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Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List – All Best Breathing Style Guide

Looking for Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List? In this article, we will show Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List – All Best Breathing Style Guide. Breathing style-one of the method to make it easier to kill demons. There are more than 4 Breathing styles at the moment in Wisteria 2

So come and take a look at this Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List – All Best Breathing Style Guide

Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List – All Best Breathing Style Guide

Water Breathing Style

Keep calm and steady your mind, think and be like the sea, underneath the calm exterior be ready to be the danger under it

Water Surface Slash

The user dashes forward charging and delivering a powerful concentrated slash.

Water Wheel

The user spins vertically forward while releasing a spinning attack in a circular motion.

Flowing Dance

The user swings and bends their sword in a fluid, and dancing like motion with the users body, delivering multiple slashes as they move.

Water Fall Basin

The user jumps in to air and slams into the ground with a powerful slash.

Splashing Water Flow

The user changes their footwork in a way that minimizes the landing time and surface needed when landing, allowing the user to move faster.

Flame Breathing Style

Before a battle always remember to eat, food is the flame that set your soul

Unknowing Fire

The user dashes forward at high speeds, attacking with a powerful horizontal slash.

Rising Scorching Sun

The user unleashes two arcing vertical slash in an upward motion

Blooming Flame Undulation (Being Reworked)

The user performs a circular-like slash in order to defend from incoming attacks.

Blazing Universe

The user unleashes an arcing upward slash and ends with a powerful arcing downward slash.

Flame Tiger

The user breathes deeply and using his legs advances with extremely high speed and ferocious strength, forming a Tiger made of fire that drags everything it comes in contact with, and after a certain point it explodes.

Wind Breathing Style

You must be the wind that rips through the demons of the world, but you must also be the pleasant breeze that calms the people

Dust Whirlwind Cutter

The user dashes forward at high speeds and slashing horizontally in a cyclone-like shape.

Claws-Purifying Wind

The user raises their sword upwards towards their right, and above their head, unleashing four vertical slashes at once down on the ground in a claw shape.

Rising Dust Storm

The user releases multiple several slashes around the user, defending the users from attacks and causing serious damage to the target.

Black Wind Mountain Mist

The user rotates their body in an uppercut movement, creating an arcing slash.

Thunder Breathing Style

I feel like the son of… the God of Thunder, oh yeah… that’s definitely it”

Thunderclap and Flash

The user takes a low stance and leverages the strength of his legs to the fullest, he draws his sword and advances at high speeds to perform a slash.

Rice Spirit

The user takes a defensive stance and unleashes several arcing slashes in various directions at high speeds.

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