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Valiant Force 2 is a free online game where you play as a knight named Elise. The game is set in a place called Arathos, where there is chaos because a crystal and its protector have gone missing. You fight battles using a classic turn-based system and customize your character with equipment and skills.

There are new lighting systems to learn, like Elemental Dynamics and Auron Cards. You can also engage in airship battles and play with new and old heroes. The game has regular events with rewards.

The Hero Job System allows players to grow their skill set and power level. Customisation of heroes to suit individual playstyles is possible with a wide range of equipment and runes.

Valiant Force 2 introduces unique combat systems, including the Aura Trigger system that defined the original game’s combat system. Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards are new features that players must master to turn battles in their favour.

Valiant Force 2 Wiki

In this Valiant Force 2 Wiki, you can find Character Tier Lists, Combos guides, Heroes, Challenges and much more.

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Game Information

Title AFK Journey
Publisher XII Braves PTE LTD
Genre Role Playing Game
Available Google Play
Release Date 4th May 2023

Valiant Force 2 Beginner Guide

Stages are a bit hard but it’s a strategy game so it is expected to avoid struggling at the start remember this (this knowledge is from beta any changes can occur)

1. Don’t be afraid to upgrade equipment to at least level 10 at the start for smooth sailing for the beginning Stage ( don’t worry Resources will be back if you sell it but only 80% is not a bad deal for me )

2. Build a wide range of Elements units don’t focus on one element I finished the campaign there are hardcore stages which hard to overcome element advantage will help you

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Global Launch FAQ

Q: If l have an account in the SEA server, can I continue my adventure in the new global server?

A: You can create 1 account per server. Note that account progress and acquired heroes are NOT transferable. This includes in-app purchases.

If you have bound your Everglades account to a third-party apps (Facebook), please be aware that creating a new account on the Westpine server will also be bound to that app.

Q: What are the minimum device requirements to play the game?

A: A Minimum hardware requirement: OS Android 8.0, 5 GB available storage, and 4 GB RAM.

Q: What languages are supported in the game?

A: The game supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Thai.

Q: Will there be pre-registration rewards available?

A: Yes, pre-registration rewards are available for Global Launch adventurers; please check your mailbox!

Will there be in-game purchases available?

A: In-App Purchases (IAP) will be available for users in most regions, except Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Purchases can only be made through Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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