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Apex Legends Shadowfall Tips | How to Win Apex Legends Shadowfall

How to Win Apex Legends Shadowfall

Apex Legends Shadowfall Tips Hi guys I will tell you Apex Legends Shadowfall Tips, This Apex Legends Shadowfall Tips is shared by u/insomnis_animo on Reddit so come and take a look at this How to Win Apex Legends Shadowfall Matches Tips & Tricks guide

How to Win Apex Legends Shadowfall

  1. Play Mirage. If you don’t have him use Octane or Pathfinder. Wattson will net you a shit load of kills if you setup a nice fence base but goodluck to you when you’ve got to leave.

  2. Drop sorta close to the circle, preferably a town just outside that isn’t going to be hot. You don’t want to be running in the open so really far away ups your chances of being spotted by shadows dropping in if you’re in the open heading to the circle.

  3. Stay indoors as much as possible, shadows can see you in the open while still dropping in, they’ll land on you if they see you.

  4. Avoid fighting legends and shadows as much as possible, all it takes is for you to kill a legend and then they return for revenge, you might kill their shadow but then other shadows notice the death and land there to find you, eventually you’ll be swarmed.

  5. If you’ve got to kill a legend or shadow move your ass away from the kill as quick as you can, find cover (inside) somewhere else as quick as you can. The other shadows see the death or the legend you killed will majority of the time return for revenge, if you can move a couple buildings away they may not find you again.

  6. Always close doors. If you’re inside a building you wanna reduce entry points as much as you can. If they do bust the door open at least you’ll hear it.

  7. When legends are getting close to 10 you want to make sure you’re not to far from the circle, around the outskirts is your best option.

  8. Once you’re at 10 legends you have some choices to make, if the majority of the remaining legends are grouped up and close by it might pay to join them. If they’re far away, stay away, let them draw the shadows to them. Your best bet for survival is to be by yourself in a building with the doors closed not to far from evac. Avoid shooting any shadows unless they’re attacking you.

  9. You can hear footsteps even when crouched, on your end you may sound dead silent but you’re not, crouch walking still makes noise. If you hear shadows close by and you’re hidden, stay dead still.

  10. When outside stick close to high walls and obstacles, if you’re in the middle of a large open area shadows from all around the circle dropping can see you. If you’re hard up against a wall shadows from one half will not be able to see you, this reduces your chances of being spotted slightly.

  11. Stay away from windows when in buildings, you can still be seen by the shadows if you’re standing at a window looking around. Remember they’re rocking bloodhounds Ult constantly.

  12. When you’re within range of throwing grenades, arc stars, thermites at the evac, do so if safe, any shadows you kill will not make it back down to the ground by the time you get there.

  13. [Mirage Only] When you’re running for the evac ship use your Ult when you’re getting close and they’ve seen you pushing in, you should have enough time to run in invisble. If you’re using it because a shadow is about to get to you, don’t run dead straight after using your Ult they’ll try to melee you still, change your direction quickly then proceed to run for the ship. Put your gun away for extra speed, if you’re gonna go invisble you’re not gonna need your gun out.

  14. [Pathfinder Only] Don’t set your zipline to the evac up to early, shadows will see it and expect someone to be waiting at the other end. Use it as the ship lands and then head straight in for the ship, keep your gun aimed down the zip killing any shadows who jump on from the other end.

  15. [Octane Only] Stim and sprint for the ship, use your jump pad when it’ll bounce you far enough to land at the ship, if you come up short you’ll most likely get the landing animation and be a sitting duck for a second, you don’t want that. Remember to throw it far enough ahead that you bounce and don’t just run over the top of it while it’s still deploying.

Personal Recommendations:

G7 Scout (No Double Tap), one shot on shadows, use a 99 as backup. Other decent guns, Spitfire, Alternator, 301, Prowler (With Select Fire).

Avoid bright skins, use Midnight common skin if you want to blend in better from other legends.

Syringe and Shield Cell become quite useless if you’re being pushed by shadows, they take to long. Try to find Med Kit and Battery. Once you have Battery’s drop your cells, once you have Med Kit’s drop your syringes.

Arc Star, Grenade, Thermite, Shield Battery, Medkit, Ammo should be your inventory.

Thanks for Reading, have fun

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