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Looking for Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Event Guide? In this guide, we will tell you about the Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Event Strategy. “Crazy Joe” is an Alliance event in which players can obtain materials to enhance their chief gears.

The event consists of up to 20 waves of bandit attacks on all alliance members. The more waves successfully defended, the better the rewards. If an alliance member fails to defend twice, they will not be attacked. Extra troops can be sent to reinforce allies to score more points.

The event ends when all allies have failed twice. The “Crazy Joe” Alliance event is happening twice on Tuesday and Thursday. Now Let’s check out some Crazy Joe Event Tips in Whiteout Survival.

Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Event Guide

Objective: defend against 20 waves from Joe’s troops (AI), either target all members, online members, or your HQ (Toundra HQ in priority)

When defending, killing >50% of enemy troops -> successful defence

The points you win in your city depend ONLY on the % of joe’s troop killing.-> if you do 100% of kills you will get 100% of the points. What about your allies? They do not steal your points, these points from them are “created” meaning they also gain some ‘bonus’ points. (see :sweating: for strategy about this)

Two defeats mean you won’t be attacked by remaining waves (though you still can gain some points as shown above)

The event can be launched (manually or automatically set by r5/r4) twice, on Tuesday and Thursday, both giving rewards!

Strategy for every player:

Make sure to check who Joe’s troops are targeting, especially when it targets your HQ (wave 10 and 20 for my last Joe event)

Spend all your troop’s training boost (if you don’t plan to keep them for an event) to maximise your rank before the event!

Heal your troops every wave to maximise your defence!

When you have lost the event, meaning you’ve burned twice. Then reinforce your allies! Either the strongest ones who are okay to share some points or the ones who are close to loose!

Anyway, reinforce the ones who didn’t lose yet.

Strategy for low-powered players:

– concentrate on your self-defence, and ask for help from other strong players if possible!

Strategy for strong players, it’s time to shine :

– Hard strategy, require some attention ( : sweating:):
As a reminder, 100% of the kills done in your city in total will give you personally 100% of the points (no matter how many kills your troops have done).

What about your allies? They do not steal your points, these points from them are “created” meaning they also gain some ‘bonus’ points.

-> You might want to send all your troops to reinforce your allies as long as you can endure it. And they must also send you their troops! -> You get the max of your points and some bonus ones + they get bonus points on your city and also max of their points due to your reinforcement!

36 000 points are given to the city owner despite having only 400 kills

Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Event Guide
Image: Discord by Dridou [S30]
Shred by by Dridou [S30]

Whiteout Survival Crazy Joe Tips

Crazy Joe is an Alliance event during which players can get materials for enhancing chief gears.💥

Below are some details and tips for the event. Hope it will help you to get better results in the event.😘

Joe will send out up to 20 waves of bandits to attack all the members in the alliance. The more waves you defend against successfully, the better rewards you will receive.😎

Joe will not attack you if you fail to defend twice. During the event, you can send extra troops to reinforce your allies to score more points. When all allies have failed twice, the challenge is over.😥


-Shields don’t work during the event;

-Participants won’t lose resources if they are defeated;

-On wave 7, 14 and 17, only a few members will be attacked. If you are not a target during these waves, reinforce other bases being attacked;

-On wave 10 & 20, the bandit will only target Alliance HQ. It’s wise to make the strongest player be the rally leader.

-The Alliance and members won’t receive points for waves that didn’t attack.

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