 100 Silver or random equipment.

Some cards will directly grant you Silver or increase your Silver income (e.g. Ice Mage, Swordsman, Goblin, Squirrel, etc.).


ATK(attack): The amount of damage an attack will hit the enemy for.

ATK Type: The type of damage an attack does. The 3 main ones are physical(archers), pure(warriors), and magic(mages).

ATK SPD(attack speed): How fast your heroes will attack(or summon).

MAG RES(magic resist): Reduces the amount of damage you take from the mage class.

Armor(physical resist): Reduces the amount of damage you take from the arhcer class.

Pure DMG RES(pure damage resist): Reduces the amount of damage you take from the warrior class.

DMG RES(damage resist): Reduces the amount of damage you take from all damage types.

Crit Rate: The chance your unit has to critically hit the enemy(not including their crit resist). A critical hit deals double damage.

Crit DMG: The amount of extra damage a critical hit will do to the enemy.

Aura: A buff that applies to all of the heroes and units described by the skill(some apply to all of your heroes and units, some to the enemy, some to a specific class, etc.)

CC(crowd control): the ability to partially or completely disable one or more hero or units.

Healing: The amount of healing to your tower that a hero will do.

Max HP(maximum health): The total amount of hp that a unit, hero, or tower has.

HP(hit points, or health points): HP has several different references in Tower Brawl, and they all refer to a different HP.

  • When you look at a hero when creating a deck, each hero has an hp stat. This is the amount of hp that hero contributes to your overall tower hp. Every time you level up any hero, regardless if they are used in your deck or deployed to your tower, this increases your tower max hp.
  • HP also refers to the amount of health a summoned unit, or creep has.


Chainmail: Provides your tower and your units with an armour buff at every level(getting better until the chainmail is maxed). At max level, it also provides a buff to attack speed and lowers enemy critical hit chance by 50%. Armour reduces the damage you take from the archer class.

Cloak: Provides your tower and your units with a magic resist buff at every level(getting better until the cloak is maxed). At max level, it also provides immunity to the slow and ignites effects, decreases the amount of time crowd control effects last on you, and lowers the enemy critical hit damage by 500%. Magic resist reduces the damage you receive from the mage class.

Heart: Provides your tower and your units with a pure damage resist buff at every level(getting better until the heart is maxed). At max level, it also provides a buff to your max hp, as well as your units. Pure damage resist reduces the damage you take from the warrior class.

Claws: Provides your heroes and units with an increase to their attacks at every level(getting better until claws are maxed). At max level, it also provides a 50% chance for your attacks, as well as your unit’s attacks, to critically hit.

Tips & Tricks for Tower Brawl

  • Zeus atk from passive is added with his base atk
  • Paladin correctly heals for 500% atk + %tower hp
  • Atk ≠ dmg. Dmg formula looks something like this: (atk + flat atk buff) * %atk buff * skill atk multiplier * %dmg buff shaman * %dmg buff moe * crit dmg * type res multiplier * dmg res multiplier
  • Shaman dmg% buff does not affect heals
  • Moe buff applies to both you and ally in coop
  • Moe initial and ultimate passive skill buffs are additive with each other instead of multiplicative (3+3=6x dmg instead of 3*3=9x dmg)
  • Shaman dmg% buff is multiplicative with moe buff
  • Magma mag res% reduc applies before flat mag res reduc from lightning mage and fire mage
  • A squirrel that is below lv4 will gain +1500 attack when it reaches yellow star

That’s it for our Tower Brawl Guide Wiki.

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