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This Witch Arcana guide has everything you need to know, from gameplay details to tips on Heroes, Hourly Cheat Sheet, Allies, Events, Leaderboards, Metas and Hero growth/Might growth. Witch Arcana Magic School is a strategy game where you can choose your House and awaken your House-specific powers to unlock their forbidden secrets.

The game has an open world with so many magical rift beasts, mythical monsters, and dark rift creatures and you can collect heroes including witches, wizards, and sorcerers. In our Witch Arcana beginner guide, we’ll show you Quick Hero Guide and much more. so come and have a look at our complete guide.

Witch Arcana Guide Wiki

A lot of WA game etiquette will likely be similar to koh due to them having the same sort of growth needs and requirements, so you will likely face the same consequences for doing certain things that will annoy people in the game.

Things that will cause you to be burned

•Node knocking gathers outside ffa events
• Sniping mobs
•Stealing anything
•Attacking players unnecessarily
•Zeroing players unnecessarily
•Hive camping another club
•Bullying smaller accounts in a club
•Crying in Diplo, Dms or RC repeatedly
•Being uncooperative
•Ignoring established realm rules
•Provoking rage babies bigger player’s
•Stripping player’s
•Creating a toxic atmosphere in the realm
•People have alts & friends, careful who you loot
• Nothing said is ever private, careful what you say

Quick Hero Guide

Biome-specific heroes will need the correct biome research, this includes increasing xp, speed boost, level caps and damage boosts etc.

Heroes have specific abilities that increase by gaining shards and ranking them, some will be passive abilities that apply bonuses even without being in your march

Greater than the sun- contains march speed bonuses, shrine research (club vs club), raid research ( club pve)and some pvp orientated things

Witch Arcana Guide Wiki

Concentration – contains hero caps, March speed boosts and pve orientated research ( fury boosts)

Relics should be equipped whenever you can to boost march strength by adding bonuses to your hero, you’ll want to build, destroy and farm to get what you need

Matching heroes with biomes will increase your hit/defence and gathering times (increases with levelling, ranking and tiering)

Different rarity of hero will determine xp need, evolution time and epics are currently lacking in research (I could be dumb and unaware of any)

Club Alliance’s

No snipe agreements, both clans agree to ignore each other’s furies or event mobs completely or possibly cooperate on them.

N.A.P (No Aggression Pact) both clubs agree to a set of terms based on the pvp aspects of the game ( oc, pvp events,.troop death, rallies).and stick to them.

Sister clans- usually a bigger club pairs with a smaller one to help both grow and create more opportunities for space, basically an extension of each other.

Baby clans/alt clans, clubs used to house alts, smaller players for extra raids, space or used by anti-social witches to live alone.

Witch Arcana Guide Wiki

Hourly Cheat Sheet

Hero growth/Might growth

You’ll want to boost points earned in these by levelling and building libraries, doing hero-specific research and Leveling & tiering up your heroes( a fury can get you 3* in one hit for lower brackets and overall more xp per hit) Might growth you can time research to be done by then or chain a lot of small research from the free speed up time to boost some quick free point’s.


Time your upgrades perfectly to gain as many points as possible, remember that you have an hour to make points so don’t look to big items for those points, a lot of small upgrades add up during an hour.

Monster Slaying

Quick Hero Guide

You gain more points for hitting higher mobs and the kill is what is most important for winning, some strategies for this is setting yourself up mobs beforehand to just get kill shots, having a friend set some up as you are farming too or ensure that you are killing mobs as efficiently as possible. Hunting a fury will get you ahead too, sniping them is a way to win with less brew.

RSS Gathering

If you really want to win these this is where math skills and spreadsheets come in handy, you’ll need to maximize rss gathered and gather times while in that hour period, many people leave half-gathered nodes to set themselves up not the easiest to win but it’s completely free.

RSS/Brew Spending

These are self-explanatory and relatively new, if you want to win these stockpile tokens and then go for a specific one, please don’t be dumb and leave yourself with overlapped RSS that can be looted and so much brew that you lose regen, it’ll hurt you more than you’ll ever gain.


Make sure to play the tutorial. If you like lore make sure to read the dialogue; if not pay attention to the quests and how to complete them as it’ll teach the basic mechanics of the game.


Prioritize resource (RSS) generation. Do this by building relevant buildings to make passive RSS and upgrade gather levels for gold (aim for lvl 6 gathers). Early realm and campus creatures give some farming opportunities as well.


Allies won’t be kept for long unless they have been raised in price. Buying an ally back to-back between two people is known as volleying, this generates extra gold while cementing allies to your %.


Each hero has unique abilities; some have biomes they are strongest in and many have passive abilities to boost certain aspects of the game.

Relics are best gained by buying hero-unlock chests. Level caps are annoying but a crucial part of the game especially for pvp.


During PVP, watch your infirmary capacity as injured troops will be sent there. Once the infirmary is full all troops hit in battle will die. Keep in mind if you have more than one tier of summons, the weaker ones will fill the infirmary first. It is a good idea to kill off weaker tier summons when you have enough higher ones. When you hit another player a cooldown timer is activated and you will not be able to shield. Being over capacity (oc) on rss will make you a target.


Daily Quest contributes to both club growth and you as an individual, so make sure to contribute to daily and clan quests. Leaderboards unlock at gh 10 which gives access to better rewards, so saving as much loot and brew gained before then is a good idea so you can compete for rewards.

Metas are special themed blocks of daily quests that all contribute to a separate leaderboard with access to rewards, typically last a few weeks, and can be very competitive.

Witch Arcana Guide Wiki

Witch Arcana Wiki

GH9 – need a level 20 hero for resident hall 10 – unlocks 2 hero marches.

Rush to GH10 while saving all the brew you can while also going for rss gather level 6 – all previous research on the tree needs maxed (12.5k gold a node).

Once GH10 you are going to need to farm hourly quests, catch up on side-building levels, and farm gold/ore.


March cap – 7
Catsith toughness – 3
Catsith summon speed boost – 3
Catsith strength – 3
Rally defender – 5
March cap 2 – 5
Rally reinforcer – 5
Scout – 10
Scout speed boost – 10


Get Gryphons upgraded
Hero level caps
Biome research
Monster hunt level +


Providing you have gold gathering level 6, upgraded troops, and farming everything you need to grow, from this point it’s a matter of increasing power, hit, and defence going down the pvp or pve route.


Make sure your production cap is more than your side buildings for steady growth.

Chain hourlies so you don’t leave yourself oc on rss spending events, make sure you have the growth to use the rss.

4- and 5-hitting mobs is likely going to happen for a while so be smart with your supply of brew.

Hero boxes and better for relics than shards, if you have the gems I’d buy a few to upgrade heroes.

Words you may hear in-game

  • OC – over capacity
  • RSS – Resources (food, wood & Gold)
  • Pug scout – Attacking without scouting in order to check for RSS or defence
  • R5– Leader of the club
  • R4 – Leadership of the club
  • R3 – Can see other club members on the realm map
  • R2 – Same as r3
  • R1 – cannot see club members on the realm map
  • Rally– club march to hit a single target
  • Node knocking – hitting someone off a gather
  • Stripping – intentionally buying someone’s allies to destroy gold or weaken defence
  • Zeroing – killing all troops but the garrison cap
  • Swarm – Multiple marches from multiple accounts on one target
  • Sniping – Taking the kill shot from someone/club who has done the majority of damage
  • Titan – Koh speaks for Fury
  • TH – Koh speaks for Great Hall
  • IAP – In-app purchase, anything bought with real money
  • Meta – Two week-long in-game events with separate leaderboards
  • Volleying – Buying an ally back and forth with the intention of raising the price of gold or

Tips & Tricks

Play the tutorial carefully in the order given to avoid rushing and breaking your game; it takes time but you’ll waste more tìme if the quests are done out of order.

Get to great hall (gh) level 5 as quickly as you can to unlock the research you need to progress.

Farm mobs/gather rss, get some free speed research done, and unlock ore production. Rush to gh5 while upgrading mangroves and greenhouses with main buildings. Side buildings like libraries and studies are optional to grow right away but level 5 is a good place to progress to.


Mangrove x3
Greenhouse x3
Studies x6
Libraries x6
Bulletin Boards – player preference
Treasury – player preference


Monster hunt level 3
Resource gather level 3
Academy management
Free speed-up 7
RSS production 5


March cap – 6
Catsith toughness – 2
Catsith summon speed boost – 2
Catsith strength – 2
Rally defender – 3
March cap 2 – 4
Rally reinforcer – 3
Scout – 5
Scout speed boost – 5

Hopefully, this Witch Arcana guide has helped you get started on your own journey as a Witch! Love playing basketball game? Make sure to visit our Nba All World Beginner Guide and Valiant Force 2 Guide

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