Warhaven Class Tier List 2024 – Best Classes Guide

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Warhaven Class Tier List Wiki. The game “Warhaven” is now available and based on our experiences from the Alpha version, demo, and various insights, we have compiled a tier list for Warhaven.

If you are confused about which Warhaven characters are the best in the game, don’t worry – Our Warhaven Tier List highlights the best classes and what makes them special.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in Warhaven. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to.

So come and take a look at this Warhaven Tier List.

Warhaven Class Tier List Wiki: Best Classes


Tier: Top

Strengths: Plays well with other classes, offers guard breaks.

Weaknesses: Not many, based on the review.

Tips: Great for holding points and synergizes well with teams.


Tier: Top

Strengths: Variety in attacks, block dash attack, effective against multiple enemy types.

Weaknesses: Certain abilities like the knock-up are less effective in certain scenarios.

Tips: Use terrain to your advantage, practice timing, and choose attack directions strategically.

Weapon: Long sword.

Speciality: Well-rounded skill set.

Skill to note: Oxlash, which makes him unstoppable in 1v1 combat.


Tier: D

Strengths: Good damage, strong Precision shot.

Weaknesses: Limited range, long cooldowns, less effective guard break ability, ineffective melee with long cooldowns.

Tips: As an archer, maintain a balance of not being too close to dangerous classes while still being in a position to assist. The class may benefit from reduced cooldowns in future updates.


Tier: Low

Strengths: Excellent at holding a point, absorbs significant damage, offers crowd control.

Weaknesses: Limited block ability, delay when switching from attack to block.

Tips: Best used in moderation in a team; overly relying on guardians can reduce the team’s damage output.

Role: Support.

Speciality: Can protect allies and disrupt enemies.

Key Move: Use the “Shield Charge” skill to open paths for your allies.


Tier: B

Strengths: Offers shields and is particularly effective in team situations.

Weaknesses: Not effective for holding or pushing a point on his own.

Tips: Best used when teamed up with other melee classes or a martyr.


Tier: B to A

Strengths: Can make significant plays, especially in certain map layouts.

Weaknesses: Map layout-dependent, loses momentum easily.

Tips: Focus on maintaining speed and momentum for damage. Beware of obstacles.


Tier: B

Strengths: Offers significant explosions and ravens.

Weaknesses: Very position-oriented, vulnerable to focused attacks.

Tips: Pick strategic map positions to capitalize on her strengths.


Tier: A

Strengths: Strong attack, useful spike balls, effective shield break, and headbutt.

Weaknesses: Hit collision issues.

Tips: Master the pacing, focus on positioning and timing of your hits.

Weapon: Hammer.

Speciality: Though slow, his attacks are devastating.

Key Move: A fully charged hammer blow can wipe out multiple foes.


Tier: Mid

Strengths: Excellent initiation and charge attacks.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to dodging techniques.

Weapon: Spear.

Speciality: Deals high damage in a confined area with a long reach.

Combo Skills: Use “Impale” timely to bypass enemy defenses.

Tips: Requires more skill than apparent; side-stepping counters are effective against spikes.


Tier: S

Strengths: Consistent healing, useful knock-up ability, good mobility.

Weaknesses: Less effective projectile redirect ability.

Tips: Focus on healing and positioning, avoid relying too much on the projectile redirect.

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