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Welcome to our Uncharted Waters Origin Wiki, In this Uncharted Waters Origin Wiki, we will tell you about characters, combat systems and much more. Uncharted Waters Origin has a large world to explore, complete with eight national powers, 200 ports, 60 settlements, over 300 battlegrounds, and over 20 weather variants.

Players may follow admirals and gather historical people from the 15th to 17th centuries, participate in the game’s extensive campaigns, and construct their own adventures.

The real-time trade system allows players to strategize their investments and use the golden routes to obtain riches. With numerous regional specialities and goods, the market prices fluctuate depending on demand and supply.

Uncharted Waters Origin offers endless freedom of gameplay on the vast seas. Players can become big fish through trading, invest in developed cities, or become unbeatable pirate kings using strengthened ships.

The game has over 104 completely orchestrated soundtracks, including the well-known music that characterises the original Uncharted Waters series, produced by Yoko Kanno. Also, see – Uncharted Waters Origin Codes

Uncharted Waters Origin Wiki – Beginner Guide & Walkthrough


When starting the game, you can choose 1 admiral, and the game will start from the country that the admiral belongs to.

Each Admiral has inherent skills and inherent chronicles, and the initial set of abilities and starting regions are also different. The experience at the beginning of the game will be slightly different depending on which admiral you choose to play.

During the chronicled story of each admiral, the inherent navigator who helps the admiral will be added as the story progresses.

The admiral is in charge of the No. 1 ship, which is the flagship. In addition to combat techniques and duel techniques, it also possesses excellent techniques and admiral orders that can change the nautical territory.

Admiral’s growth

Admirals usually have better abilities than other navigators recruited at the beginning, so they have higher fleet adaptability. However, if the flagship sinks first in the battle, it means that the battle is defeated. It must be used with caution.

Through a variety of sailing activities, your Admiral can gain Adventure / Trade / Combat EXP and increase their LV. Admirals acquire unique skills as their LV increases. Along with Naval Combat skills and Duel skills, they also have their unique Admiral’s Orders.

You can gain Adventure EXP through Sailing and Exploring, Trade EXP through making profits in the Market, and Combat EXP through Naval combat. In addition, you can repeatedly complete Requests from the [Union] to gain easy rewards. Also, refer to our Uncharted Waters Origin Admiral Guide

Uncharted Waters Origin Codes


In this Uncharted Waters Origin Wiki, Let’s check out the nation. Great Discovery Origin” depicts a mighty nation competing for supremacy on the seven seas, pioneering new routes based on excellent navigation.

Various stories unfold, such as the conflict between Spain, which boasts an invincible fleet, and Portugal, a pioneer in developing sea routes between Africa and India, England and the Netherlands trying to keep them in check, and the Ottoman Empire aiming for supremacy in the Mediterranean.

The admiral that the player can choose is a person who will survive this epic adventure, and if he is recognized for his fame in each field, he will be awarded a title by the nation.

Each nation is based in a specific city. You can have an audience with the king at the royal palace in your home base, and you can receive imperial orders and carry them out.

Fighting Basic

In this Uncharted Waters Origin Wiki, the next topic is fighting basics. Battles in ” Great Voyage Origin” refer to naval battles with other fleets encountered during the voyage.

You can fight not only NPC fleets but also fleets led by other admirals. If you win the battle, you can earn rewards.

If you select a ship that comes into view while sailing, it will switch to observation mode where you can see simple information about that fleet. Based on the information obtained here, you can declare war from the [Battle] menu.

  • Declare War: You can choose hostile orders to the enemy fleet, such as negotiation, battle, and pursuit.
  • Friendly Fleet Information: You can check the material information of the friendly fleet.
  • Enemy fleet information: You can predict enemy fleet information and victory or defeat.
  • Distance and Direction: Displays the current distance and direction to the fleet being observed.

You can change the observation target by opening the nearby fleet list displayed next to the enemy fleet information in observation mode. This function is useful when selecting the fleet you want to see in an area crowded with fleets.

The attacked side can choose to respond by fighting, fleeing, surrendering, or negotiating.

At this time, depending on the content of the other party’s negotiations, you can choose whether or not to accept it after surrendering, and if the other party escapes, choose again whether to pursue it.

Combat occurs when you respond to an engagement or when there is a conflict of interest during negotiations.


The age of great sailing: in the origin, there are various ships such as western, oriental, and special ships appearing.

Ships can be roughly distinguished by three types of diagrams.

First of all, each ship has a main item for specific content.

The red double swords icon is the main fighting force, the blue telescope icon is the main adventurer, and the green scale icon is the main trading ship.

It is also possible to categorize the attack icons displayed by the ship. It is divided into assault ships specialized in breakthrough attacks, artillery ships specialized in the long-distance bombardment, and melee ships specialized in close-range melee combat.

These three types of ships are not only the main attack, but also have attribute relationships with each other.

Assault boats beat melee boats, melee boats beat bombardment boats, and bombardment boats beat assault boats.

In addition to these three types, there are also so-called support ships, which are ships with irrelevant attributes and support characteristics.


The fleet must be prepared before the sea battle begins. Fleets can be managed from [Menu] – [Fleet].

The formation and configuration of the fleet can be changed, and the formation effect and action sequence can be displayed. You can view the overall technology and effects of the compiled fleet, as well as the professional knowledge and language information that the navigators on board are familiar with.

According to the fleet level, the number of configurable ships will increase. In addition to the basic formation, the formation can also be learned by consuming property. The front, middle, and rear columns are different for each formation type.

Repair the fleet and re-crew the crew.

Only props can be used for emergency repairs during the voyage, and ships can only be configured or replaced when they are moored in the city.

You can select any ship in the fleet information on the right to view the detailed information of the ship and the information of the captain and navigator.

If it is parked in a city, after selecting a ship, you can click Cancel and Replace to reconfigure the fleet. In addition to the captains and navigators of the ships on both sides when changing, the load will also be moved.

But No. 1 ship is the flagship of the Admiral, even if the flagship is changed, the Admiral will still stay on the flagship.

Supplies from the City

When docked in a city, you can recruit crew at the [Hotel] and repair the ship at the [Shipyard].

You can replenish the necessary basic materials before leaving the port at the [Departure Office], repair the ship, and simply replenish the crew.

Water and food are necessary supplies for sailing, and a fixed amount will be consumed every day. If there is insufficient water and food, morale will be reduced every round during the battle. In serious cases, our military crew may leave.

In addition, it can also supply the necessary resources for repairing ships and shells consumed by shelling.

That’s it for this guide, For more info you can go to the game site.

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