Viking Rise Events Guide – Best Tips for All Events

Welcome to our Viking Rise Events Guide, In this article we will share some tips and tricks for Viking Rise All Events, Including Leidolf in Hiding, Tribe Mobilisation, Directed Development, Viking Reign, Viking Triathlon, and Law of the Jungle.

So come and take a look at this Viking Rise Events Guide – Best Tips & Tricks for All Events.

Viking Rise Events Guide – Best Tips & Tricks for All Events

Leidolf in Hiding:

Save Energy: Accumulate energy to attack Niflungs whenever possible to gather event points efficiently.

Focus on Normal Niflung Rallies: Participate in regular Niflung rallies to obtain more bells for better rewards.

Open Reward Bags in Multiples of 5: Consider opening Leidolf reward bags in sets of five, as it may increase the chances of obtaining purple bells.

Coordinate Tribe Rallies: After the event ends, plan a time with your tribe members to conduct multiple Leidolf rallies to maximize rewards.

Tribe Mobilisation:

Refresh Personal Tasks: Prioritize refreshing the top two personal tasks to obtain ones that offer additional bonuses.

Purchase Attempts Daily: Buy one or two attempts each day, as the cost resets daily (50 gems for the first attempt, 200 for the second, and so on).

Save Valor Summons: Save up valor summons for this event, as they provide significant points. Refresh until you get a summon task with 900+ points for around 20 summons.

Strategic Building/Research: Plan upgrades before taking tasks to optimize speedup usage, especially for larger upgrades. Save small tasks for later stages if close to achieving the highest personal reward chest.

Directed Development:

Choose Tasks Wisely: Select building, research, or troop training tasks based on the amount of speedups you have available for completing significant upgrades or training many troops.

Align with Tribe Mobilisation: Try to coincide these tasks with the Tribe Mobilisation event to further enhance your rewards.

Viking Reign:

Coordinate with Big Upgrades: Time the completion of significant upgrades to coincide with the corresponding stage in the Viking Reign event.

Save Speedups: Store up speedups for this event, especially if you find yourself short on them to perform better in subsequent events.

Optimize Solo Ranking: Plan your upgrades strategically to achieve higher rankings during the event stages.

Viking Triathlon:

Time Management: Start the event when you have sufficient time to complete all stages in one sitting, as the rewards are time-sensitive.

Save Valor Summons and Hero Shards: Preserve your valor summons and hero shards to maximize points during the Viking Triathlon event.

Law of the Jungle:

Swift Center Rush: Focus on getting to the center as quickly as possible to obtain the best equipment and runes based on your troop type and chosen heroes.

Troop Type Alignment: Ensure that your primary and secondary heroes are of the same troop type as the ones you’ve chosen for the event to benefit from their buffs.

Tactical Retreat: If your troops are low on health, run to your corner or attack stronger PVE monsters to respawn quickly.

Efficient Movement: Use the march queue panel on the side to drag your marches to spots on the map for the fastest movement, especially when being chased.

Avoid Counter Troop Types: Watch out for opponents with troop types that have additional attack bonuses against yours and avoid them and the corner they are at.

That’s it for this Viking Rise Events Guide – Best Tips & Tricks for All Events

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