Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide 2023 – Apex League Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide, In this Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide, we will tell you the best Tower of Fantasy weapon for PvP mode. In this Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide, we will tell you everything about the Tower of Fantasy PvP Modes Guide. Duel, Apex League, and Break Fate are the three types of PvP combat available in Tower of Fantasy.

So come and take a look at this Tower of Fantasy PvP Tier List of Best Weapons for PvP. Also, See – Tower of Fantasy Tier List Wiki Global – Best Simulacra and Tower of Fantasy Recipes Wiki – All Food Recipes List

Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide 2023 Wiki

Tower of Fantasy Apex League Guide PvP

Tower of Fantasy Apex League Mode is the competitive mode of PvP where you fight in an Arena setting that gets smaller as the match goes on, each player has 2 lives, and the match ends when one player runs out of lives or when the match timer ends.

Everything in Tower of Fantasy Apex League Mode is balanced, with weapons and relics being boosted to the max level including refinements. Weapons resonance does not matter and all healing is reduced by 50%. Also, See – Tower of Fantasy Tier List Wiki Global – Best Simulacra

Tower of Fantasy PvP Guide Terminology wiki

Hyperbody: Resistance to knockup/knockdown/freeze but not stuns (Huma/Shiro/Confinement)

CC Immunity: Resistance to all CC (Stuns Included)

Knockup: knock up opponents and potentially keep them suspended in the air

Knockdown: opponents are knocked to the ground, forcing them to use a dodge roll

Skill: Dash Attack: The character skill (default binded to 1) Shift > left click OR right click > left click (dash movement key > attack key)

Discharge: the characters discharge ability that can be used once your energy is full

Micro Stuns: Short stuns that are mainly used as interrupts, performable by certain characters

Anti-CC: A colloquial term used to describe any kind of Anti-CC including I-frames, hyperbody, and CC Immunity

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Top 3 Tower of Fantasy PvP Best Weapon Guide (ToF)

Huma/V2 Molten Shield:

Huma is a well rounded weapon choice that offers decent mobility, high CC potential, damage, and shield break. Her close range nature makes her susceptible to long range kiting, but she is very strong overall.


  • High burst damage potential
  • Large aoe damage + knockdown on skill use
  • Decent shield break capability AND energy recharge.
  • Dash attack has micro stuns (good for interrupt and confirming axe conversion)
  • Strong tracking on aerial attack


  • Reliant on dashes for dmg/combos
  • Tracking on shield dashes can be difficult to work with
  • Main use is conversion skill combo, while on cooldown/without dashes effectiveness drops off
  • Huma is a very straight forward character and easy to read

Cocoritter/ Absolute Zero

Cocoritter is an amazing tool that offers energy recharge, healing/sustain, and CC. Being an ice weapon, it is also capable of freezing opponents when your energy bar is full, setting up a window for follow up attacks.


  • Viable at all ranges
  • Good CC ability from basic attack combo and innate freeze ability
  • Skill provides CC immunity in animation
  • Dash summons a healing bee that provides small heals and energy


  • Healing provides sustain and helps prevent shield break but does not make you invincible
  • Discharge skill is not super useful compared to dps discharges
  • Countered by CC immunity and Hyperbody
  • Low shield break; mainly used to set up other shield break weapons
  • Skill leaves you vulnerable to damage during animation

Meryl/Rosy Edge:

Meryl is a well rounded weapon that offers amazing shield break, anti cc, and absorption.


  • High shield break through discharge
  • Swapping to Meryl provides a shield and CC immunity through the shield’s duration
  • Meryl’s skill offers a high damage range option if you can hit it reliably
  • Charged attack grants CC immunity and high close range damage
  • CC immunity (skill, spin, swap passive)


  • Discharge has a long windup making it relatively easy to avoid
  • Low energy recharge
  • Meryl’s attacks can be avoided by keeping your distance as she lacks mobility
  • Meryl’s damage can be countered by shields/anti-c

Tower of Fantasy PvP Team Comps Guide

Burst Shield Break Comp

  • Meryl
  • Huma
  • Claudia

This Tower of Fantasy Team Comps PvP revolves around Huma and Meryl’s high amounts of burst damage and shield break capabilities to shatter enemy shields and finish them off. While there is no healing for sustain, Meryl provides large shields and lots of ccs resist to increase survivability.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia allows you to chase down opponents playing from range and also allows for a decent DPS/finisher option once the opponent’s shield has broken

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