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Welcome to our Tower of Winter Guide Wiki, In this Tower of Winter Guide Wiki we will tell you some tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

Tower of Winter is a thrilling text-based roguelike RPG developed by Tailormade Games, This game is set in a dark fantasy world where a harsh winter has persisted for decades.

You have to rely on a blend of magic and steam technology to survive while embarking on an epic journey to uncover the source of the endless winter, rumoured to be within a tower at the northernmost point of the continent.

You should outsmart mythical creatures, devious traps, and powerful Old Gods while ascending the tower to unravel its mysteries.

Tower of Winter Guide Wiki

This game is designed with a challenging difficulty level, requiring players to carefully choose their actions, overcome failures, and endure hardships.

– The basics of combat involve defending against powerful enemy attacks and striking when they are vulnerable.

– As you level up, Traits quickly become stronger, so it is recommended to focus on raising the level of a single Trait rather than collecting multiple.

– Acquiring an additional Skill that you have already learned will increase its grade and refill its number of uses.

– Players can have up to 5 types of Skills and 10 types of Traits.

– The maximum Attack power and Defense power are capped at 60, maximum Health is 600, and Critical hit rate and Dodge rate are capped at 75%.

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