Warcraft Rumble Meta Decks Wiki – Best Build Tier List

Welcome to our Warcraft Rumble Meta Decks guide. Today we will show you the best decks for Warcraft Rumble. If you are new to Warcraft Rumble you have an idea that the leader plays an important role in the along with units.

So come and take a look at this Warcraft Rumble Meta Decks Wiki – Best Decks Tier List

Warcraft Rumble Meta Decks Wiki – Best Decks Tier List

Deck 1

Leader: Baron Rivendare

Baron Rivendare:

  • Primary tank and melee DPS.
  • Deploy alongside Huntress for protection against flying units.


  • Position behind Baron to eliminate any threats.
  • Shares the same movement speed as Baron for effective coordination.


  • Serve as “food” for Baron to heal him.
  • Place them near Baron for healing purposes.

Cheat Death:

  • Use to protect Huntress when she’s in danger.
  • Keeps her alive for five seconds and may heal her to full HP due to lifesteal.

Whelp Eggs:

  • Versatile unit for eliminating ground troops and flying units.
  • Can serve as a distraction and provide air support.


  • Position between the Huntress and potential threats like Worgen.
  • Can be used for chest stealing, distraction, and tanking.

This Warcraft Rumble relies on the synergy between Baron Rivendare and Huntress to eliminate threats efficiently.

You have to use your skeletons to heal Baron and apply Cheat Death to protect the Huntress when needed.

Whelp Eggs and Quilboar add versatility and utility to your deck. Remember that positioning and timing is very important when using this deck

Sylvanas Control deck for Warcraft Rumble

Leader: Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner (Black Arrow):

  • Primary leader, provides control and damage.
  • Use Black Arrow to immobilize enemy units and deal damage.

S.A.F.E. Pilot:

  • Gnomish Cloaking Device can be used for added stealth.
  • Offers a flying unit for versatility.

Skeleton Party (Corpse Run):

  • Provides additional units and summons skeletons.
  • Use Corpse Run to enhance the skeleton’s abilities.

Arcane Blast (Amplification):

  • Ranged damage-dealing option with the ability to amplify damage.
  • Ideal for dealing with a variety of enemy units.

Whelp Eggs (Flame Burst):

  • Adds flying and fire damage to your deck.
  • Flame Burst can be used to attack ground troops and structures.

Quilboar (Tunnel Vision):

  • Offers Tunnel Vision for added utility and control.

Harpies (Trinket Collectors):

  • It Provides additional flying units and collects trinkets for gold.
  • It is very good for gold generation and air support.

Warcraft Rumble Charlga Necromancer Cycle Deck

Leader: Charlga Razorflank

Charlga Razorflank (Nature’s Grasp):

  • Primary leader with control abilities.
  • Use Nature’s Grasp to immobilize and control enemy units.

Gnoll Brute (Rabid):

  • Beast unit that can be buffed with Rabid.
  • Provides a strong, tanky frontline.

Quilboar (Bristleback, Fast):

  • Fast unit with Bristleback to add some durability.
  • Ideal for quick movement and disruption.

Harpies (Infectious Swipes):

  • Flying units that can apply Infectious Swipes for damage over time.

Necromancer (Jeweled Skulls):

  • Offers trinket collection with Jeweled Skulls.
  • Provides a good mix of control and support.

Defias Bandits (Pick Lock):

  • Additional trinket collection for gold generation.
  • Use Pick Lock for extra gold income.

Chain Lightning (Brilliant Flash):

  • AOE damage option with a stunning effect for control.

This deck focuses on Beast synergy, control, and trinket collection. Charla Razorflank serves as the primary leader with Nature’s Grasp for Control.

Gnoll Brutes make up a strong frontline, while Harpies provide air support and damage over time. Necromancer and Defias Bandits help with gold generation through trinket collection.

Use Chain Lightning for AOE control and damage. The deck is well-rounded with various unit types and abilities.

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