Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List 2023 Wiki & Relic Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List 2023 Wiki aka TOF Relic Tier List, In this Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List 2023 we will show you Tower of Fantasy Best Relic. We’ll attempt to compile the top Tower of Fantasy Relics that will be accessible in-game at the time of the global launch in this tier list for Relics.

Due to the difference in raw numbers and abilities, Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics are often a much superior option than Tower of Fantasy SR and Tower of Fantasy R Relics. We advise using this tier list as inspiration to select the greatest Tower of Fantasy relics based on their personalities and requirements. Also, See – Tower of Fantasy Tier List Wiki Global – Best Simulacra and Tower of Fantasy Recipes Wiki – All Food Recipes List

Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List 2023 (TOF Relic Tier List Wiki)

Tower of Fantasy Best Relic Tier List Wiki – Tier S

  • Hoverboard – Tier S
  • Colossus Arms – Tier S
  • Omnium Shield – Tier S
  • Type V Armor – Tier S
  • Spacetime Rift – Tier S

Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List Wiki – Tier S

Hoverboard Relice

The hoverboard is Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics and Use the hoverboard to move quickly across land and quicksand, consuming energy over time. Cool down 90 seconds.

Colossus Arms

Colossus Arms is a Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics and Ability: Giant Arm Fight, lasts 20 seconds, cooldowngooseconds, it is immune to hardness, pressing again cancels its use. The punch deals a total of,387.7%* attack damage and a strong knockdown effect the ability deals a453.5%” damage per attack and a strong hover effect, on cooldown fromioseconds.

Omnium Shield

Omnium Shield is a Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics and Ability: Raise a shield of raw energy that lasts 10 seconds and blocks bullet penetration. The shield has 20o%” of the pathfinder’s maximum life energy value and a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Type V Armor

Type V Armor is a Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics and Ability: Prepares a mecha for combat for 30 seconds, 200 second cooldown. It is inmmune to harshness, clicking again cancels driving and detonates the robot. Possesses the skil: Accurate Shot.

Spacetime Rift

Spacetime Rift is a Tower of Fantasy SSR Relics

Hold: Run a distance in the direction indicated by the arrow and enter the hover state.

Ability: Uses particle bombs to collapse the space in front of you, continuously adsorbing targets in range for 1o seconds, dealing 39.6% attack damage every o5 seconds in the center area after a delay of 15 seconds, with a reload time of 100 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Best Relic Tier List wiki PvP – Tier A

  • Confinement
  • Drone
  • Hologram Projector
  • Alternate Destiny

Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List Wiki PvP- Tier B

  • Count 2
  • Quantum Cloak
  • Jetboard

Tower of Fantasy Relic Guide for PVP

Magnetic Pulse – This relic is an essential in any composition in PvP, it’s a get out of jail free card, it lets you break out of CC if you are caught in one and grant CC immunity for the next 5 seconds. Alternatively this relic can be used offensively to push enemies back and start combos.

Couant – Couant is a relic that lets you shield against the next attack, if popped by the enemy within the first second activision it stuns them, boosting your final damage by 20%. Reflects a certain amount of damage back to the enemy, good for applying Huma DoT back to the enemy.

Confinement – Traps enemies within the range of confinement and stuns them if they try to get out, great for certain weapons/comps like huma and tsubasa

Magnetic Storm – Great relic to create space between you and the enemy, deals a lot of damage if hit by it and reverses the enemy’s controls. If the enemy is knocked up/has their shield broken Magnetic Storm will suspend opponents in midair

Amazing combo potential with weapons like Ene, Meryl, and Cocoritter.

Cybernetic Arm (Sussy Grab) – Relic with a lot of potential if you can accurately land your grabs. When activated, it gives you a shield that reduces damage taken by 20% for 7 seconds, along with that the enemy hit by the arm will be suspended/staggered while reducing their damage by 30% for 7 seconds

Jetpack – The jetpack is a utility tool that allows for animation canceling with certain weapons and gives survivability through high stalling potential. Tapping jetpack then left clicking (while targeting an enemy) allows for an instant plunge attack with certain weapons such as Crow and Huma. While they do take stamina, using this with other weapons allows for quick plunge damage and interesting combos.

That’s it for this Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List for PvP 2023 August aka TOF Relic Tier List doe PvP.

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