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Are you looking for the best characters in Tower of God’s New World? Check out our comprehensive Tower of God New World Tier List aka TOG New World tier list. Published by “Netmarble” it is a brand new Gacha game, Where you can collect so many heroes and use them in PvE, and PVP game modes.

In this Tower of God New World guide, we rank all of the characters from SS tier to C tier. This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Tower of God New World characters to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together Tower of God New World Tier List, where we rank all the characters in the game for their overall strength in every game mode.

TOG New World Tier List Ranking Meaning

The “Heroes” in the game are the characters you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Tower of God New World Characters are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific characters or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of tier list to determine which ones are the best characters in the game. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the actual TOG New World tier list.

Tower of God New World Characters is ranked in Four primary Tiers on this list: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C.

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TOG New World Tier List 2024 – SS Tier (Best Characters):

Evan Edroch (Guide, Support) – TOG New World SS Tier

Evan Edroch

Role: Support

Passive: Adam’s Glove Evan conceals the ally with the highest Attack at the start of the battle, restoring their Energy and boosting their defence. Additionally, if Evan’s HP drops to a certain level, he conceals himself, recovering both Energy and HP.

Active 1: Destructive Urge Evan recovers Energy and unleashes a powerful blast in a straight line, damaging and knocking back enemies.

Active 2: Hunger Evan recovers Energy and removes debuffs from allies. Each debuff removed increases the Energy restored. Allies with debuffs removed recover HP.

Special: Restoration Evan grants immortality to allies for a set duration. Immortal allies cannot have their HP drop below a certain level and have their HP restored when immortality ends.

Evan excels in supporting his allies on the battlefield. His passive conceals and strengthens the ally with the highest Attack, giving them an early advantage.

A destructive Urge is a powerful attack that can disrupt enemy formations. Hunger helps cleanse allies of debuffs and provides Energy and HP recovery. Restoration grants immortality, ensuring survival during crucial moments.

Evan Edroch is a valuable support character in Tower of God New World, capable of enhancing the team’s performance and survival. Players should focus on building him with supportive and defensive gear to maximize his role as a reliable guide in challenging encounters.

25th Baam – TOG New World SS Tier

Tower of God New World 25th Baam

Class: Wave Controller

Role: Support

Passive: Main Character Baam periodically restores allies’ Energy every few seconds, ensuring they have the resources to use their skills effectively. Additionally, when an ally dies for the first time in battle, Baam unleashes a burst of power, dealing damage to nearby enemies and immobilizing them briefly.

Active 1: Prodigy Wave Controller Baam gathers the Tower’s shinsu and infuses the ally with the highest Attack, granting them increased Energy recovery and boosting their Attack and defense until the end of the battle.

Active 2: Reverse Flow Control Baam manipulates the shinsu’s flow to deal damage to the enemy and temporarily halt their movement, giving allies an opportunity to capitalize on the advantage.

Special: Black March, Ignition ! Baam ignites the Black March, directing its power towards the enemy with the highest Attack. This attack deals significant damage and reduces the target’s Energy. During this state, Baam’s basic attacks are enhanced, and he gains immunity to status effects, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

Wave Controller Role Summary: 25th Baam, known as the “Main Character,” fulfills the role of a powerful Wave Controller, providing vital support to his team. His passive ensures that allies’ Energy remains replenished, boosting their combat potential. When an ally falls in battle, Baam’s passive triggers a powerful counterattack against nearby enemies, creating a strategic advantage.

Prodigy Wave Controller allows Baam to enhance the strongest ally, granting them increased Energy recovery, Attack, and defence. Reverse Flow Control is a versatile skill, inflicting damage and immobilizing enemies, providing opportunities for his team to control the flow of battle.

The ultimate move, Black March, Ignition!, unleashes Baam’s full potential, dealing devastating damage to the enemy with the highest Attack while granting Baam enhanced basic attacks and status effect immunity.

In Tower of God New World, 25th Baam proves to be a reliable support unit with strong offensive capabilities. Players should focus on increasing their Energy recovery and Attack stats to make the most of his supportive and damage-dealing abilities.  Baam’s presence in the team will undoubtedly tip the scales in their favor during challenging encounters.

Rak Wraithraiser – TOG New World SS Tier

Tower of God New World Rak

Class: Spear Bearer

Role: Tank

Passive: Leader Rak Rak’s Physical Resistance increases by a certain amount for each ally nearby, making him a formidable tank on the battlefield. Additionally, if there are no enemies nearby, Rak’s Attack transforms into ranged attacks, allowing him to engage enemies from a distance.

Active 1: Hide Behind Me, Turtle ! Rak swiftly rushes to the ally with the lowest HP, shielding them from harm. He then uses his immense strength to knock back nearby enemies and increases both his and the target ally’s Physical and Magic Resistance, providing valuable protection to his team.

Active 2: Wake Up, Turtle ! Rak shows his caring side by taking out chocolate bars from his bag and tossing them to nearby allies. This act of kindness restores their HP over time and boosts their defense, ensuring the team can withstand incoming attacks.

Special: Time to Hunt Rak senses the presence of the enemy with the highest Attack and charges towards them. Upon reaching the target, Rak deals damage in a fan-shaped area, pushing back and staggering enemies. Notably, the damage inflicted by this skill is significantly amplified when the target’s HP is lower, making it a devastating finishing move.

Rak Wraithraiser is a powerful Spear Bearer, assuming the role of a durable Tank in the Tower of God New World. His passive ability, Leader Rak, grants him increased Physical Resistance for every nearby ally, making him an excellent frontline defender. Furthermore, when no enemies are close, Rak adapts his attacks to ranged, allowing him to deal damage from a distance.

Rak’s ultimate skill, Time to Hunt, exemplifies his offensive capabilities, as he charges towards the enemy with the highest Attack, dealing substantial damage in a wide area and scattering enemies in his wake. The damage output increases significantly if the target’s HP is low, making it a perfect finisher against powerful foes.

Shibisu  – TOG New World SS Tier

Tower Of God New World Shibisu

Class: Scout

Role: Support

Passive: Weak Leader

At the start of the battle, Shibisu boosts the Attack (ATK) of Yellow element allies by 16%. This passive skill empowers his teammates from the beginning of the fight, making them more potent in combat.

Active 1: Shinsu Bomb

Shibisu hurls a Shinsu bomb into the area where enemies are densely concentrated. The explosion causes massive damage, dealing 300% ATK DMG to affected foes. Additionally, the Shinsu bomb disrupts the enemy’s Energy recovery, reducing it by 40% for a duration of 10 seconds. This skill allows Shibisu to control the battlefield and hinder enemy strategies.

Active 2: One-Inch Punch

In a display of swift and precise combat, Shibisu dashes towards a chosen enemy and delivers a devastating One-Inch Punch. The impact deals 400% ATK DMG to the target and stuns them for 3 seconds. This skill enables Shibisu to swiftly neutralize a specific threat or set up a tactical advantage for his team.

Special: Targeting

Shibisu strategically selects an enemy with the lowest HP and unleashes Targeting, a skill that reduces the target’s Physical and Magic Resistance by 40% for 10 seconds. Simultaneously, he commands all allies to swiftly move and concentrate their attacks on the designated target. If the target is defeated during this focused assault, Shibisu gains an impressive Energy recovery of 100%. This special skill allows him to mark a vulnerable enemy for elimination, while also replenishing his Energy to continue supporting his team.

Shibisu is a valuable Scout in the Tower of God: New World, excelling as a Support unit with his control and damage capabilities. His passive skill, Weak Leader, boosts the Attack of Yellow element allies at the start of the battle, making him a valuable addition to any team relying on Yellow element characters.

Anaak Zahard – TOG New World SS Tier

Tower of God New World Anaak Zahard

Class: Fisherman

Role: Warrior

Passive: Half Princess Anaak possesses the unique ability to ignore damage that falls below a certain percentage of her maximum HP, but she can only activate this defensive bonus once after every cooldown period. This skill makes her resilient and allows her to endure some incoming attacks without significant harm.

Active 1: Run Anaak swiftly moves towards the enemy with the highest Attack (ATK) and delivers a powerful strike, dealing damage to the target and sending them airborne. During this movement, Anaak gains Status Effect Immunity, making her impervious to harmful debuffs. This skill allows her to engage high-threat enemies and disrupt their positions.

Active 2: We’ll See About That With determination, Anaak dashes towards the enemy with the highest ATK and strikes them, dealing damage and knocking them down. If the enemy is knocked down from this initial attack, Anaak seizes the opportunity to grab and throw them behind her, dealing additional damage. This skill enables her to unleash a relentless assault on her primary target, potentially incapacitating them completely.

Special: Green April, Ignition ! Anaak unleashes the full power of the Green April, slamming it down on the ground to deal damage to enemies within the weapon’s range, knocking them down. Afterward, the target area erupts, dealing damage once more and sending enemies airborne. This skill delivers a devastating area-of-effect attack, allowing Anaak to control and disrupt groups of enemies efficiently.

Anaak Zahard is a powerful Fisherman in Tower of God: New World, embodying the attributes of a Warrior with her aggressive and resilient playstyle.

Her passive skill, Half Princess, grants her temporary damage immunity against attacks that fall below a certain threshold of her maximum HP. This defensive advantage allows her to withstand some damage and continue fighting with less risk of getting overwhelmed.

Evankhell – TOG New World SS Tier


Class: Wave Controller

Role: Mage

Evankhell, a formidable mage and Wave Controller, is rightfully placed in the SS Tier of Tower of God: New World. As one of the Floor of Tests rulers and ranking 60th among the strongest High Rankers in the Tower, she wields immense power and abilities that make her an invaluable asset in any team.

TOG New World Tier List – S Tier (Best Characters):

Rachel – TOG New World S Tier


Class: Light Bearer

Role: Mage

Rachel, the enigmatic Light Bearer and Mage, plays a significant role in the Tower of God: New World. Her abilities are unique and centered around support and strategic manipulation of battles. While her tier is unknown, she brings a set of skills that can be game-changing when utilized effectively.

Passive Skill: Suspicious Magic At the start of the battle, Rachel forms a link with the ally possessing the highest Defense (DEF). This link allows Rachel to absorb 50% of the damage received by the linked ally, significantly increasing their survivability. Moreover, while the link is active, Rachel’s own Defense is boosted by 40%, further enhancing her resilience on the battlefield.

Active Skill 1: Spatial Compression Rachel summons a powerful Lighthouse at the area where enemies are densely concentrated. The Lighthouse continuously deals damage to enemies in the area, inflicting 100% ATK damage per 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds. Additionally, enemies are pulled toward the Lighthouse, disrupting their positions and providing tactical advantages. Furthermore, Rachel’s Defense increases by 4% for each enemy hit by the Lighthouse, enhancing her durability for a limited time.

Active Skill 2: Main Character of the Story Rachel’s unique power allows her to rob the linked ally of their Energy by 100, followed by a devastating 400% ATK damage to enemies near the ally. This attack also stuns the affected enemies, providing a window of opportunity for her team to exploit. In case there is no linked ally, Rachel redirects her assault to the nearest enemy, dealing the same 400% ATK damage and robbing their Energy by 100.

Special Skill: Lighthouse Decompression Rachel demonstrates her mastery over Lighthouses by summoning the Compression Lighthouse directly above an enemy’s head. The Lighthouse falls, inflicting 100% ATK damage to the target and knocking them down for 2 seconds. However, the true strength of this skill lies in its decompression phase, where the Lighthouse expands, increasing its size and damage output by 100% ATK per 0.5 seconds. This powerful technique allows Rachel to deliver a devastating blow to her adversaries.

Endorsi Zahard  – TOG New World S Tier

Class: Fisherman

Role: Assassin

Endorsi Zahard, a skilled Fisherman and Assassin, brings lethal abilities to the Tower of God: New World. Her swift and deadly attacks make her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Passive Skill: Bong Bong Output Endorsi possesses the unique ability to teleport back to her starting position and recover HP when she takes fatal damage for the first time in battle. This skill grants her a second chance to turn the tide of the fight, making her a resilient and dangerous opponent.

Active Skill 1: Compression Needle Endorsi employs her Needle to pierce through nearby enemies, dealing 100% ATK damage three times. The pierced enemies suffer from bleeding, taking 60% ATK damage over 5 seconds. This skill allows her to inflict continuous damage on multiple foes, making it ideal for crowd control and weakening her adversaries.

Active Skill 2: Reckless Princess Endorsi embraces her aggressive nature, becoming invincible, and darts towards the enemy with the lowest DEF in the back row. With swift and precise strikes, she deals substantial damage to the target, knocking them down and preventing their Energy recovery. This skill allows her to eliminate high-value targets while avoiding retaliation.

Special Skill: Chiffon Sword Endorsi exhibits her mastery of Bong Bong, jumping into the air while riding it. From this advantageous position, she unleashes a devastating attack, dealing 200% ATK damage to enemies within range, and knocking them down. Her invincibility during this skill grants her protection from enemy attacks, ensuring she can unleash her full potential without interruption.

Lero Ro  – TOG New World S Tier

Lero Ro 

Class: Light Bearer

Role: Support

Lero Ro, a skilled Light Bearer, brings his expertise and supportive abilities to the Tower of God: New World. His strategic prowess and versatile skills make him an invaluable asset in any team composition.

Wangnan Ja – TOG New World S Tier

Wangnan Ja

Class: Fisherman

Role: Ranged

Wangnan Ja, the aspiring prince of the Tower of God: New World, wields his unique skills to support his allies and deal devastating ranged attacks to his enemies.

Passive Skill: Path of the Prince Wangnan’s regal heritage grants him increased Critical Damage for each Yellow element ally on the battlefield. Moreover, his royal bloodline bestows him with resilience, allowing him to revive with a portion of his HP recovered when faced with fatal damage for the first time in battle.

Active Skill 1: Mad Dog In moments of fear, Wangnan’s fighting spirit intensifies. When inflicted with Fear during combat, he enters a state of frenzy, significantly boosting his Critical Chance and Critical Damage. This skill activates instantly, allowing him to strike fear into his enemies’ hearts and unleash devastating critical attacks.

Active Skill 2: Shinsu Bomb/Gum Bomb Wangnan expertly combines the power of Shinsu and gum bombs to deal considerable damage to enemies within range. When both bombs hit a target, they create a powerful explosion, inflicting additional damage and stunning affected enemies. This skill showcases Wangnan’s strategic versatility, providing crowd control and high burst damage.

Special Skill: Antimatter Bomb With the mastery of Shinsu, Wangnan hurls an antimatter bomb at his foes, causing a series of eight critical hits. This special skill ensures that each strike is a critical hit, dealing tremendous damage to the target. Wangnan’s precision and control over Shinsu make this attack highly accurate and devastating.

TOG New World Tier List – A Tier (Best Characters):

Hansung Yu (Wave Controller, Mage) – A Tier

Class: Wave Controller

Role: Mage

Hansung Yu, the seasoned Wave Controller of the Tower of God: New World, wields his mastery over Shinsu to control the battlefield and weaken his enemies with his unique skills.

Passive Skill: Rolling Boil Hansung’s attacks are not only powerful but also strategically debilitating. If he lands a critical hit, the target enemy is afflicted with the debuff “Rolling Boil,” which decreases their Magic Resistance. This passive skill enhances the effectiveness of his magical attacks and sets up his enemies for devastating follow-up strikes.

Active Skill 1: Endless Sky With precision and focus, Hansung unleashes a powerful Shinsu cannon that strikes the enemy ten times, dealing significant damage with each hit. The force of the attack knocks the target back, creating distance and disrupting their positioning. This skill allows Hansung to unleash a barrage of magical damage, making him a formidable threat on the battlefield.

Active Skill 2: Shinsu Cannon Barrage In a display of Shinsu mastery, Hansung shoots eight Shinsu cannons at a random enemy, delivering damage and inflicting the “stiffen” status effect. The stiffen effect briefly immobilizes the target, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from Hansung’s allies. This skill demonstrates Hansung’s precision and ability to control his enemies’ movements.

Special Skill: Raging Rapids As a true Wave Controller, Hansung summons three powerful waves of Shinsu, causing substantial damage to enemies within range. The force of the waves pushes back those hit by the attack and decreases their Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a duration of 6 seconds. This special skill grants Hansung significant crowd control capabilities, making him a key asset in team battles.

Data Zahard (Warrior) – A Tier

Khun Aguero Agnes (Light Bearer, Support) – A Tier

Hwaryun (Guide, Support) – A Tier

Jue Voile Grace – A Tier

TOG New World Tier List – B Tier (Best Characters):

Ha Yuri Zahard (Fisherman, Tank) – B Tier

Data Khun Maschenny Zahard (Assassin) – B Tier

Hatz (Warrior) – B Tier

Phonsekal Laure (Wave Controller, Mage) – B Tier

Khun Maschenny Zahard – B Tier

Tower of God New World FAQ

Q: What is Tower of God New World tier list?

A: The tier list ranks all the characters in Tower of God New World based on their overall strength and effectiveness in various game modes.

Q: How are the characters ranked in the Tower of God New World tier list?

A: The characters are ranked into four primary tiers: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C. The higher the tier, the stronger and more influential the character is considered to be.

Q: What does each tier represent?

A: Tier SS and Tier S include the strongest and most influential characters. Tier A comprises highly capable characters with important roles. Tier B consists of skilled and valuable characters, slightly below the top tiers. Tier C includes competent characters, but they are relatively less powerful or significant.

Q: How can the Tower of God New World Tier List tier list help players?

A: The tier list can help players determine which characters are the best in the game and guide their team-building decisions. It provides an overview of each character’s strength and their viability in different game modes.

Q: Are the rankings in the Tower of God New Worlde Tier List tier list subjective?

A: Yes, the rankings are subjective and based on the opinions and evaluations of the creators of the tier list. Different players may have different perspectives on the characters’ strengths and rankings.

Q: Is synergy important when using characters in Tower of God New World?

A: Yes, some characters may perform better when paired with specific characters or require synergy to reach their full potential. The tier list can help players identify characters that work well together or perform effectively independently. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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