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Clash Royale Wall Breakers Miner Firecracker Deck Arena 10+

Miner Firecracker Deck Arena 10+

Hi guys Wall Breaker Miner Firecracker Deck is here and this deck is dominating the current meta and so many pro players are using this Wall Breaker Miner Firecracker Deck. For only 5 elixir you can pull off a lethal push with the miner and wall breaker combo and The Bomb Tower and Valkyrie will be your main cards to use on defense so come and take a look at full Wall Breaker Miner Firecracker Deck Guide

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Wall Breakers Miner Firecracker Deck

Wall Breakers Miner Firecracker Deck Card Role:

1.) Miner: Your distraction and mini tank. The Miner can be used to pick off objectives Like Princess and Collector. You should aim to keep cycling this card against the opponent’s tower and slowly out surely taking down the HP of their towers. Make sure you switch up your miner placements This is the very key, and will potentially be the factor of considerable amounts of damage and Your Miner should mostly be used as a support distractor or chip damager, but he does well on defense if needed.

2.) Firecrackers: The Firecracker’s massive AOE, decent-enough DPS, and great tower chip potential make her very versatile card and In this deck Firecrackers will help you to counter support troops, Like Musketeers, Archers etc ect

3.) Valkyrie- Valkyrie is an incredible defense card, having a 360 degrees splash damage. She works well against small troops as well as cards like the Musketeer, Witch, Wizard, and Three Musketeers if used correctly. She can also tank well for you miner with her moderate-high health and is one of the only qualified ground-troop tanks that cannot be killed by a Skeleton Army.

4.) Bomb Tower: Bomb Tower deals massive splash damage to all ground units. You have to use Bomb Tower defensively to stop hog riders and ground-based swarm units. You can use it to pull tanks away from your towers to allow extra time for you to shut down their push

5.) Log: The log will be your main counter a goblin barrel but it’s also great to use predictively later in the game to support the miner if you know your opponent has a unit in a cycle that will die to log.

6.) Wall breakers: For only two elixirs they can often force a bigger response from your opponent. You can pair these guys with miner which will act as a mini tank for the miner. Wall breakers can do more damage than a rocket if you can get them to connect to their tower. They synergies extremely well with the miner because he can tank damage for miner increasing their chances of getting a tower connection.

7.) Bats: Bats are excellent support for tanks! They can easily distract and destroy the Inferno Tower, it’s pretty hard for cycle decks to deal with heavy air beatdown decks but now with the help of Bats and Firecracker you counter-air decks

8.) Skeleton: This card is pretty sweet for 1 elixir as it provides a lot of value and cycle. It can counter Musketeers, Miners, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Elite Barbs (yes, you heard it right

Wall Breaker Miner Firecracker Deck Gameplan:

Early game you should try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you keep track of their cycle and know what counters they have. When you discover your opponent’s weaknesses and the cards they have, You can open the match by playing the miner onto their tower or you can even cycle bats, goblin gang or ice spirit at the bridge. If they play en elixir pump then play the miner onto their tower

The aim of this deck is to acquire chip damage using your miner and your spells throughout the match, don’t go too aggressive with pairing your miner and Wall Breaker to early because you will overspend on elixir and potentially lose the game use all the cards and combo according to the situation.

Miner + Wall breakers will be you main push and this push can be countered by certain cards but it is still very useful and will usually be a threat to the opponent’s Crown Towers. Knowing what offensive cards your opponent has is also a very important thing to keep in mind. If you know the opponent has Elite Barbarians, you might want to keep your Valkyrie or Firecracker in your hand just in case.

against beat down decks, you should apply pressure in one lane to force the opponent to spend elixir on defense. You should hold onto cards like Bomb Tower, Firecracker and Valkyrie to use on defense against these beat down decks.

The Bomb Tower can be used to kite units away from your towers while your Valkyrie takes down any supporting units. You should apply pressure with the miner throughout the match if they have swarm cards to counter your miner then you can use your Log to help counter their defense Like Skarmy, Goblin and Goblin Gang

Well, that’s it for this Miner Firecracker Deck Arena 10+, I hoped you enjoyed and

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