Waven Farming Guide – Farming Strategies for Every Player

Welcome to Waven Farming Guide, Entering the thrilling realm of Waven? Do you Want to maximise your gains and move quickly in Waven? This farming guide will help you through every aspect of farming in Waven, ensuring you maximise your resources and playing time.

Remember: Farming efficiently is a blend of knowing where to be, what to do, and when to do it! So come and take a look at this Waven Farming Guide

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Hold off on spending your runes until you have a clear idea of the character or build you’re interested in. Many veteran players have found themselves regretting early game resource allocations.

These are a one-time bounty post the initial competition. To view these rewards, look beneath the icon of your desired fight.

Drops and dailies rotate between islands, refreshing daily at midnight CEST. There is a small possibility that the item you desire may not be available for farming on a particular day.

Character Farming

You don’t necessarily need a farming-specific character. However, certain classes will provide advantages in the early game. The efficiency of your daily farming will often depend on your build and the challenges that an island poses on any given day.

Farming Methods Breakdown

Method 1: Regular Fights, Quests, and Dailies

What to do: Engage in routine fights to gain runes for upgrades. Every fight yields a different kind of rune, with the amount increasing as you progress.

Tip: Rotate between islands after completing each tier to leverage upgrades and tackle tougher challenges.

Dailies: Check the world map for islands with a “!” icon, indicating available dailies. Complete these with your highest-level character to optimize rewards.

Method 2: Dungeon Runs

Objective: Complete dungeons swiftly to access the end-of-run shop, then repeat.

Tip: The shop allows for refreshes until a purchase is made. Post-purchase, the refresh option is deactivated.

Method 3: Treasure Rooms

What to do: Complete a dungeon until you reach the treasure room. After claiming the chest rewards, leave the dungeon and use the island tokens in the island shop.

Tip: To maximize tokens, always perform the fights at the highest possible level.

Method 4: Challenge Farming

What to do: Select an island where fights can be completed quickly. Check the challenge at the top of the screen upon entering a fight. If it offers a treasure chest and is manageable, complete the fight. Otherwise, leave and re-enter the fight until you get a favorable challenge.

Efficient farming in Waven isn’t just about playing the game—it’s about playing the game smartly. The more you familiarize yourself with the islands, drops, and game mechanics, the better you’ll get at maximizing your gains.

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