Wayfinder Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses Guide

Hey fellow adventurer! If you’re diving into the mysterious world of Wayfinders and trying to gather all those elusive vestiges and weapons, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been down the rabbit hole, and while some things are clear as day, others.

well, they might need a bit more exploration. So come and take a look at this Wayfinder Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses Guide

Wayfinder Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses Guide

1. Wayfinders – Vestiges and Rare Items:

So, here’s the deal with the Wayfinder Vestiges. You’ll need to nab 3 of each vestige (along with a handful of other materials) to craft those magnificent Memories, and ultimately summon the Wayfinder. No easy task, I’ll admit!

Wayfinder Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses Guide
Source: Reddit

Drop Locations / Bosses: I’ve put together a list from various sources,

However, a word of caution – there might be some discrepancies on there. For example, the site lists ‘Vestige of Senja’s Glory’ as dropping from Maras, the Grand Deceiver, but if you read the fine print, it mentions Wormwood.

Bit of a conundrum, eh? Always cross-check if you can, and remember, the best source of truth is your own in-game experience!

If you’re up for a deep dive, there’s an ongoing discussion on r/PlayWayfinder about Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses. Jump in, share your findings, and help each other out.

2. Weapons – Essence, Boss Items, and Rare Items:

Dungeon diving can sometimes reward you with lovely treasures like the Tempest Essence, especially if you’re lucky enough to unlock that coveted 3rd chest. Keep an eye out!

Now, about the Titan’s Bane Essence. My bet’s on it dropping from the formidable Talon of Pyre, but as with all things, confirmations are golden.

Starter Arsenal: If you’re just getting started or need a reliable fallback, the Arsenal’s got you covered. For a mere 4500g, you can get your hands on:

  • Ransom (That trusty Rifle)
  • Slicer & Dicer (Quick and deadly Dual Daggers)
  • Typhoon (A beastly 2-Handed Melee)
  • Vanguard (For those who fancy a Sword & Shield combo)

There’s a rumor going around that summoning Silo, Niss, Senja, or Wingrave might also grant you these weapons. Exciting, isn’t it?

That’s it for this Wayfinder Vestige Drop Locations and Bosses Guide

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