Upload Simulator 2 Guide Wiki – Modules & Hacking Builds

Looking for Upload Simulator 2 Guide? You have come to the right place. In this Upload Simulator 2 Beginner Guide we will talk about Upload Simulator 2 Modules, Hacking Builds, Skill Points & Upgrades.

Upload Simulator 2 is an idle simulation game that has exciting elements like choosing different upload formats that yield varying outcomes, finding artefacts for bonus effects, and collecting resources to create modules.

So come and take a look at this Upload Simulator 2 Guide Wiki – Modules & Hacking Builds

Upload Simulator 2 Guide Wiki – Modules & Hacking Builds

Skill Points & Upgrades: You can reset the upgrades by watching ads or completing special tasks. Recommended upgrades include battery voltage and module slots.

Investing in upload and mining speed could also provide significant benefits. Avoid options like connection quality, signal quality, and antivirus as these are not as essential, particularly in the early game.

Components: For early game, focus on GPU to increase your credit income. When progress slows down, switch to network builds for more data transfer. Try to upgrade components as early as possible for efficiency.

Research & Milestones: Gain science points to unlock more technologies. Modules are a top priority, followed by overclocking and clutch. Reboot when progress slows down to boost science gain.

Modules: Start with an Auto clicker and Eliminator module for efficient credit and module piece gain. As you progress, consider adding RGB lights, a breadboard, and a power charger for increased income and battery recharge.

Choose modules based on your specific needs and gameplay strategy.

Hacking Builds: Early on, focus on Overheat, Quicken, and Recharge. These options provide a good balance of power and resource production. For passive play, consider adding the Optimize hack to increase data gain.

Overclocking: Spend your resources to buy overclocking units for a power boost. Invest in GPU or network overclocking based on your focus area.

What to Upload: The choice of upload doesn’t significantly impact gameplay. However, if your build is draining energy too fast, consider uploading music for a battery recharge boost.

That’s it for this Upload Simulator 2 Beginner Guide Wiki – Modules & Builds

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