Viking Rise Hero Pairing and Skill Combination Guide

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Welcome to our Viking Rise Hero Pairing and Skill Combination Guide, In this Viking Rise Hero Pairing and Skill Combination Guide we will tell you about Talents, Recommended Skills, and Synergy for Hero Pairing.

So come and take a look at this Viking Rise Hero Pairing and Skill Combination Guide

Viking Rise Hero Pairing and Skill Combination Guide

Laird and Yvette Combo:


Role: PvP and Counterattack hero

Talents: Focuses on Pikemen, including shielding and damage reduction.

Recommended Skills: Shield Reflector, Shield Attacker, Shield Support, Baldur’s Blessing, Retaliate, On Alert, Rapid Attack.

Synergy: Both Laird and Yvette have a pikemen focus, making them an excellent combination for a powerful pikemen march that can counterattack effectively while maintaining high survivability.

Artur and Verdandi Combo:


Role: PvP and Skill Hero
Talents: Provides damage reduction, healing for lightly wounded soldiers, and buffs for archers.
Recommended Skills: Fiery Detonation, Enrage, Rage Leech.


Role: PvP and Skill Hero

Talents: Inflicts burn damage and excels in countering attacks, catering to archers’ strengths.

Recommended Skills: Fiery Rage, Enchanted Pursuit.

Synergy: Artur’s healing and damage reduction combined with Verdandi’s skillful countering abilities create a potent archer-focused duo, capable of dealing sustained damage and mitigating incoming attacks.

Jens and Gregory Combo:


Role: PvP and Basic Damage Dealer
Talents: Focused on basic damage and enhancing infantry troops.
Recommended Skills: Odin’s Asylum, Thor’s Determination, Divine Blessing.


Role: PvP and Basic Damage Dealer
Talents: Focuses on damage dealing and buffs for infantry.
Recommended Skills: Fading Battle, Gaining Momentum, Enrage.

Synergy: Jens and Gregory form a powerful infantry-focused duo, dealing high damage while enjoying significant buffs to their infantry troops.

Ivor and Wooder Combo:


Role: Leader and Polymath
Talents: Enhances counterattack damage and covers the Golden Three.
Recommended Skills: Splinter, Broken Armor, Joint Offense, Blessed Healing, Baldr’s Blessing, Hymn of Life.


Role: PvP and Counterattack Hero
Talents: Shields troops and deals additional damage when talents are maxed.
Recommended Skills: Divine Blessing, Retaliate, On Alert, Shield Attacker, Shield Reflector.

Synergy: Ivor’s versatile leadership skills combined with Wooder’s counterattacking prowess create a well-rounded team capable of both offensive and defensive actions.

The heroes’ talents, skills, and roles play a crucial role in forming powerful teams for various aspects of the game. Remember to continue testing and adapting your combinations as you progress in the game, keeping an eye out for new heroes and updates that might impact your choices.

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