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World of Stands Guide Wiki 2023 – Complete Level Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our World of Stands Guide Wiki, In this World of Stands Guide Wiki we will tell you about Bosses, NPC, Stands & Skins. World of Stands is Developed by the Roblox Game Studio “SpicyWater”.

In World of Stands, you can use Stand arrows and obtain legendary Stands and Level Up by completing Quests. There is a PVP mode in which you can play against other players. As of now, Currently the Max Player level is 35. Max Stand Level is 61. So come and take a look at this World of Stands Beginner Guide 2023 Wiki.

World of Stands Guide Wiki 2023

Basic Combat

Below is information on everything you will need to know for Combat. You will always be using these mechanics


Basic Punch Combo – Left Click 

  • A combo of basic attacks. Goes on a short cooldown after use

Secondary Move – Double Right Click 

Every Stand/Ability has a special move called the Secondary Move. This move is typically easy to land and very useful in combat

Block – F 

A Block that will shield against most moves until it is Broken. When it is Broken, you will be left vulnerable for a short period of time

Perfect Block – F 

When you time your Block just right, you may Perfect Block an opponent’s move. This will leave them vulnerable for a short period of time. This only works against certain moves.

Dash – Ctrl 

Your Dash is an important tool for dodging an attack or closing the gap in combat. It is also useful for traversing the Map

Shift Lock – Shift

Playing in Shift Lock will make it so your Camera is always following where you are aiming. If this isn’t working, be sure it is turned on in your Roblox Settings.

Combat Information


When your Health reaches 0, you will die. Your Health will naturally regenerate. It will regen slowly during Combat, but regen quickly outside of Combat


Cooldowns are displayed with a countdown on the button of its corresponding move. Your Dash has a Cooldown bar above your Health bar

Move Types


Melee attacks deal damage, and in some cases other effects & statuses


Technical attacks typically are used to set up other moves, gain mobility, enter a mode, or function in some way that traditional moves do not


Ranged attacks can drastically vary from each other in speed, distance, and damage


The Ultimate attack is the highest damage move in a Stand or Spec’s kit. Typically, they start with a windup punch or grab that if landed, initiates a cutscene. These can be blocked and usually come with a lengthy cooldown


Finishers are a unique cutscene that plays when an Ultimate attack lands while the enemy is low enough to die from the Ultimate. Finishers are purely cosmetic and will always kill an opponent. Only stands that are Rare & Legendary get them


Domains are Dungeons/Areas that have appeared in the World of Stands. Players will enter these Domains in order to defeat the Boss and claim their reward.

To enter a player must have it unlocked, meet the minimum level requirement, have a Key Item, and have enough Gold. Teams of up to 4 may enter.

Domains are somewhat of a mystery in the World of Stands, as no matter how many times they are conquered, each re-entry it appears as if nothing has changed.

It is thought among those residing in the World of Stands that these Domains are created and maintained by a person or entity.


In order to start a Domain, a player must first meet the requirements listed below:

  • Have it unlocked (Typically via Questline)
  • Meet the Minimum Level Requirement
  • At least 1 of the respective Domain’s Key Item
  • Enough Gold

Once a player meets the requirements, they may go to the Domain Gate. These are located within a specific area of the Map, usually introduced via the Unlock Quest.

It is at a Domain Gate that players may create a Party for a Domain. Up to 4 Players may join a party. Each Player will need to meet the requirements, and all players within a party will have to pay the entry fee.

Domain Parties are viewed either at the Domain Gate or in the Domains Tab in the Menu

The Host of a party may set the party to Open where it will be visible on the Domain Party list, or set it to Closed where it will only be joinable via Invite

The Host of a party may also select the difficulty


A Domain hosts a variety of rooms within it, all which serve different purposes. A Player will typically see rooms with multiple or one of the following: Mobs, Puzzles, Minibosses, Mechanisms, Obstacles, and/or Hazards.

All Domains contain a special room called a “Trial Room”. In these rooms, players can expect to solve a Puzzle that will take a bit of thinking and teamwork. These are usually located in the middle of a Domain

Once all Rooms have been successfully completed, players will reach the Boss Room. Within the Boss Room will be the Final Boss of the Domain, and players can expect a lengthy fight against a Boss with lots of HP and a wide variety of moves. This Boss will scale it’s HP in accordance to the difficulty and size of party


Once a Domain has been completed (successfully or not), players will be greeted with the Results Screen. On this screen, players will see an assortment of statistics regarding their performance. These statistics are used to determine the Domain Grade they receive, which will be shown below these statistics

Currently, there are 5 Domain Grades a player can receive upon completion. This Domain Grade does not affect your rewards in any way

They are S, A, B, C, and F in order from best to worst performance

Each Domain has a variety of rewards with varying drop rates which will be obtained once they have claimed their reward. In order for a player to see what they have rolled for, they must click “Claim Reward”.


Currently there are 2 selectable difficulties for Domains: Normal and Nightmare. Selecting a higher difficulty will grant you better Reward Drop Rates!

The difference between difficulties pertains to the following aspects: Enemy HP, Enemy Damage, Hazard Damage, and Lives.

  • NORMAL: Unlimited Lives, Standard Enemy & Hazard Damage, Standard Enemy HP
  • NIGHTMARE: 1 Life per player, Boosted Enemy & Hazard Damage, Bonus Enemy HP
    The cost of entry does not change, but the risk of failing will be present for any difficulty higher than normal!

That’s it for this World of Stands Guide.

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