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Welcome to Wasteland Story Guide, In this Wasteland Story Guide we will tell you about Wasteland Story traits, weapons, and some beginner tips & tricks.

Developed by Lunarite Studio, Wasteland Story is a new game which is set in a post apocalyptic world with so many monsters and hostiles. game is In this game you fight and survive in this wasteland and rare items and resources. So come and take a look at this

Wasteland Story Guide Wiki

Here are some pro tips shared by game players with community that will help you in Wasteland Story Survival RPG

Food and Drugs will make your life easy against tougher fights.

Equip Overalls and a full set of Artisan prefixes to improve your crafting value.

Managed to get the bunker if you want to survive bossy roach man aka Behemoth explosives are your best friends. Flamethrowers ironically seem weak which is strange. But All well anyway wish me luck. Onto Sinister’s Protips and commentary next time take care 0/

When trying to rescue the hostages take your time. It’s not like any of truly dying. wink wink
Enjoy the radiation gool of basically 16 tentacles and tons upon tons of raiders oh fid I also say the laverous dogs and ghouls as well as that 10 minute timer. Oh and this is where you can get bear in a cage you need to craft a bulgogi(Korean bbq meat) burger. For those not entirely sure what that is.

Fast, annoying and the most hates creatures the in the world. We all agreed that, so how to best this annoying creatures is to have an tumble, ofc we all have lol but.. don’t waste your tumble for him, use it when the roachman use the special attack, because the damage when you get hit its 1 hit.. so save your tumble before fighting this roachman :)), also try to use gun not melle for this annoying creatures

Anyway to get the bear companion. Give it a bulgogi burger, and make sure you don’t eat the Bulgogi burger while you are doing this task we know you will. Since you want some good old Korean Barbeque or just Korean food in general.

Always Use sniper snipe skill against agile enemies

Molotovs are good against high regen enemies.

Make sure to equip the merchant outfit before buying or selling to merchants.

Time your tumble on enemies casting special attacks. Don’t spam them like it’s an attack button. Exhaustion will build up the more you use it in a single battle.

You need to Explore whole maps for hidden loot in Wasteland Story Survival RPG

Dash and Slash combo- Use Katana as your main weapon to maximize the ability of lvl 5 Charge. Katana has low rage cost and its special attack is to dash/pierce thru the enemies. It’s a good pair to your lvl 5 Charge since it deals damage, stun, burst enemies with elemental explosion.

Dashing does not cancel the attack animation, if you time it properly you can hit an enemy both with your weapon and the dash damage
Note: this does not work for normal tumble

Mobs can also fight each other (use this chance to heal up or buff up with food)

Use fire, and elemental damage against roaches. they are weak against elemental damage, fire damage.

A debuff that deals damage over time can reduce enemy regeneration. and the effect stacks.

Aim for the back to deal extra damage

Electrocute machines, they are weak against it and it can also stun them in some instances

You can equip and unequip weapons in the middle of a fight, this is especially useful when fighting against bosses

Never use 2 guns in your loadout. When reloading your speed and defence is weaker. Use 1 melee and 1 range weapon

Crafting ammo is much cheaper than buying ammo from merchants.

Always check the durability of your gears every round in Arena. You can’t re-equip gears in Arena.

Ability prison the ghoul when it goes near you and run far, can also use it to deal against them when they go for a 2nd round on you especially the ELITE

Always see what weapons the enemy are using, you might never know what they blast you with.

If you suddenly see the words interact (hold) on your screen, theres a good chance that an enemy planted a trap there, try not to blow up

Never take for granted the power of the menu button, when you run out of medkits, always rember that most if not all food items can be used to restore health.

The Colt pistol can save you if you don’t have any medkits.

Shotguns can “pierce” Through enemies, u can combine it with time dilation to give a better resoult

Use your normal merchant clothes wisely cuz the durability is meh 100% per 13 sell in my pov

Focus on base damage rather than crit chance, dealing high base damage but low crit is better than the opposite

War machines weakness is the speed so use kittler perks and dash ability, + use smg

Dont forget to claim your free ammo ( equip the gun that you want to get ammo for )

If you have items that had low price or low durability (0-40%) do not sell it, but disassemble it because it gaves you an recource and small amount of scraps

Sometime scraptown will be attacked by enemies, so always be ready

use the shotguns next to the enemy, the damage is multiplied (and if equipped with shotgun damage and range skills… the enemy can die almost instantly)

Crossbows and bows tend to have a faster reload speed. Crossbows pack a punch while bows you can dish out arrows galore. Use it wisely, ducking and rolling seems to be very beneficial for this, using clone and psycho could help keep them at bay just like what i am doing as i board up this door entrance from these raiders that kidnapped me, Well that’s for today folks take care.

The best abilities are psychokinesis and shield (in my opinion).Do not get more than 2 abilities because you can only equip two. When you reach a point where you have two abilities and can’t upgrade them then wait until you reach level twelve which allows you to upgrade the abilities

When engaging roachmen and women. Have time duration. With you as it will help defeat them faster, shields or cloning as you want to heavily delay their ability to kill. Explosive weapons may also help extremely well. Barely survived the raiders and these roaches are new yorkers with extra steps on till next time for Sinister Pro tips good bye

when you share food with your dog companion,you can actually find food appear in your dog’s inventory,so always share food so you get free food in return!

A good way to get mechanical components are from merchants

you got problems whit behemoth I recommend a way to melt im fast you got lucky whit hk-mp5 the smg deal 66% backstap damages behemoth is healing in that state he take x2 damages back so you used hk mp5 he used this state you will melt im more you got perk backstap

If you somehow become desperate for weapons have time duration or clone to assist you. Both may make it easier for you to kill your foes. Free loot if they drop anything. Anyway this has been Sinister’s Pro tips #6 see you nextime for Episode #7 where we talk about weaponry.

If you’re struggling with aoe damage or dealing with enemy crowds, then use a dual pistol or explosive gun for aoe damage

wisdom is essential for your attribute, not only gives crafting rates, but most importantly Defense penetration. you wanna pass thick of enemy armor elites every shots/melee? add wisdom

If you’re low on medpacks or it’s on cool down, pull a Skyrim and start eating the food in your inventory. While you can’t devour 10 cans of dogfood in a blink, you can still eat a full course meal to regain HP before you get your face mashed into potatoes.

most enemy drops are randomized from death so you can save and reload that save and keep fighting a specific enemy until you get the item you want or you get a
rare drop for ex tinker tom can drop two important items the suit and cobra revolver by saving before fighting an enemy and loading the save again if you dont get the drop you want could get you more items or trash to sell

Repairing items makes them lose value if you are planning on selling them then dont repair it it gives you more bang for you’re buck

The head band you get from killing the first elite in the game is actually pretty decent if you kill 100 elites using it you can get 10% more hp permanently which shouldn’t take that long considering the amount of elites you’re gonna be fighting

Skull boss tip.

first is to tumble right after the cut scene or interaction whaever u call to avoid hook on that second distance ur self enough to not get hook and got wrecked (btw blink trait on dat boss is dangerous).

guardian tip at combat zone.
listen is the key when boss flies count a sec or 2 and tumble to avoid get airborned

Area 52 tip.

Don’t rush clearing eggs break it 1by1 and remember big egg spawn roachmen so avoid clearing it first and btw molly is ur bestfriend there so use it properly.

Raiders Valley and bobby tip.

preparation is the key craft burger as possible . hit in distance if ur a range, choose main and secondary weapons wisely. at bobby u can choose second choice if u want to suffer for moment and want ez game fighting him depends on ur strat

Bobby have 3 stages, stage 2 spawn 2 alpha dogs and third raining poison and bombs basically just run let the poison/bombs kill him.

Carefull when you use bow, such as titanium, lilith bow, or combat bow, etc, it replace your shield using two handed, meaning all damage from enemy will destroy very fast you helmet and outfit

Using shield meaning, all damage will goes into shield dura, you can make stronger longer using shield with artisan trinkets / gears. update your shield level, and by all means use shield. take a look at your mc is using a shield or not – or it can damage your outfit and helmet

crossbow such different story, it use both shield and crossbow. taking care your shield will extend your life gears.  both bow and crossbow has special attack that does hugh amount damage, try using it sometimes

Wasteland Story Traits List

  • Tinker
  • Ranger
  • Forlorn Hope
  • Merchant
  • Collector
  • Gambler
  • Vanguard
  • Comeback King
  • Genius
  • Gun-nut
  • Perfectionist
  • Medic
  • Warrior
  • Leader
  • Raider
  • Hacker
  • Creator
  • Mutant

That’s it for this Wasteland Story Guide Wiki – Traits, Weapons & more

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