Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki – Early Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough

Welcome to our Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki, In this Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki, we will tell you about some tips and tricks for Xenonauts 2. Read on for key tips on utilizing the Geoscape for global defence operations, the importance of Time Units in battles, and the optimal setup for your base.

So come and take a look at this Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki – Early Gameplay / Helpful Tips

Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki – Early Gameplay / Helpful Tips

Main Menu

Difficulty Selection: This is where you pick how hard your game will be. “Recruit” is the easiest and is good for new players. “Commander” is the hardest, so try this if you want a really tough game. You can also make your own difficulty settings!

Campaign Settings: These are like the rules of your game. They change depending on what difficulty you chose. But if you chose to make your own difficulty, you can set these rules yourself.

Introduction & Ironman Mode: If you’re new, pick “Introduction” and the game will teach you how to play. If you’re feeling brave, pick “Ironman Mode”. In this mode, you can’t save whenever you want, and the game will save on its own. If you make a mistake, you have to live with it!

Campaign Name: This is the name of your game. You can make up your own name, or let the game pick a name for you.

Begin Campaign: When you’ve chosen all the above, click this to start your game. Have fun playing Xenonauts 2.


The “Geoscape” or Worldview screen is like your game’s dashboard. It shows you what’s happening in the world of Xenonauts 2.

Panic: Each area on the map has a Panic Level. If you win a mission in an area, its Panic Level will go down. But if the Panic Level gets too high, it will be harder to play in that area.

Base: Here, you can see where your base or bases are. As you get further into the game, you’ll be able to have more than one base.

Screens: These are different areas of the game you can check out:

    • Geoscape: This is where you manage your defense against aliens. You’ll see alien ships and missions on the map, and you can send your own ships and teams to fight them.
    • Base: Here, you can see the people and buildings at your bases. You can also start building more structures.
    • Research: This is where you learn more about the aliens and find ways to upgrade your gear.
    • Engineering: Here, you can build new equipment and vehicles to help you fight the aliens.
    • Soldiers: You can hire more soldiers here, and check on the ones you already have.
    • Stores: This shows you all the items you currently have.
    • Armory: Here, you can change your soldiers’ equipment and put them on or take them off your dropships.
    • Aircraft: This is where you manage your aircraft.
    • Archives: This is like your game’s encyclopedia.

Additional Functions: These are things you can only do on the Geoscape screen:

Launch Aircraft: Here, you can make groups of up to three aircraft and send them to a target.

Construct New Base: You can build new bases on the Geoscape screen, so you can cover more of the world.

Funding Report: This gives you a sneak peek at the report you’ll get at the end of every month, showing how much money you made and spent.

Settings & Time: By clicking the gear button, you can change how the game looks, sounds, and plays. You can also see how many days have passed in your campaign and what the current in-game time is.

Speed Controls: The game keeps going even when you’re on the Geoscape screen, but it’s at the slowest speed. You can use these controls to speed things up or slow them down.

Be careful when using the fastest speed because a whole day can pass in just a few seconds! It’s important to keep an eye on the time so you can use all parts of the game properly.

Funds Available: This is the money you have to run your base or bases. You’ll use it to build things, research stuff, make weapons, and hire people.


Map Controls: You can change how you’re looking at the battlefield to help you spot aliens and things you need for your mission.

Squad Status: The bar at the top of the screen shows you how your squad is doing. You can tell what type of soldier each one is by their icon.

Soldier Equipment & Weapon Abilities: This part shows you what each soldier is carrying, like guns, shields, med kits, and grenades.

The top bar here shows how many Time Units it takes to use each weapon. Some weapons can fire quickly but aren’t very accurate, while others are slow but very accurate.

Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki

Xenonauts 2 Beginner Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

Starting your base in a geographic-centric area will allow your team to respond to events quicker on average. You can build more bases as funding allows deeper into your campaign – response time is crucial in the beginning.

It may seem like there are times where there is nothing to do on the campaign map. Use these “slow” times to focus on refining your soldier’s kits, determining research, and expanding your base.

On lower difficulties you have a great deal of money to invest – use it to build early in preparation for the incoming alien invasion.

While you are free to build anything you want in your base, there are some optimal starting buildings:

Medical Facility – Boost the recovery rate for your soldiers and get them back on the battlefield quicker.

Barracks – You’ll need space to house extra personnel, and barracks will allow you to accomplish that need.

Generator – Extra modules will soak up power fast, and a generator will help future-proof your base’s expansion.

When deciding base layout, consider adjacency bonuses for certain modules. Many modules will boost the base stats greatly if they are adjacent to similar modules.

Battles The biggest consideration during battles are your Time Units – the ability to perform an action.

That’s it for this Xenonauts 2 Guide Wiki – Early Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough

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