Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List 2024 (Value List)

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Aaqib Javed
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Are you Looking for a new Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List? If yes, then you are at the right place because, In this Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List post, we will provide you with all the Weapons in Weapon Fighting Simulator.

Weapons can be levelled by fusing elements from other weapons (Fuse) Higher world weapons have a higher DMG scaling than lower world weapons, which means that at the same level, a higher world weapon will have more DMG (If both weapons have the same rarity) All mythical weapons now scale better than all legendaries. At the same level, a mythical weapon from the Martial World will deal more DMG than a legendary from the Dragon Desert. No luck enhancements from game passes or in-game accomplishments are used to calculate the rates below. Also, Read – Roblox GPO Tier List and Roblox AoT Evolution Tier List

Weapon Fighting Simulator Value List 2024

Values are decided by the council, and this list will tell us the JADE values of the weapons that are most popular in the market, being all World 12 and VWorld 13 weapons, and additionally EXP

Values drop down very quickly, and because of this the value’s list includes a “Maximum” and a “Minimum” price:

The Maximum Price is the current price of the Weapon/Exp, as of the time that I’ve written this, the 10th of May

The Minimum Price is the estimated price by the council that the Weapon/Exp will be at next Saturday just before World 14 probably comes out, the 21th of May

With this being said, if you want to know the price of the Weapon/Exp, then find out how far you are from the 10th of May, and the farther you are from it, the closer the value is from the minimum value..

Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List 2024

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World Name Rarity Chance Damage Default Item Levels
Martial World Frozen Sword Uncommon 33% 8 Lv 1
Fridgid King Slicer Uncommon 33% 8
Icicle Hammer Rare 25% 15
Ice Shovel Epic 6.6% 23
Tai-Chi Brush Legendary 1.18% 35
YinYang Shield Mythical 0.0516% 62
Bamboo Forest Big Sword Uncommon 36% 28 Lv 11
Cursed Tomahawk Uncommon 36% 28
Toxic Shuriken Rare 20% 46
Serpent King Sword Epic 5.4% 71
Green Emperor Ring Legendary 0.97% 108
Witch Cauldron Mythical 0.0425%
Demon Abyss Frozen Kunai Uncommon 36% 76 Lv 21
Blood Slicer Uncommon 36% 76
Spider Lord Staff Rare 20% 144
Ice Monster Shield Epic 5.4% 220
Demon Lord Axe Legendary 0.97% 336
Acacia Bell Mythical 0.0425%
Magma Valley Lava Big Sword Uncommon 38% 235 Lv 31
Sharper Shuriken Uncommon 38% 235
Magma Shears Rare 17% 439
Spider Slayer Sword Epic 4.6% 674
Phoenix Dagger Legendary 0.83% 1.02K
Phoenix Feather Mythical 0.0361% 1.82K
Firelord Dagger Eternal ?? 3.22K
Dragon Desert Sun Shield Uncommon 39% 726 Lv 41
Gold Pickaxe Uncommon 39% 726
Gold Bag Rare 15% 1.36K
Gold Bowl Epic 4% 2.09K
Sharp Sword Legendary 0.72% 4.38K
Emperor’s Umbrella Mythical 0.0314% 13.3K
Hedgehog Lord Dagger Eternal ?? 9.97K
Monster Swamp Blue Dragon Sword Uncommon 39% 2.24K Lv 51
Blue Dragon Axe Uncommon 39% 2.24K
Sphere of Wind Rare 15% 4.2K
Blue Dragon Katana Epic 4% 6.45K
Dragon Ashes Legendary 0.72% 9.8K
Swamp Lotus Mythical 0.0314% 17.4K
Serpent Lord Dagger Eternal ?? 30.8K
Banshee Snowfield Bashee Sword Uncommon 41% 7K Lv 61
Ice Whip Uncommon 41% 7K
Icicle Rare 13% 13.1K
Frozen Bat Epic 3.5% 20K
Glacier Legendary 0.64% 30.5K
Snowflake Mythical 0.0275% 54K
Icy Dagger Eternal ?? 95.9K
Infinite Mountain Stone Spear Uncommon 41% 21.7K Lv 71
Stone Mace Uncommon 41% 21.7K
Sphere of Earth Rare 13% 40.7K
Infernal Axe Epic 3.5% 62.3K
Ceremonial Scepter Legendary 0.64% 94.8K
Stone Elemental Fist Mythical 0.0278% 167K
Infernal Sword Eternal ?? 298K
Treelands Treelands Guard Sword Uncommon 43% 70.6K Lv 81
Ancient Dragon Staff Uncommon 43% 70.6K
Flower Halo Rare 10% 132K
Bee Hive Epic 2.4% 203K
Cherry Tree Branch Legendary 0.38% 309K
Tian Board Mythical 0.0261% 547K
Dragon Trident Eternal ?? 971K
Atlantis Atlantis Sceptre Uncommon ? 227K Lv 91
Atlantis Coral Uncommon ? 227K
Guards Spear Rare ? 427K
Crab Claws Epic ? 655K
Turtle Shell Legendary ? 997K
Dragon Claws Mythical ? 1.76M
Golden Hoop Eternal ?? 3.13M

That’s it for this Weapon Fighting Simulator Tier List. Soon we will upload our Weapon Fighting Simulator Trello

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