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Trollge Conventions Tier List Wiki – Best Trolls & All Items

Welcome to Trollge Conventions Tier List Wiki, In this article we will show you Trollge Conventions Tier List for Best Trolls & Trollge Conventions Item Tier List. There are so many types of Trolls in Trollge Conventions. such as Oil Type trolls, Blood type trolls, Acid Type Trolls, Light type trolls, and Warth trolls.

In this Trollge Conventions Tier List Wiki, You will find all trolls, So come and take a look at this Trollge Conventions Tier List Wiki – Best Trolls & Troll Worth

Trollge Conventions Tier List Wiki – Best Trolls & Troll Worth

Trollge Conventions Tier List
Source: Discord

Trollge Conventions Items Tier List

Trollge Conventions Tier List
Source: Discord

Trollge Conventions Best Trolls Guide

1. Gaster

Obtainability: Unknown/Unobtainable as of the video.

Special Abilities:

Void Burns: Powerful burn damage.

Massive Barrage of Black Bones: Fires a large number of black bones as a primary attack.

Tentacles: A more defensive and evasive move.

Void Blast: A potentially devastating move with high damage.

2. Ascended MP4

Obtainability: Not specified.

Health: 4 trillion.

Special Abilities:

Descending Wolves: Fast cool down of five seconds.

Descending Death Beam: Fires a potent death ray.

3. New God

Obtainability: Drops from the New God Boss. As of the video, currently unobtainable.

Health: 5 trillion.

Special Abilities:

Barrage of Light Earths: Potent area of effect damage.

Elemental Disaster: Mix of various elemental attacks.

God Divides Punishment: Massive damage of 200 billion.

4. Backroom Seminar

Obtainability: Not specified.

Health: 215 billion (currently).

Special Abilities:

Escape Essence: Powerful damage with a significant area of effect.

Essence of Darkness: Launches a large dark orb.

5. Omniversal Developer

Obtainability: Uses the Vessel Cup on a troll from a chest that isn’t guaranteed.

Health: Around 550 billion.

Special Abilities:

Shoots Four Balls: A primary projectile-based attack.

Blinding Lie: Fires a powerful laser with considerable damage.

Noteworthy mentions:

Vessel Devourer: Large and can easily catch you, yet lacks a substantial hitbox, which means more agile opponents can dodge or flee.

The Infection God Among Us: Deemed better than Backroom Seminar as it’s smaller, agile, and harder to hit.

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