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Ultimate Anime Simulator Value List – TRADING VALUES

Hi guys, welcome to our Ultimate Anime Simulator Value List Wiki, In this guide, we will show you unit values and demand. In this game, you can collect iconic heroes like Luffy, Zoro, Tanjiro, Naruto, and Sasuke. You can Build your own anime squad and unlock new islands such like Pirate Island, Winter Town, and Ninja Village. Explore, battle, and enjoy adventure in this vibrant anime-themed game.

So come and take a look at this Ultimate Anime Simulator Value List (Trading Demand/Rarity). Also, check our Roblox Games Codes page.

Ultimate Anime Simulator Value List – Trading Demand/Rarity

Normal Units 

Common: 5 Gem

Rare: 10 Gem

Epic: 20 Gem

Legendary: 40 Gem

Mythical: 80 Gem

Golden Units

Common: 25 Gem

Rare: 50 Gem

Epic: 100 Gem

Legendary: 200 Gem

Mythical: 400 Gem

Rainbow Units 

Common: 100 Gem

Rare: 200 Gem

Epic: 400 Gem

Legendary: 800 Gem

Mythical: 1600 Gem

Sacred Units

Common: 300 Gem

Rare: 600 Gem

Epic: 1200 Gem

Legendary: 2400 Gem

Mythical: 4800 Gem

The value list categorizes units into different tiers based on their rarity, Normal Units to Rainbow Units and Sacred Units. E

ach section has a specific gem value assigned to it. For example, common Normal Units are valued at 5 gems, while common Golden Units are valued at 25 gems.

The gem values increase as the rarity of the units goes up, with Mythical and Sacred Units being the most valuable.

You can use this value list to determine the trade demand and rarity of units, allowing them to make more informed judgements when trading or purchasing new heroes for their squads.

Furthermore, the wiki has a section dedicated to Roblox Games Codes, which provides gamers with additional resources and codes for other games.

Overall, this Ultimate Anime Simulator Value List Wiki serves as a useful resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay experience by understanding the value and rarity of units in the game.

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