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Clash Royale 2.9 Xbow Deck 2020 Grand Challenges & Arena 9+

Clash Royale 2.9 Xbow Deck 2020

Clash Royale 2.9 Xbow Deck 2020 Hi Guys TheSnappyShark here and today I am going to show you Clash Royale 2.9 Xbow Deck 2020 | X bow Ice Golem Deck 2020 | Xbow Cycle Deck. This is gonna be a basic guide familiarizing people with xbow 2.9, which is my second favorite deck in the game so come and take a look at this 2.9 Xbow Deck 2020 | X bow Ice Golem Deck 2020 | Xbow Cycle Deck

X bow Ice Golem 2020 Card Role:

X-Bow : It is really good against Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A since you can out cycle them easily. You can otherwise just draw the game if you aren’t feeling comfortable.

Archers : This card is your number one defensive support, helps against a lot of matchups.It is what saves you against Night Witch decks, Lava Hound decks and do some extent bait decks. Personally i wouldn’t cycle them at the back as soon as I hit 10 elixir at the start of the game because it’s a 3 elixir investment. Your opponent could:

It’s really an important card and can’t be subbed to Dart Goblin or Spear Gobs

Ice Spirit : Helps against some games where you need to distract a troop or freeze it (like an inferno dragon over your xbow). The freeze mechanic also resets troops, in case you didn’t know.

Or even take down a tower to finish with a meme

Skeleton : This card is pretty sweet for 1 elixir as it provides a lot of value and cycle. It can counter Musketeers, Miners, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Elite Barbs (yes, you heard it right).

It also cycles well and can act as a distraction unit while your Tesla or Archers snipe the troops

Tesla : Still one of the most favorite defensive buildings in the game. It one shots Minions, counters P.E.K.K.A along with Skeletons, counters Giant, Bridge Spam, and much more.

Since it doesn’t stay “up”, your opponent can’t get spell value out of it. Be warned it can’t be placed like other buildings. It requires special placements when placed reactively and when placed passively because of it’s “activation box”.

Fireball : Usually your game ender, you wanna get the opponents tower down to spell cycle range.But in some games you can’t. Since Fireball deals significant damage, you can always Fireball a 4 or more elixir troop so that it dies once it reaches your side of the arena (if unsupported).

Fireball is what takes out Minion Hordes, 3 Musketeers, Elixir Collectors if your xbow is out of cycle, Lava Pups + Balloon etc.

Ice Golem / Knight : Ice Golem is the other option for the tank, Ice Golem helps against more aggro decks because of the freezing effect. It slows down troops, can be combined with zap to take out Horde, counters Graveyard, etc. It also can kite troops to the opposite lane.

The Log / Zap : The Log is used over Zap, but you can switch them up.Log is used so that you can kill Goblins from that Goblin Barrel, or push back troops while getting that sweet chip damage on the tower.

X bow Ice Golem 2020 General Tips :

  • When you play on the ladder, you don’t want to play X-bow early unless they pump up first.
  • Your really do not want to play X-bow if they start out with a Golem or Giant at the back, since it could be Giant/Golem Double Prince.
  • U really don’t want to overcommit on defense or offense, cuz even a slight mistake and you could easily lose the game.
  • You want to count opponents elixir all the time and know the cards in their hand.

Ladder :

  • Never play X-Bow till you know what your opponent is playing.
  • Only play X-Bow at the beginning if they pump up first.
  • Always Fireball the Pump.
  • While approaching the 2 minute mark, you don’t need to Fireball pumps anymore. you can just push with an X-bow and then defend later. You can win a game where your opponent has 3 Collectors on the ground since you can always cycle back to Fireball quickly, do that only when your opponent’s tower is significantly low.
  • Against beatdown, the main damage you get is from the starting.
  • Against Royal Giant, draw the game.

Challenges :

  • You can afford to spend a little more Elixir on offense or defense since you really can’t get punished because of the level discrepancy.
  • You can play X-Bow in the first 30 seconds if both the players are making passive plays.
  • If you feel that your opponent is gonna kill your X-Bow no matter what, then just let it die and focus on defense.
  • This is really tough to do for a new player, knowing when to use X-Bow and when to not. When to defend the X-Bow and when to let it die. Well it usually comes with experience but I will help you with more detailed guides against every single deck archetype.
  • Remember that X-bow is always a 1 tower game, if you lose a tower. Draw it. And if you have to lose a tower let it be on the same one that you are pushing on, because if it’s the other tower then your opponent can drop troops right on your X-Bow.

X bow Ice Golem 2019 Matchups :

Log Bait :

It’s a favored matchup, you usually win this game if your opponent makes a mistake.

In single elixir time, keep The Log for Barrel, while in double elixir u can use Skeletons or Archers to counter it while using Log on offense.

Keep Ice Spirit in hand for Inferno Tower.

Beatdown :

It’s not a favored matchup especially Giant, but it’s easy to draw.

Never go opposite lane since they will just trade towers and you will be a sad panda.

Play defensive if needed.​

Cycle :

You usually do well against cycle decks.

Don’t spend a lot of elixir on defense, take a bit of damage if needed.

Xbow v Xbow and RG v Xbow Games :

Play defensive X-Bow and progress into an offensive X-Bow.

Use cycle cards to tank opponent’s support troops. Do not over defend as your opponent will eventually break through. You will know when to go on offense from a good bit of practice.(On a side note, I have won every xbow v xbow matchup and have over a 90% win rate against RG on ladder. In challenges however, it’s about 70% against RG)

Bridge Spam (Includes Hog Rider) :

Save Tesla at all times. Against E Barbs you can use Knight + Ice Spirit or skeles and ice spirit if you pull it to the center. Play defensive against the bridge spam.

Thanks a lot for reading this guide.
Suggestions would be great.

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