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World of Power Tier List Wiki – Best Cards Guide

Welcome to the World of Power Tier List Wiki! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date information on the best card in the World of Power.

World of Power has various rarities of cards, Mythic, Legendary, Epics, Rare, and Common cards. Each type has some speciality and You can obtain these cards for in-game. Let’s take a look at card drop rates.

World of Power cards drop rates

Common – 59.75%
Rare – 30%
Epic- 9%
Legendary – 1%
Mythical- 0.25%

You can earn cards by spinning in the ability menu on the starting screen. You can spin cards by buying spins with coins you earn from levelling up/combat. You also can sell cards.

Essentially right now it is a game with two types of cards possibly three in the future talents and abilities.

Talent cards are passives they give a certain boost or may change certain aspects of your play style like giving you a new type of combat and so on depending on your talent may even be a transformation.

Ability cards are active skills. You can equip two talents and 4 ability cards and you can have 3-4 extra in your inventory.

You can get cards by spinning them. (there will be more ways in the future to get cards but for now it is spinning) and spins can be bought with gold which you get when you level up (again for now) you get exp for attacking and killing players and you get more the higher your kill streak is.

If you to learn about beginner tips and tricks, you can read our World of Power Guide and For free rewards, Visit our World of Power Codes page

World of Power Tier List Wiki – Best Cards Guide

The World: Stop everything for 7 seconds. After this, everything goes back to normal. Some special attacks have no wait time during this.

Phoenix Up: Heal faster with flames, but you’ll get tired quicker.

Adrenaline: When health is very low, you get stronger for a short time. Can’t use again right away.

Ultra Instinct: You can dodge attacks easily, but it uses up energy. If you’re out of energy, you have to wait.

Chibaku Tensei: Pull things close and then explode to hurt them.

Infinity: Slow enemies’ attacks. Use your own powers easier but take more damage. If you’re too tired, you have to wait.

Raging Rampage: The more hits you land, the stronger you become, up to a limit.

Busoshoku: Your arms become stronger for punching and blocking. Push back things that come at you. Other attacks become weaker.

Sharingan: Use your abilities faster and use less energy. You can also dodge faster.

Flying Raijin: Throw a special knife and teleport to it. Near an enemy? Hit them fast.

Temporal Maneuver: Set a point to go back to later, restoring health and energy.

Table Flip: Lift the ground to hurt nearby things.

Sage Mode: Heal faster. Punches and kicks have bigger range. Some powers get stronger, others weaker.

Fatality: Explode enemies you defeat to get more health and energy.

Time Erase: Become invisible and move faster. Pressing the power again does a special punch.

Gates of Babylon: Make portals to shoot out exploding swords.

Spammer: Can’t punch, but special attacks become stronger and wait less time.

Annihilation Type: Get ready, then dash and explode near enemies.

That’s it for this World of Power Tier List Wiki – Best Cards Guide, Our World of Power Tier List Wiki includes only Legendary and Mythic cards.

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