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How to Use Clash Royale Firecracker Tips & Decks 2020

How to Use Clash Royale Firecracker Tips & Decks

Clash Royale Firecracker Tips Hi guys u/ScholarlyGaming here with How to Use Clash Royale Firecracker Tips and Firecracker Information and Tech so He shared very beautiful guide about Firecracker on Reddit and here is the guide.

Another month, another card. And this time, I’ve got some good information to help you in the upcoming challenge. That’s right – after some stats were leaked in a glitch, I now have completed emulating the Firecracker!

For those of you that don’t know, I have recently been working on a project – to create a full Clash Royale battle simulation! And right now, I’m pretty much done. That means that the release is coming up soon!

I am posting some screenshots here: note that graphics are going to be pretty much nonexistent for 3 reasons:

  1. I’d have to do them all myself, as I can’t import them using the tool I’m using (Khan Academy)

  2. There’s really no point to having them other than for QOL and looking nice (which I value below being able to function)

  3. It would take a lot of computational power to do more advanced graphics

As a disclaimer, please note: I have no affiliation with the dev team. As such, I just know what you all know stats-wise: they could all completely change by release. And since this is a non-official simulation, please note that not all of these interactions may be 100% accurate.

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  2. Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck for Arena 10
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Italicized stats are not official and may be incorrect. They are used in my simulation to be as close as I can get.

The Firecracker is a 3-cost Common card that fires rockets at enemy troops. These rockets, upon contact, split into 5 shrapnel line AOE effects with a radius of 0.25.5 range, and 15 degrees of a spread between each. Each projectile deals 53 damage and can hit multiple troops.

The Firecracker has a 0.6 second load time and will fire once every 3 seconds. It has a range of 6 and a sight range of 10.

Edit: I originally stated that its sight range is 11. This is probably not correct, but we still have not gotten actual stats for it, or a good video showing it, so…

Initial Response

After playing around with this card for a bit, I can say that it seems pretty strong attack-wise. It’s got a lot of advantages over similar troops, like the Archers and the Bomber, and it will destroy on defense. The recoil mechanic can also be used to insane effects – it can stay on defense for quite some time, and can pull off some MLG gamer strats to avoid damage. (See this clip from OJ’s video for an example: The massive sight range (greater than any other unit in the game, currently, and just short of X-Bow and Mortar) will also be huge, allowing for it to practically cover both lanes of defense(like a Princess). However, it’s got some massive disadvantages. It’s quite squishy, dying to Arrows and most other ranged troops, and it is super easy to trick into activating the King Tower.

Managing Units with Large Sight Ranges

Sight range is an often overlooked stat of a troop. However, this hidden stat is perhaps one of the most important to how a card is played – it can determine a card’s entire playstyle and the best way to defend it.

Basically, a unit’s sight range is how far it can see. If a unit has a target within their sight range, they will pick the closest target to attack. Units that can’t see any valid targets within their sight range will automatically go towards the closest enemy tower. Pretty simple, right?

In general, units with large sight ranges are easier to distract and harder to take towers with than units with lower sight ranges. However, there are some advantages to having a larger sight range – in particular, if it’s paired with a long range, it can be used to keep the units safe from troops and spells while they have a great chance to defend.

As an example, think of the Princess’s usage in bait decks. Many bait players will cycle Princess in the back to start the game, or when they’re starting to leak elixir. However, unlike most other cards, the Princess is usually cycled towards the tower with the least damage.

Why is that? Well, since the Princess has such a long range, it will be able to defend the tower with more damage, even from the other side, if the enemy chooses to attack it. This discourages the enemy from rushing or trying to chip the tower. And if the opponent tries logging or countering the Princess? Well, then the troops or spells will only be able to attack or hit the tower with the most remaining health – where it doesn’t matter as much.

You’ll be able to use the Firecracker in a similar way – in fact, it will likely work even better, as its sight range is even longer, and it’s more spell-resistant. And since it has a generally stronger attack than the Princess, it’ll be even better at discouraging rushing.

However, keep in mind that defending on the same lane has its advantages – it’ll be better at hitting multiple troops, and its recoil will work to a greater effect there. Also, cycling the Firecracker will come with the risk of a King Tower activation…

King Tower Activations with the Firecracker

There are plenty of chances for King Tower Activations with the Firecracker. With such a huge range and spread, all it takes is one really good unit placement for an activation. But let’s just cut straight to the chase.

There are two main activation spots. The first covers all single units(Knight, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, etc…):

Single-unit activation spot

Units placed on this tile that are hit during or right after their deploy time will make the Firecracker splash the King Tower with one bullet with her first shot.

If the Ice Spirit is used for this, it will die in said hit, and the Firecracker will then hit the Princess Tower with a full-damage shot. Other units will result in less damage to the tower, naturally, but the unit will take another 265 HP of damage.

The second is a lot better, and what you’ll want to use for Skeletons to prevent all Princess Tower damage.

Skeletons activation spot

If the Skeletons are placed here and hit during or right after their deploy time, the Firecracker will splash the King Tower with one or two bullets. (Timing-dependent.) It will, however, fail to kill all of the skeletons in the first shot, leading to the Firecracker wasting another shot on them and then dying without hitting the Princess Tower at all.

This can be used with Wall Breakers and Fire Spirits to a similar effect. (Although they are 1 elixir more… still a positive trade though.)

It’d be a good idea to practice both of these in friendly battles – they are quite precise to pull off.

So what does this mean? Well, if you’re using the Firecracker, never send it in alone. Sure, it can deal 530 tower damage by itself. But it’s not reliable enough to trust it to do so – a good player will just activate the King with it and quickly dispose of it.

And if you’re facing the Firecracker… remember these tiles. They will serve you well.

Firecracker Interactions

Time for some cold hard stats just to ground this card a bit more. I’m only going to cover a few, as this card is better in the thick of battle due to its splash mechanics.

Offense vs. Princess Tower: 2 hits for a total of 530 damage.

Keep in mind that its recoil will push it back out of range – leading to a possible retarget for both the Firecracker and the Princess Tower. If used in conjunction with a Miner, it can take the tower down to 761 – the Firecracker tanking the first few shots and then defending the Miner. Not bad for a 6-elixir combo.

Defense vs. Giant: The Giant will hit 7 times, dealing 1477 damage and taking the tower down to 1057. The Firecracker goes back to its home in the back of the Arena.

Defense vs. Rascals: Can lead to a perfect defense (no tower damage) if reacted to quickly. It’s also possible to avoid damage to the Firecracker. Better than the info video would tell you.

Defense vs. Balloon: The bomb will connect, but the Balloon itself will not. Nice. (Good timing is required – it does get pretty close.)

Defense vs. Goblin Barrel: If the Barrel is center-planted, it will allow 2 stabs. (Not enough damage to kill the 2 goblins, but they die in 1 hit.)

General Tips How to Use Firecrackers
  • Your opponent’s King will likely be activated. Just mentally prepare yourself for this.

  • If the King hasn’t been activated yet, and you’d like to keep it that way, be wary of using the Firecracker too much. It generally survives interactions on defense due to its massive recoil, and that can create some chances for your opponent to go for a King activation.

  • Never let the Firecracker cross the bridge alone – it’s way too easy to counter due to its health and sight range. Anyways, that’s a high-damage splasher right there – why waste it? Tank it with something cheap – it could both prevent activations and give the Firecracker more chances to connect.

  • If your IQ is high enough, and you know what your opponent has, you can use a spell to prevent a King activation. Zap is helpful if your opponent’s trying to use the second (cheap swarm) activation method – it can clean up most of those cheap swarms nicely. Tornado is helpful in a lot of cases too – it’s practically its job to mess up your opponent’s placements. Just ‘nado that troop in front of the tower and profit will be achieved. Timing is KEY, though…

  • Play the Firecracker like the Magic Archer it is – it can go through tanks and snipe buildings. Do keep in mind that its range is quite a bit smaller, though – it won’t stay safe from all the buildings. And it will move and retarget after each hit, so it won’t be as effective in a lot of cases. The recoil is a double-edged sword.

  • Play the Firecracker like the ranged Hunter it is – it can deal a good amount of damage to tanks and support troops, and it can do so from the other side of the map. Placing it on the same lane and behind the tower will deal more damage to the tank and just splash the support. Placing it high on the other lane is a bit risky, but it will go for the support troops and splash them both with some good damage – all while staying out of their range. Golem pushes beware!

  • Play the Firecracker like the air Sparky it is – due to its ability to recoil back after each shot, you can build up pushes with it pretty easily. Plus, the recoil makes it difficult to kill on defense. Just be wary of spells. (Also like Sparky.)

  • Geometry is KEY – if you can line up your shots well, you will go far. It’s not as important as it is to the MA, but it will help you if you’re good at it.

General Tips when How to Counter Firecracker:
  • Defending this is super easy, AND can reward you pretty well. So if some noob sends it in alone, don’t waste your opportunity to profit from it! There are so many chances for some good positive elixir trades with this card – not to mention easy King Tower activations. Don’t just Arrow/Fireball it out of hand – at the very least, wait to see if they support it before you do so. Also, keep in mind that it is technically a bait unit, so be wary of using your spells on it anyways.

  • Refer to the above King Tower activation section. Seriously, remember this – it’ll help you SO much.

  • Consider how and when to activate your King. Keep in mind that both activation techniques are risky and open to getting destroyed by spells. If you’ve shown what you have, and you know your opponent has a small spell waiting (and you think your opponent is good enough to time it right, which is probably not going to be that common), consider doing the easier and much less risky single-unit method.

  • If you can’t activate, or if you already have done so, take advantage of its sight range on defense. Split units to distract it, or kite it for a profit. (Just keep in mind that it does have a fast movement speed, so it’s got a good shot of catching up to whatever you put down.)

  • Or just surround it. It’s got low health and a low hit speed, after all. (Skeletons are really good at countering this thing in all ways.) The recoil might be a bit annoying, but you should be able to get it.

  • If your opponent is defending with this, do consider using a spell on it – especially if nothing’s trying to target it. This thing is pretty hard to kill due to the recoil, and it could build up a pretty big push if it’s left in the back for long. It has a tendency to stay there.

  • Don’t feed the Firecracker! If you’re a Sparky user, you know that some people just end up feeding it troops when they try to stop it. This, naturally, plays into your hands, as it gets positive elixir trades and recoils back to build an even bigger push. Same idea with the Firecracker, then – don’t just throw stuff down and hope it works. You’re better than that anyway.

  • If your opponent is using this to defend on the other lane, try the OJ “Tank and Spank” method. While the Firecracker’s attacking a tank, just kill it with a rogue Bomber, Firecracker or something similar. Remember that it will retarget, though!

  • If your IQ is high enough, you can use the recoil to kind of control where it goes. Is it just barely in a lane you don’t want it in? Put down an Ice Golem in the right spot, and you can put the Firecracker back in line.

Clash Royale Firecracker Synergies:

The Firecracker will synergize with:

  • Siege archetypes and RG. These win conditions don’t care about King activations – they won’t be in range to take damage from them anyways. So you’re pretty much free to use the Firecracker.

  • Ice Golem and Ice Spirit. These can be used as cheap tanks so that the Firecracker can do work on the tower or on enemy troops.

  • Mini PEKKA. They both have a fast movement speed, and they cover each other’s weaknesses – the Firecracker can take out air troops and swarms from a distance, and the Mini PEKKA will destroy melee troops that could otherwise kill the Firecracker. It can also tank if need be.

  • Sparky. The Sparky is just as good as the Firecracker at building up huge pushes and will get rid of any and all ground troops that could think of countering either one. In turn, the Firecracker will counter air troops and get rid of fireballees in a few shots. All it needs is a good tank and you’re golden.

  • Tornado. Messes up your enemy’s attempts to activate the tower, and allows you to line everything up to get promptly destroyed by the Firecracker’s rocket.

The Firecracker does not synergize with:

  • Goblin Barrel and Graveyard. These decks are toast if the enemy gets a King activation. The rest of the reasoning is self-explanatory. Just don’t pick them both – one of the cards is going to be dead.


I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to the Firecracker!

I think that overall, it seems balanced – strong in some regards, but with some really big drawbacks. It should find a place in quite a few decks next season. I’ll definitely be trying it in mine!

If there’s one thing I would like you to take away from this guide, it would be that it’s its own card – it’s not the Princess, it’s not the Bomber, it’s not the Magic Archer, it’s not the Hunter, it’s not anything. I’m just comparing it to those to make the Firecracker’s new mechanics easier to understand. So in the end, play it like a new card – just remember that it has the versatility of a lot of the others that I mentioned.

And if there are two things I would like you to take away, the second would be the King Tower activations. They’ll be useful next season when we see this quite often.

Shaed by u/ScholarlyGaming Thanks For Sharing this Tips with Community

Best Firecracker Deck Here: 

  1. Double Prince Giant Firecrackers Deck Arena 10+
  2. Bridge Spam Pekka Firecracker Deck for Arena 10
  3. Night Witch Golem Firecracker Deck Arena 10+
  4. Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10
  5. 2.9 X Bow Firecracker Challenge Decks
  6. 2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Challenge Decks
  7. Mini Pekka Hog Firecracker Challenge Decks
  8. Wall Breaker Miner Firecracker Challenge Decks


Thanks for reading this How to Use Clash Royale Firecracker Tips All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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