Wildfrost Guide Wiki & Walkthrough for Beginner

Welcome to our Wildfrost Guide Wiki & Walkthrough, In this Wildfrost Guide Wiki we will you about everything about this new game. In Wildfrost, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure as a hero in a frozen world.

You’ll start a run and face various events like battles and vendor encounters. you have to win without losing and if you lose and your hero falls, don’t worry You’ll be sent back to the town where you can unlock and upgrade new card types to strengthen your deck.

Then, you can re-enter the frozen world with a new deck and try another run, aiming to go even further this time! Get ready to test your skills in this roguelike deck-builder and conquer the challenges of Wildfrost.

Wildfrost Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

The Basics of a Wildfrost Card

Each card in Wildfrost has three basic elements:

Health: This is displayed on the top left corner of the card. It shows how much health the card has. If your hero’s health reaches 0, the run ends immediately. Regular champions are temporarily injured when their health is reduced.

Attack Timer: This is displayed at the bottom of the card as a countdown inside a sun icon. The countdown reduces by one each turn. When the timer reaches 0, the you card will complete its action and then resets to its base value. You can see the base value by hovering over the turn timer.

Turn Order: The timers go down in a specific order, which determines the sequence in which the cards complete their actions.

On Wildfrost cards, you’ll also notice a damage indicator inside a sword icon on the top right corner. This shows how much damage the card can deal when it attacks.

However, there are some exceptions to keep in mind:

Klunkers: These cards have a special health called “scrap.” Whenever a Klunker is damaged, they lose 1 scrap, regardless of the amount of damage they take.

Reactions: Some cards have “!” symbols instead of turn timers. Keep in mind that These cards will become active when a certain condition is met. Keep an eye out for these special abilities that can trigger during battles or other events to give you an advantage!


Cards in Wildfrost have primary attributes called stats, which are represented by various icons on the cards. These icons provide crucial information about each card’s powers and qualities.

Primary Stats

Health: This represents the amount of damage a card can take before being defeated. When a card’s health reaches 0, companions are temporarily injured, and if the leader’s health reaches 0, the run ends.

Scrap: This is a special attribute specific to Clunkers. Instead of health, Clunkers have scrap, which counts down by 1 whenever they take damage, regardless of the amount.

Attack: This indicates how much health a card’s action will take away from its target when it attacks. It’s an important stat to consider when planning your strategy in battles.

Counter: This stat reduces by 1 each turn. When it reaches zero, the card triggers its ability, making it a strategic element to keep track of during battles.

Frenzy: Some cards have the frenzy attribute, which triggers their ability multiple times. It can be a powerful tool to deal additional damage or take advantage of special effects during battles.

Understanding these stats and how they interact with each card’s abilities is crucial for building a successful deck and making strategic decisions in Wildfrost.


Wildfrost has 3 different Tribes, and each tribe has their own unique playstyle. The Snowdwellers, Shademancers, and Clunkmasters each have their own strategy that players must master separately.

Snowdwellers – A collection of clans who banded together in the town of Snowdwell to lead the battle against the Wildfrost. Mastering the elements is key to their strategy in battle, using snow and shrooms to hinder enemies, shells to protect themselves, and flaming hot spice to gain more power.

Shademancers – These skilled warriors unleash the power of darkness by summoning spirits known as Shades to aid them in battle. Shades can absorb enemy attacks, be powered up to create devastating opponents, or strategically sacrificed to gain various boons.

Clunkmasters – The lost tribe of the Gnomes! These master tinkerers use junk and scrap to fuel powerful Clunkers and weapons.

Striking a balance between creating and recycling junk to power machinery and weaponry is fundamental to the Clunkmaster strategy.


Wildfrost’s currency is called bling. Bling is used in the game to purchase items from shops and is only collected and spent during a run. It does not persist between runs and will not be passed on to new leaders.

How to Earn Bling in Wildfrost

You can earn Bling, the in-game currency, in several ways in Wildfrost. The most common way is by defeating Enemies in battles.

Each defeated enemy drops a small amount of coins, which can be collected as Bling. The amount of Bling dropped by enemies may vary, but can be up to 10 Bling per enemy.

Achieving combo kills is another way to earn Bling. When a you kill more than one enemy in a single turn, each additional kill rewards 5 Bling multiplied by a rolling total of additional kills.

For example, the second kill will give 5 Bling and the third kill will give 10 Bling, the fourth kill will give 15 Bling and Just like this more kill will give you more biling

The final way to earn Bling is by visiting Blingsnail Caves on the game map. These caves give you with a random number of Bling, usually ranging from 40 to 100 Bling.

Collecting Bling is important as it can be used to purchase various items, upgrades, and resources that can help you in their battles against the Wildfrost and increase their chances of success in the game.

During a run, bling can be used at stores. Depending on the shop, they can be used to purchase Items, Charms, or Crowns.

Bling can also be saved for Greed cards. This grants an additional 50 Bling damage for every 50 Bling held, which may be devastating while carrying hundreds of Bling or when paired with Frenzy.

That’s it for this Wildfrost Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

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