Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide Global ( Combat Tips )

Hi guys, we are back with the Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide Global and In this Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide, we will talk about the Tower of Fantasy Combat System and Combat Tips. This guide is again shared by Meryl and Here Meryl explains the basic combat system, combat tips, and the move list of all weapons, which will help you to get started with the game.

Tower of Fantasy’s combat system is relatively new and includes 13 weapon modules. Also Read Here: Tower of Fantasy Character Customization Code Collection

Tower of Fantasy Guide Global – Combat System

Combination Attack

When the target of an attack is fully charged, switch weapons can trigger a combo attack.

Phantom Time

Dodge before the monster hits, it will trigger the phantom time and make the weapon’s original energy build-up; switch weapons will trigger the combo attack.

Elemental Restrain

Monsters have their own weaknesses, use the corresponding elemental attack to deal more damage.

Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide

Non-attribute Shield
This shield has no elemental resistance, no elemental damage reduction effect and is recommended for use with monster weakness weapons.

Physical Shield
Cyan Physical Shield is significantly less efficient at being broken by physical weapons when subjected to shield breakage; elemental weapons are recommended for shield breakage.

Tower of Fantasy Global Guide 

1. Use a weapon that restrains your opponent’s attributes. If not, then use the highest level weapon!

2. Trigger the phantom time, this time control needs to be well practiced, if you can trigger the phantom time every time, then the battle will be much easier.

3. Ranged attacks from the opponent to the body is easy to feel no, but blood slowly fall, so the battle priority to clear the archers on the high platform.

4. Whatever the time to keep a flame weapon, not only can you fight monsters, many exploration points trigger need him.

5. Although the source weapon is good, but the CD is too long, not recommended as the main means of output.

6. If you have no SSR or SR fire weapon, then take a compound bow.

7. Many moves need to consume stamina, be sure to save stamina dodge trigger phantom time.

8. If you do not grasp the timing of the trigger phantom time, then find a teammate, he triggered you can also be safe output, but practice phantom time is the most important.

9. Don’t mess with monsters whose levels are much higher than yours.

10. SSR is not the goal, there is a high star SR to use much better.

So, guys, this was Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide Global ( 幻想之塔初学者指南 ), I hope you liked It