Volcano Princess Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

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Volcano Princess Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

Basic Interface Guidelines

First of all, please pay attention: “Daughter of the Volcano” currently only supports mouse operation.

Enter the father and daughter’s names first!
*Mother has a fixed plot, and her name is also fixed.
*There will be special events in the birthday month. Blood type will not affect the game content

The upper three attributes: strength/brain/charisma affect the determination of combat, part-time job, horse catching, and interpersonal interaction; the lower body, intelligence, emotion, and imagination affect [course progress speed] and [career ending trigger].

The learning progress of the course reaches 100% as the learning is completed. The value circled on the lower left will affect the progress of the class. You can complete the course at the fastest rate of 25% for a total of 4 times. You also need to pay attention to the following three values ​​in daily actions: Money:

Taking classes, buying items, attending horse races, bird festivals, etc. all consume money.
Can be obtained through working, fighting, dice games, winning horse races, etc.

Action force:

Daily actions will consume action power.
Mobility can be regained by clicking Home Bed, Wild Horse Lake Rest, Family Restaurant, and Food.
(The initial action power of the game is 10 points, and the 13 points in the picture are obtained through upgrading talents)


Going to class and losing battles will consume your mood. If the mood is lower than 50, the daughter’s attributes will be greatly reduced.

Can respond by chatting with dad, family restaurant, food, etc.
You can click the [Map] in the lower right corner to take your daughter to visit other places.

Initial skills and ending notes

Please note: the save will only save the data from the beginning of the round! No matter when you save, you will return to the beginning of the round when you load the file.

Improve the four basic attributes first to gain talent points and complete courses faster.

The completion of the lord’s mission will not affect the trigger of the emotional ending with the lord.

Only one emotional ending can be unlocked in a playthrough.

Emotional ending trigger conditions:

Click the second book icon in the lower left corner, select the “Friends” tab, click on the character profile:
you can see that there are three affection events and a row of little hearts ♥. The basic conditions for triggering the emotional ending are:
A-All three affection events are triggered; B-Little hearts♥ all light up

If there are several NPCs that meet the conditions for triggering the emotional ending, the NPC with the highest affection will be selected. [It is recommended to start archiving after 5-7 rounds from the end of the round, so that you can fine-tune the data to trigger more endings]

Press the trophy icon in the upper right corner to query the triggering conditions for some endings.

Inheritance rewards: Collection (Gallery) and Talent (inheritance) functions will be added after the game is over, and items, abilities, and favorability can be inherited.

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