Wall World Wiki – Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to our Wall World Wiki, which is a brand new game on Steam and In this article we will tell you some beginner tips for Wall World and a Complete walkthrough.

So come and take a look at this Wall World Wiki – Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

Wall World Wiki – Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

This game requires speed and saving time, so I will tell you how to spend time here with benefits.
From the very beginning of the game, literally, nothing will be available to you, except for a vacuum cleaner and a drill. Therefore, from the moment you dive into the first cave, you need to use them as efficiently as possible:

1. Always dig to the right and a little bit up, all the rooms with secrets and relics are scripted here with an entrance on the left side, so absolutely all the interesting things will be on the right. Most often in the upper right corner.

2. If you need to farm resources, do it by tunneling through two cells, since resources fall into the field of view only within a radius of one cell from you.

3. Due to the low capacity of the backpack at all stages of the game, you often have to run back and forth from the cave to the spider, so we act according to this scheme: first we drill to the maximum length without collecting resources at all, then we return back, flying with our backs to the entrance and holding down the right button, vacuuming resources. When they fill the backpack, the crystals will continue to be sucked in and fly after you, so you can exceed the backpack limit and bring to the ship in the region of 50-60 currency at a time.

4. When moving deeper into the cave, ALWAYS drill, as the currency for levelup in the lobby drops from all blocks upon destruction, therefore, the more you break, the more you earn.

5. The development branch of your metal crab is built in such a way that the most profitable way from the point of view of management will be first as much down as possible, then up. During a game session, the most important thing is to always upgrade your drilling speed as early and quickly as possible, this will save time and make life easier.

Addition from Scotch 170h :
The most optimal route is not all the way down, but one loca behind the black pieces. 1 wave is skipped by a rocket and a couple of shots, that is, if a machine gun is worth pumping, then on the front page. Often in the lock next to the spawn there is either a shotgun or a grenade launcher, which makes pumping a machine gun even more useless.
(at the start, while you are slightly modified in the lobby, this is really the only right way, but when you are able to pass the second line of the clouds, it makes sense to dive lower, since there opens up the possibility of an imbo-heal through the cells)

6. Brilliant move by SloviSH :
The game has a way to completely score on waves within a single biome. All that is required is to leave one small ramp with a ranged attack. While he is alive, the countdown to a new wave will not begin. Yes, then we will not take cores for additional. functions, because we can catch a drone that will ruin this stratum for us, but I think it’s more important to score on the waves and clean the locale.

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Useful Perks

In the lobby of the game, you have several modifications of your crab available for pumping, some are available from the very beginning, some will have to be searched in the game. I advise you to download starting perks in the following priority: rocket, speed, health, container, insect delay, drill.

Perks for jumping up and down are better to pump by one or not to pump at all, since the speed is more than superior to them when you need to beckon, and they can also get bugged and ruin your game.
Purchased modifications are all useful, download as you find them.

Weapons and combat with cyraxes (or whatever they are)

The two most imbalanced weapons in the game are the bomber, also known as the grenade launcher, and the laser machine gun. Bombs inflict huge damage immediately when they are found, they pierce through in a huge radius, if you pump them, they simply will not approach you. The laser machine gun has all the same functions, but it does not fly in a parabola, but directly. I recommend leveling the starting weapon until you find something else. Then it will be possible to fully focus on pumping the second weapon, and score on the starting machine, it is very weak.

Now let’s talk about fights.

The arrival of the wave is indicated by a purple bar at the bottom, next to the health, when it fills up, the Cyrax will attack. I recommend to fight according to the following algorithm: select the upper or lower side and, first, kill everyone who is on the wall from the selected side. When the road is cleared, we move in this direction, retreating and shooting everyone who is on the other side. This way you will dodge bullets and stay safe. If you still decide to buy jumps, then they can be used against ground insects of the first and second levels, knocking them down like bedbugs in the country. If you try to jump and land a beetle of the third level and above, a bug will occur, the beetle will not die, it will hit you from the inside, and you will stand on it and will not be able to move or kill it, the loss is guaranteed.

When the timer at the top of the screen runs out, the boss will appear. Without speed, pumped to a deuce or triple, you will not kill him, reconcile. The most effective way to kill him is through a rocket, which should be pumped to the maximum in the lobby. During the course of the battle, the fired missiles only fly at the boss, and while they are busy killing him, you can safely clear your way from small henchmen with your exploited weapons. The whole duel is elementary: beckon up and down from attacks flying at you and don’t forget to clear your way by pressing unit (rocket) on cd until the boss dies.

Thanks for the info from NaavT:

Guns. Locations from top to bottom.

1) Rail.
2) Laser machine gun – the machine gun is definitely better than the base one. Basic penetration.
3-5) Bomb thrower / shotgun / shotgun. Random location. It’s all bullshit that it’s not a bomber, it’s good. Starting location – 4.
6) Automatic grenade launcher. Damage per burst (after leveling) is decent, but the spread and meager splash lead to ignoring it in favor of the bomber.
7) BFG. What else is there to say. The splash on hit is small, but the lightning from the projectile while it flies compensates. Decent damage.

Wall World Guide Wiki

Never kill all bugs

Never kill all bugs. Leave a fly there, so there will never be the next round of bug rush, unless you go across the cloud. In this way you can save time and focus on digging, and also save points because you don’t need to upgrade blockage (I don’t know its English name…..)

If you don’t kill a small flying bug, you won’t refresh the next wave of bugs unless the boss comes or goes through the clouds. The bugs will never be refreshed, so you can mine with peace of mind, without running back and forth, and without wasting time on killing bugs. And there is no need to upgrade the baffle.

Secret rooms

The secret room can be found in any cave, no matter its size. The fast way to find a secret room is going up right. dig.

Keys and Boss Keys

You need to collect five keys to beat the final boss. The first key can be found in the lowest cave. The rest keys are hidden in secret rooms of caves. There could be more than one key in each game. The fast way to collect all keys is going up right in the cave to find a secret room. There are three bosses.

The final boss is invincible unless you put all five keys in the dome on the highest. To defeat the final boss you need to collect five keys, the

First One can be found in the bottommost cave, and the others randomly appear in secret rooms. There is more than one key per game. The last one of the three bosses is an unbeatable plot kill.

Some suggestions

1. Shotgun is the lamest weapon. Drone may be useful, but it will eliminate all enemies, which lead to more and more powerful enemies.

2. Don’t just go up or go down. If your speed is fast, you can collect all kinds of resource of all levels. I suggest you go down to the lowest and then go up.

3. Don’t waste recourse on drone, turret. Focus on suit and gun. It is useless to kill enemies. The priority is sill finding secret rooms. So the suit is the most important.

4. It is very hard to kill the boss with gun, the only way is by missile.

5. It is a secret bug, I don’t know if the developer can notice it. But the truth is, each time you go across the could, the game will refresh. All the things in the secret rooms will also be refreshed.

It means that if you luckily found a secret room for a weapon or upgrade after you go across the could and come back, you will find the room is sealed again and there is a new weapon or upgrade inside!

I use this way to collect all Weapons and upgrades. Maybe I can use this way to collect all keys if I found a key room!

That’s it for this Wall World Wiki – Beginner Guide & Walkthrough

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