White Out Survival Beginner Guide Wiki 2023 – Hero Tips

Hi guys, welcome to our White Out Survival Beginner Guide wiki. In this White Out Survival Beginner Guide, we will cover the basics with regard to the Heroes we can recruit from the Hero Hall.

At the time of writing this, there are currently 13 Heroes in the game of which 10 can be recruited from the Hero Hall. One can be won via the Lucky Wheel event(Zinman). The remaining two(Jeronimo and Natalia) are available by purchase only. So come and take a look at this White Out Survival Beginner Guide & Tier List

White Out Survival Beginner Guide

Heroes can be split into 3 categories: Quality, Duty, and Troop Type.


There are three Qualities(colours) of a Hero. Rare(blue), Epic(purple), and Mythic(gold).

Rare Heroes have 2 Exploration skills and 2 Expedition skills. Epic Heroes have 3 Exploration skills and 2 Expedition skills. Mythic Heroes have 3 Exploration skills and 3 Expedition skills.

More on the skills later.


Combat and Growth.

Combat Heroes, identified by the red crossed-swords icon, will have Expedition skills that help you in combat while on the map.

Growth Heroes, identified by the green hammer icon, have Expedition skills that provide buffs to building production inside your town along with buffs that provide bonuses to gathering while on the map. One exception to this is Zinman’s 3rd Expedition skill which provides a combat buff while on the map.

Combat Heroes: Sergey, Bahiti, Jesse, Patrick, Gina, Molly, Natalia, and Jeronimo.

Growth Heroes: Cloris, Eugene, Smith, Charlie, and Zinman.

Troop Types

Each Hero provides Command buffs to their corresponding Troop type when leading them. There are 3 different Troop types.

Infantry – Identified by the blue shield icon.
Marksman – Identified by the blue crossbow icon.
Lancers – Identified by the blue lance icon.

The Command buffs provided by the Heroes are increases to Attack and Defense for their corresponding Troop type. These buffs increase in percentage as you upgrade your Hero’s Star level(Ascend).

Rare Heroes provide the least buff percentage, Mythic Heroes the most, with Epic Heroes in the middle.

For these buffs to take effect, you must have the corresponding Troop types under the command of the Heroes assigned to a march. Infantry troops led by an Infantry Hero. Marksman troops led by a Marksman Hero. Lancer troops led by a Lancer Hero. The game is good at doing this automatically for you when forming a march, but there may be situations where you want to form a march manually. This is where you need to make sure you have the proper troops assigned to the right Hero.

Infantry Heroes: Smith, Eugene, Sergey, Natalia, and Jeronimo.
Marksman Heroes: Cloris, Bahiti, Gina, and Zinman.
Lancer Heroes: Charlie, Patrick, Jesse, and Molly.

Battle Order

One thing to keep in mind with regards to Hero/Troop types is that your Heroes and their respective Troop types have advantages and disadvantages when battling in Exploration mode, the Arena, or on the map. These advantages and disadvantages come in the way of skills.

Infantry start with a skill called Master Brawler that does an extra 10% damage to Lancers. When you have upgraded your Infantry Camp to Lvl. 19, you open up T7 troops. These troops have a second skill called Bands of Steel which gives them an extra 10% Defense against Lancers.

Lancers start with a skill called Charge that does an extra 10% damage to Marksmen. When you have upgraded your Lancer Camp to Lvl. 19, you open up T7 troops. These troops have a second skill called Ambusher which gives them a 20% chance to hit Marksmen placed behind Infantry.

Marksmen start with a skill called Ranged Strike that does an extra 10% damage to Infantry. When you have upgraded your Marksman Camp to Lvl. 19, you open up T7 troops. These troops have a second skill called Volley which gives them a 10% chance to strike twice.

So if you’re having issues getting past a certain Exploration level or if you’re doing some PvP in the Arena or on the map, switching around your Hero/Troop types according to the Battle Order may help you win those battles.

Upgrading Heroes

Upgrading Heroes increases their levels and is done using Hero XP. Leveling up your Heroes increases Hero Power, Attack, Defense, Health, number of Escorts, and Troop Capacity. It also increases the Attack, Defense, and Health of their Escorts. Escorts are the soldiers that accompany your Hero during Exploration and in the Arena.

Hero XP can be obtained through multiple sources.
Hero Skills
Your Heroes have 2 sets of skills. Exploration and Expedition.

Exploration: These skills are used when a Hero has been placed in your Exploration lineup. Tap the Exploration button at the bottom left of the screen to choose this lineup and start battling through the levels for lots of rewards. They will also be used during battles in the Arena.

Expedition: These skills are used while your Hero is in your town or on the map.

You can upgrade these skills using Exploration and Expedition Manuals. Rare Heroes require Rare Manuals. Epic Heroes require Epic Manuals. Mythic Heroes require Mythic Manuals.

You can get the Manuals from a variety of sources.


Ascending your Heroes involves using Hero specific or general Hero Shards to upgrade their Star levels. Doing this increases the Power, Attack, Defense, and Health of your Heroes. It does the same for your Hero’s Escorts in Exploration mode and in the Arena. Ascending also provides Attack and Defense Command buffs.

Hero shards can be obtained through various sources. General Hero shards can be used in lieu of specific shards via conversion except for those Heroes you have to purchase to obtain(Jeronimo and Natalia).

Hero Gear

At Furnace level 15, you gain the ability to equip Hero gear on your Heroes. The different types of Gear are Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Footwear. Hero Gear is specific to the Troop Type of your Heroes. That being, you can only equip Gear spec’d for Infantry on an Infantry Hero, Marksman Gear on a Marksman Hero, and Lancer Gear on a Lancer Hero.

There are different qualities(colours) of Gear: Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Grey providing the weakest buffs and Gold the strongest.

Each piece of gear will buff Hero Power, Attack or Defense, Health, and provide a Troop Command buff: Health or Lethality.

Headgear and Footwear provide buffs to Hero Attack, Hero Health, and Troop Lethality. Gloves and Belts provide buffs to Hero Defense, Hero Health, and Troop Health.

You can Enhance your Hero Gear by using Enhancement XP Components, other Gear, or a combination of both.

Your main sources for Gear will be by completing Exploration levels and collecting Idle rewards. Gold quality Gear can be purchased via the Custom Mythic Hero Gear crates in the Arena Store for 12,000 Arena Tokens.

Mythic Heroes have an extra Gear slot for exclusive pieces that are specific to each Hero. These Gears provide buffs to Hero Power, Attack, Defense, and Health. They also provide Health and Lethality Command buffs. They can be enhanced by using the appropriate Widgets for each piece. Widgets can be purchased via the Custom Hero Widget crates in the Mystery Shop for 2,500 Mystery Badges.

General Tips

Make sure your Heroes are commanding the proper Troop type to take advantage of Command buffs.
When gathering resources on the map, make sure to use the proper Hero for the resource you are collecting to take advantage of that Hero’s gathering buffs.

  • Cloris for Meat
  • Eugene for Wood
  • Charlie for Coal
  • Smith for Iron

Pay attention to your Hero’s skills when upgrading them. Read their descriptions. You might decide you want to upgrade one over another.

Pay attention to the Battle Order when in Exploration mode or when doing PvP battles in the Arena or on the map. Use it to your advantage.

That’s it for this White Out Survival Beginner Guide Wiki 2023