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Type Soul Bankai Tier List – Best Bankai in the game

Ready to dominate in Touhou Tower Assault? Look no further because, with our Type Soul Bankai Tier List, we’ve got you covered! Our Type Soul Bankai Tier List will help you to find the best Bandai in the game.

So come and take a look at this Type Soul Bankai Tier List

Type Soul Bankai Tier List Wiki

Blood Bankai



The blood bar give your character regeneration as long as it’s filled as well as provides fuel to your C skill.

Boiling Blood:

When the user parries an attack, the victims blood shoots out causing them to fall, stunned (Restores Bloodlust)

Unknown (Z):

The user preforms a round slash that is followed up by a horizontal slash that knocks back and stuns for a long amount of time. The move can alternatively be recasted to apply a long range stun

Unknown (X):

The user surfs on blood forged by their Bankai which, when hitting an opponent, causes the user to jump into the air and bring their blade down restoring Blood.

Unknown (C):

The user creates a red light in their hands, causing their M1s to enlarge to a huge size, draining blood immensely with each attack but regaining Health as well.

Unknown (V):

The user dashes forward with a barrage of blood slashes that eventually grows into a large AOE attack

Flame Bankai

Scorching Slashes:

The users M1’s are coated in flame causing them to burn victims.

Burn Step:

When the user flashsteps, an ungodly amount of flame is spewed around them, masking vision.

Nefarious Phoenix:

Nefarious Phoenix: If the user burns a knocked player, they are resurrected as a zombie that follows them around until they are hit in which they are gripped.

Worldbreaker (Z):

The user pounds the ground 3 times, causing tremors and splitting the ground. After the 3rd pound, the ground will erupt, sending the enemy into the air and ragdolling them dealing moderate damage.

**Ardent Heat (X):**The user leaps forward with a fast, autotracking dash that on hit send the opponent into the air dealing moderate damage with a large range.

Ink Bankai


Ink Defense: When the user inks an opponent, they gain damage reduction.

Paint It Black (Z):

The user conjures a shrine made of black ink that doubles the Reiatsu drain of moves and increases the M1 range of your Bankai. This also adds a 5th hit to the users M1’s where a had grabs the victim and slams them on the ground. This move also slows all in the shrines AOE.

Blank Ant (X):

Black Ant on hit allies a small debuff to the victim as well as granting all subsequent M1s landed by the Bankai to be large explosions that deal increased damage.

Nameless (C):

The user preforms a small thrust that shoots ink forward and follows it up with a large swipe, throwing ink in a cone shape in front of them. Those hit will have all of their moves disabled for a short amount of time. This also sets your black ant cooldown.

Berserk Bankai


Limit breaker gets 6 stacks:

These are applied when the user hits someone with moves, increasing their damage the more stack they get from it.

Berserk Critical:

The Berserk critical is a unique one The user does an uppercut to the opponent then slams them down out of the air applies cripple.

Rushdown (Z):

The user charges forward and rushes through anything and at the end of the rush they slam down. Applying the cripple effect.‌

Rageful Leap (X):

The user punches the ground then leaps in the air smashing back down. Applying the cripple effect.

Painbringer (C):

The user grabs the opponent by the head and slams them into the ground. Applying the cripple effect.

Confusion Bankai

Unseen Truth (Z):

The user performs a maneuver where they rush an opponent with several clones made from their confusion Bankai. This technique while not doing damage, will revert your Health & Reiatsu along with your cooldowns to 15 prior to you using this, making it very useful for any fight. This move can be canceled.

Illusionary Enchant (X):

The user preforms a circular motion with their Bankai, enchanting their M1’s making the opponents screen flip with each attack for a short amount of time.


The user is able to rewind anything that has happen in the last 15 seconds (Can be canceled if hit)

Water Bankai

Passive Whirlpool:‌

Everymove creates a whirlpool, these will drag in people every second closer along with draining their reiastu/reishi/cero.

Reverse Tide (Z):

The user creates an whirlpool on the ground pulling the opponent inside quickly after creating an wave of water that goes forward and back

X- Gaizer

The user creates an whirlpool on the ground and places an gaizer in the center doing consecutive damage

C- Formless typhoon

The user grabs there sword and starts swinging around in circles creating big aoe and 2 whirlpools

V- Gentle veil

The user turns into a water bubble when hit the user counters and throws out a water projectile

Wind Bankai


Sharp Gale:

The user has the ability to use their Shikai move “Wind Arc” without the need for the opponent to be bleeding

Conclave Silence (Z):

The user creates a large tornado that traps opponents in the pillar. This is the perfect move to land hard to hit moves or starting a combo.

Warbios (X):

The user swipes forward as they summon a pillar of wind comes down dealing moderate damage as well as impaling them onto the ground, stunning them for a short duration. This move is a great way to start combos or extent the Conclave Silence stun.

Creation Bankai

Stance Change:

The user switches from an offensive mode to a defensive mode by creating a chain link that wraps around them

Defensive Mode Move- Auto Parry:

The Bankai’s tendrils rapidly fly around the user, automatically parrying all moves coming your way. This is the perfect defensive maneuver.

(Unknown Name) (Z):

The user creates a large aura of slashes that constricts around the victim, block breaking and doing decent damage. This move has a large AOE and best used in neutral to start combos with a BB.

(Unknown Name) (X):

The user thrusts forward, creating a chain that pulls anyone hit by it to the user. This move is perfect for catching people lacking as well as starting combos.

(Unknown Name) (C):

The user kneels to the ground as a myriad of spear heads erupt connected by chains. This move applies a slow to anyone in it as well as doing light damage, perfect for keeping people in the fight.

Lightning Bankai

Blocker Box (Z):

The user projects a lightning clone that runs in one direction. After a short amount of time, the lightning clone will dissapear at the true body is revealed and the user will create a box out of lightning dealing moderate damage. This move has no stun though, making it very dangerous to use.

Unknown (X):

The user cleaves the area in front of them, dealing light damage while also creating a rift made of lightning that does moderate damage to those who touch it. This skill is best used along a tether move that can be used to bring them into the rift.

Shadow Bankai

Hunting Grounds (Z):

The user throws out claw like attacks which apply fear to the enemy while blinding them move can also be used to combo off of.

Shadow Garden (X):

The user creates a domain when this domain is active the user takes no damage can go through block and moves are buffed

Shadow Snake (C):

User attaches a snake to your body when this is applied the target is stunned in place and user can preform a combo

Shadow Tendril (V):

The user attaches an tendril to your body and teleports to you

That’s it for this Type Soul Bankai Tier List – Best Bankai in the game

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