Tower of Fantasy Team Comps Guide for PvP & PvE

Hi guys welcome to our Tower of Fantasy Team Comps Guide Wiki 2022, In this Tower of Fantasy Team Comps PvP Guide Wiki, we will tell you the Best Team Compositions Setup Guide PVE & PVP Global for Tower of Fantasy This Meta SSR tier list of characters will cover both the PvE and PVP leaderboard ladders, showing you the ideal character to have for each type of gameplay.

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Tower of Fantasy Team Comps Guide Wiki 2022

Skill Based: Crow, Tsubasa, Marc

The concept of this build is high energy recharge with Marc and Tsubasa, enabling me to spam Crow’s discharge skill. Tsubasa also buffs my damage. Marc boosts survivability via his shields. In summary, this is balanced between offensive buffs, survivability and raw damage. Crow is kind of a special case as his plunge attack is extremely powerful.

Raw Power: Baiyuekui, Tsubasa, Claudia

While this build may lack shields, it has dmg, dmg, and more dmg. Bai handles the heavy lifting, shield break as well as having iframes during her active skill. Tsubasa and Claudia both are used to charge energy and buff damage. While it may not be as forgiving as builds with some survivability, it makes up for it with dmg output.

A Balanced Trio: Marc, Nemesis, Samir

While Marc needs dupes for his damage buff and more shields, it truly is worth the cost. Nemesis provides DoT, Heals, and energy, while Marc basically ensures u don’t die with his shields. Both of them provide powerful buffs. Samir in this case provides energy as well as the big dmg, attacking safely from the air.

Best Tower of Fantasy Team F2P Team: Samir, Tsubasa, King

King offers shield break, as well as DoT off his shield break. King also happens to be one of two options for DPS-type shield break, the other being Shiro. Tsubasa gives a 40% dmg buff as well as charges energy for switch skills. Samir carries dmg while safely attacking from the air. It also helps that this is a tri-elemental build so there is always the option of using a non-resisted weapon.

Overall Best Tower of Fantasy Best Team: 6★ Baiyuekui, Marc, Nemesis

Bai breaks shields while having a very strong dodge attack and the highest damage in game as of now. Marc grants a 35% damage buff as well as shields making you nearly invincible. Nemesis provides a strong 50% lightning damage buff, as well as a powerful DoT effect often healing more than pure support healers.

Example Best Tower of Fantasy Tank Teams

Much of the utility each weapon can provide highly depends on the amount of dupes you can get on the weapon. As such it’s important to know what you want to work with. Personally, this ended up with me giving Tsubasa a lot of value because she provides a strong damage buff, as well as energy to charge switch skills more often.

DPS isn’t all that matters; ded DPS is no DPS.

Some content hits too hard and you would benefit from having a tank.

The Best Tower of Fantasy King of Tanks: Marc

Marc enables you to use the Brute Force Resonance while still having insane survivability. In this game, tanks have an aggro buff and receive reduced damage, but if a DPS can maintain aggro through their damage while avoiding getting hit, wouldn’t a good DPS just outperform a tank?

Yes. However that doesn’t mean tanks are useless. In specific end game content such as Frontier Clash (Hard) the boost tanks get in shatter is what you need to prevent annoying mechanics such as enemies taking flight. We all know how annoying a boss that jumps across the map can be, especially when you have long cooldowns.

Massive Shield Break: Marc, Meryl, Tsubasa

Meryl has the best breaking power, as well as CC immunity. Her switch skill can also trap enemies, thought it’ll trap your allies as well… She also does decent damage with her spin attack. Marc provides shield, energy, a damage buff, as well as cc immunity. Tsubasa provides ranged damage, a damage buff, DoT arrow rain, and energy recharge to spam more switch skills.

Example Best Tower of Fantasy Support Teams

Healer builds will typically want to run shield break to prevent boss ultimate abilities, but they can run full support as well. As there are only 4 support weapons a good build would be 2 from Zero/Nemesis/Coco, and a Shiro/Meryl.

Zero provides shields as well has offensive buffs and heals to the party. He has a party wide 3 sec iframe, and charges switch skills too.

Nemesis has DoT from 3★ and HoT from 1★, while Coco has offensive buffs and cc immune from 3★, and a strong burst heal. At high stars Nemesis even offers noticeable damage which could be a good option for healer mains.

Meryl has the strongest breaking power while Shiro active skill boosts shield break efficiency and damage for party. She also has a skill cd reset when she breaks enemies shields from 3★.

Tower of Fantasy Apache Helicopter Comp (Stall/Zoning Comp)

Main playstyle of this Tower of Fantasy team comp is to avoid contact while waiting on cooldowns and making opponents waste theirs. Weapons provide a ton of survivability, chip damage, and CC to lower opponent shields/hp while finishing them off with Huma’s burst damage from her skill. Also, See – ToF Reroll Guide aka Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide Global

Coco – Coco provides sustain (heals hp and shields), CC, and chip damage at all ranges

Cube – Cube increases survivability in the form of a shield, large knockbacks (also provides CC immunity while casting), and the ability to air dodge a lot. Also provides heals and damage buffs in the form of pickups and has decent range for chip damage

Huma – Main source of shield break and burst damage in this comp. Playing around the chip damage. CC, and heals/sustain Coco and Cube provide while waiting for Huma skill cooldown is a safe way to play and will guarantee wins against 99% of opponents who don’t have specific counters in mind

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Tower of Fantasy Meta Team Comps PvP Wiki

Burst Shield Break Meta Comp

  • Meryl
  • Huma
  • Claudia

This Tower of Fantasy Team Comps PvP revolves around Huma and Meryl’s high amounts of burst damage and shield break capabilities to shatter enemy shields and finish them off. While there is no healing for sustain, Meryl provides large shields and lots of ccs resist to increase survivability.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia allows you to chase down opponents playing from range and also allows for a decent DPS/finisher option once the opponent’s shield has broken

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Tower of Fantasy Meta Team Comps Wiki

Meryl – Probably going to be the most equipped weapon in the comp as it provides a ton of CC immunity and survivability while active which allows you to survive while waiting for cooldowns on other weapons

Huma – Main source of burst damage. Skill has a large aoe, fast activation, and high burst damage which is great at chunking down shields. Meryl can easily finish off low shields on careless opponents/comps without sustain after Huma leaves them low

Claudia – Claudia is a great weapon that has an amazing gap close skill which increases damage, chases down enemies, and provides decent amounts of damage as well. Claudia can also juggle opponents for extra damage and interrupt certain skills that opponents attempt to use.

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