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Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide 2020 Tips & Tricks

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Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide 2020 Tips & Tricks Tips Hi Guys Today we will talk about Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide 2020 on how to survive and win Solo Vs Squads This Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide is shared by Siqkomode I’m a Solo player and I play Solo Vs Squads when I’m bored and don’t wanna bother about my rank. I have 60+ wins in solo FPP and what I have noticed is that solo players know how to defend themselves without relying on anyone else.

Squad players on the other hand sometimes rely way too much on their squad mates and I find it easier to kill entire squads sometimes by exploiting this, compared to a good solo player.

If you’re alone trying to survive and win against squads, no matter if your entered solo or your teammates died too soon, here’s what you should do While playing Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads :

Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide

Staying low-key

Do not chose to land on any Hot spots, try landing as far away from the flight path and on small unnamed locations that are near to the bigger denser locations.

Avoid running out in the open for too long, make sure you always have cover nearby, wait inside buildings and wait for unsuspecting squads rather than hunting, wait until you know your surrounding is clear and or have no other option but to move. Knowing which fights you can take and which fights you can’t is very important.


Make sure you have eyes on all directions, you will have a massive advantage on squads if you spot them first, it’s harder to spot you cause you will be alone, take your time to get into the perfect position to kill them once you spot them or flank them silently and take them by surprise, squads are prone to panic and fail to defend themselves when it’s a sudden attack.

If you manage to get one of the squad members knocked down at range, but the squad doesn’t know your position yet, stop shooting and bait out the teammate to come and start reviving, even if you fail to kill the teammate you will now know the position of two members out of which one is highly damaged.

If the squad didn’t spot you yet, any grenades can be used as a distraction to gain some ground by throwing it in a direction that you want them to look at as you move while they’re distracted.

This can also be used to confuse and evade squad encounters. If you’re engaging with a squad at close range, DO NOT sit around and finish people off after knocking them down, that couple seconds will lead you to death if the squad mate is just around the corner.Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads

Scout for the remaining teammates after knocking down one if at close range because most likely they are near, loot only after you can confirm the entire squad is wiped. A good tip would be to notice the direction your enemy is crawling towards, most likely the direction his teammates are coming from.

Pushing squads

After a squad knows your position, pushing squads as a solo player may seem hard but with a few techniques it’s much easier.

Let’s assume it’s a squad of 4 and they have spotted you, first try and get at-least one of their players knocked down so they work on reviving, leaving only 2 players that can shoot you.

Take this chance and flank/rush them, use smoke grenades if you have and make sure you’re around cover as you move, if they still try to attack while you move, try and knockdown another player while you rush towards them.

Whenever you move make sure one of the players is knocked down, do this until you have finally reached them. A good tip is to always keep knocking down the same person if you can as they’ll get knocked down easily due to their low health.

Stealth tactics

Make sure to actively find items such as suppressors, being stealthy is key in fighting squads alone. Avoid being seen or heard entirely, to do that,

take a mental image of the flight path in your head and try to stay as far away from it as you can as the circle moves to avoid encounters, stay at the borders and move in with the circle, avoid hot spots as much as you can,

instead position yourself around hot spots in a way that you can catch squads off-guard as they are leaving the hot spots and then loot them. Avoid supply drops, if one is in view,Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads

use it as bait and keep a watch on it from a vantage point until a squad decides to loot it and shoot only if you can afford to attack the squad in that moment. Prefer engaging with people only at close to medium ranges.


Using the right guns can make a difference for a solo player going against squads. UMP works wonders as you can reload it quickly and the attachments and ammo are easier to find,

it’s also easier to combo it with just any sniper because it uses 9mm bullets. Speaking of snipers, bolt action snipers are not advisable against squads because you can’t afford the penalty that comes with missing a shot.

Use the marksman rifles like the SKS, Mini14, SLR etc. they’re better at putting down constant suppressing fire. Although if you’re a good sniper you can still go for the AWM. When it comes to assault rifles,

AKM surprisingly is a good weapon since it has high damage which destroys armor quicker resulting in you knocking people down faster in lesser bullets compared to other assault rifles, and since you won’t use bolt actions you can pair it with a Mini14.Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads

The Final circle

You survived the whole game, dodging encounters you couldn’t face and rushing on the ones that never noticed you but now you’re in the final circle, how do you go home with a chicken dinner?

Try your best to let all the other squads fight each other out, as long as you do that, you’re assured you’ll only be left facing against 3-4 people by the very end and they will be already damaged due to the fights.

During the final circle, skim the borders and don’t try and engage unless they are a threat to you even if you spot players.

It’s very crucial that you do not give away your position during the end game, just keep track of the battlefield and the position of your enemies and do your best to avoid any encounter until the last squad is left, then use the same tactics mentioned above to push them or take them by surprise.

If you’re a regular squad player trying to generally get better at the game, I would advice playing solo in actual solo lobbies because you will face harder enemies and learn how to engage in a 1v1 fight.

I wrote this down as a comment on a post asking for help in squads when their teammates died, figured it would work well as a tips and tricks post.

I always give advice to my friends, thought I’ll share some on reddit too, hope it helped


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