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Unwavering Soul Wiki – Bosses, Items & Skills Guide

Welcome to Unwavering Soul Wiki, In this Unwavering Soul Wiki, you will lots of information about the game. In this post you find information about basics of game and Skill guide.

So come and take a look at this Unwavering Soul Wiki and Beginner Guide. All information is fetched from Trello of the game.

Unwavering Soul Wiki & Beginner Guide


Located on the Left side of your Screen and Not visible during battles

Seperated into 4 different categories




  • Specials and Skills can be found in there


  • Click on blue thingy cuz i don’t think i want to add more bullet stuff here


Located in Backpack

Stats Info
Your current LV, Gold, TP, Kromer, Reset
If you have a True Reset or not
Skill Info
Amount of Items and Event Items


  • Disabling your Health and XP GUI
  • Redeeming codes from the Discord Server
  • Invite Settings – All / Only Friends / None
  • Music Volume – 0-3 (any number between them counts, even 1.5 if u want)
  • Data Save Info – obviously shows if ur stats are saved or not


  • Buttons to buy TP – TP Amount = Robux needed to buy them
  • Button to buy 100 Kromer – Costs 200 Robux
  • Button to buy 1 Reset – Costs 650 Robux


  • Shows a very simplified version of the info here (not like you need it, you’re in info heaven)

Slash Color Settings (Needs Gamepass)

You can change the color of your Normal Slash that most Weapons have

You can select any of the shown colors on your screen or type the RGB values of the color you’d want (if you don’t know how that works, might as well use google or just don’t use it xd)


Contains all of the Items that are equipped from your Backpack 8 max slots

You can change the positions of the Items by clicking on one of them and then the other Item you want to replace with

Only works while the Backpack is open

You can use 1-8 number keys to… well, that’s obvious When an Item’s name is Red, they are in Cooldown State and can’t be used

Also Read: Unwavering Soul Script Pastebin

List of all Current Bosses in Unwavering Soul

Sorted by Game Progression + Notes

You aren’t forced to follow it, choose your own path

  • Mad Dummy
  • Flowey
  • Dummy
  • Froggits
  • Toriel
  • Papyrus
  • Undyne
  • Muffet
  • Mettaton EX
  • Asgore
  • Asriel
  • Mettaton NEO
  • UF Toriel
  • UF Mettaton EX
  • Undyne The Undying
  • UF Papyrus
  • Sans
  • UF Undyne
  • Chara
  • Omega Flowey
  • Boss Rush
  • UF Sans
  • Dust Sans
  • UF Asgore
  • Frisk
  • Fresh Sans
  • Ultra Sans
  • Nightmare Sans
  • Cross Sans
  • NegaTale Sans
  • Ink Sans
  • God of Hyperdeath
  • Gaster
  • Disbelief Papyrus (First Half)
  • Betty
  • Inking Mistake
  • OOF
  • Fatal Error Sans
  • DustTrust Sans
  • Six Souls Asgore
  • X Gaster
  • Disbelief Papyrus (Second Half)
  • Ultra Boss Rush
  • Infinite Undyne The Undying
  • Infinite Sans
  • Temmie
  • Annoying Dog
  • Bob
  • True X Gaster
  • HardCore Sans
  • Rudinn
  • HardCore Frisk
  • HardCore Gaster
  • HardCore Six Souls Asgore
  • Hyper Dust Sans
  • HardCore True X Gaster
  • Strongy Sans
  • OuterTale Sans
  • Hathy
  • C.O.D.E NegaTale Sans
  • C.O.D.E Disbelief Papyrus
  • C.O.D.E DustTrust Sans
  • C.O.D.E Six Souls Asgore
  • C.O.D.E Dummy
  • C.O.D.E Temmie
  • No Mercy Sans
  • C.O.D.E True X Gaster
  • X Papyrus
  • Error Sans
  • Determined 6 Boss Rush
  • Last Breath Sans
  • X Undyne
  • fucking cringe
  • Two Bad Guys
  • Hot Fresh Sans
  • Bad Time Trio

VIP Gamepasses

There are currently 3 VIP Gamepasses:

They give access to Mettaton’s VIP / Morphs Room in The Lobby

Every VIP Gamepass gives a Special Weapon that cannot be deleted and an “armor” that is automatically equipped when you join.

Your Player Nickname above your head changes color depending on the best VIP you bought.


Skills are Special Ranged Weapons with their own Item Type

Obtainable from Ralsei’s Skill Awakening Workshop

They have 2 Stats that you can check by clicking on the “Menu” Button:

Damage Stat:

  • 1 Damage Stat increases the Damage by 10%
  • Skills have the same Damage Boosts like normal Weapons
  • The % from the Damage Stat is added after the overall Damage

Reload Stat:

  • 1 Reload Stat reduces the Skill Cooldown by 5%

Skilled Skills:

  • Increases either 1 Damage, 1 Reload or both by 1
  • You can’t Upgrade a Skill twice, you need to get a new one
  • Upgrading gives you a random Secondary Skill, They have the same Damage and Reload Stats as your normal Skill

C.O.D.E Skills:

  • 1 Reset Required
  • Very Rare Chance to obtain by getting Normal Skills. They have 11 Skill Damage Stat and Can’t be Skilled

Skill Rarities:

Normal Skill:

  • Common: 70%
  • Rare: 20%
  • Epic: 8%
  • Legendary: 2%

Skilled Skill Boost: 1/3

Secondary Skill: 1/3

C.O.D.E Skill: 1/30

That’s it for this Unwavering Soul Wiki

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