10 Trophy Pushing Tips Solo Showdown Brawl Stars 2022

Top 10 Trophy Pushing Tips Solo Showdown Brawl Stars 2021 Hello! I’m “Sit” and today we will see Top 10 Trophy Pushing Tips Solo Showdown Brawl Stars 2021 Brawl Stars Showdown Strategy and since the game has been launched global, here’s a guide for all of you who wants to play solo showdown so come and take a look at this Top 10 Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips | Brawl Stars Showdown Strategy 2021

Brawl Stars Solo Showdown Tips 2019

Top 10 Trophy Pushing Tips Solo Showdown Brawl Stars 2021

Why would I want to play Solo Showdown? Well, if you knows what to do, solo showdown is actually the best mode to gain trophies, especially at lower ranks, it’s the fastest way to gain trophies!

So now lets move on to the tips, the tips start as small tips but they will get more advanced.

  1. Solo Showdown is basically the battle royale of Brawl Stars, but here are the primary subject of the mode: Survive. Remember that the amount if trophies you gain is not in any way related to how many brawlers you kill, instead, it is based on your survival and which place you got. So don’t go on a killing rampage, instead, maybe sometimes just chilling in the bush can get you alot of trophies.
  2. Boxes are good, they give you more ability to survive, but in some situations you might now want to get boxes! When there are stronger brawlers coming to steal your box, just be generous, let them have it! Your life is more important than a box, the reason you even go for boxes is to stay alive, so, stay alive!
  3. Watch out for bushes! When there is a bush, always check it by attacking the bush and being 100 percent sure nobody is in the bush. You don’t want to die to a random Shelly or Bull, do you?
  4. Spin to team. Some may argue teaming is bad, but sometimes teaming is kinda necessary for you to win. This also leads to another reason not to overfeed yourself. 2 to 3 powers are ok, but if you have a lot of power, say 8, people are less likely to team with you and more likely to team against you, friends are more important than power!
  5. Hide in bushes, when someone checks your bush and you want an ambush, try to stay in the part of the bush away from them. People are more likely to check the part of the bush closer to them. After they check a part of the bush, immediately move to the part of the bush that they just checked, as they are more likely to check the other side of the bush afterwards. This works reversely, sometimes after checking a part of a bush you might want to check the same locations again.
  6. Beware of bushes near boxes!!! People at low ranks fall for this so easily that I have to warn you all! There are sometimes Shellies or Primos hiding in bushes near boxes, and they wait for you to waste your ammo on the box before coming out, stealing the box and stealing your life.
  7. Map control and gane sense is important! Don’t get sandwiched, always have 3 routes of possible escapes ready, so even if there are peoplr from both sides, you can still escape. Force people away from you and try to get as much personal space as possible.
  8. Betray your teammates! Even if they are your “best friend”, remember:Part of the journey is the end. Eventually you’ll have to kill eahother, and the sole purpose of teaming is to get yourself to a higher place. Backstab when they’re low or one shot, pretend to be their friend to get close, when you’re sure you can win the fight. But what I do the most is to pretend to farm super off your teammate, and once you almost get your super, keep attacking and use your super on them, catching him off guard and killing your teammate, works all the time! Oppositely, never trust anyone.
  9. When other people team against you, sometimes you just have to walk into the gas. This makes them think you gave up and the last teamers remaining will start to get a chain of suspicion, because whichever one of them attacks first, will win the game. So they start fighting eachother before you even dies, and you can walk back from the gas and hopefully get a higher place.
  10. When tilted, stop playing. My bar is set to 20 trophies, whenever you lose more than 20, stop playing and take a break, it will prevent you from losing more trophies.

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Thats all of my Brawl Stars Showdown Strategy , hopefully you learnt something and I’ll keep this updated. Peace.