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YBA 1.55 Patch Notes – Balance Changes & STAND REWORK

The new S.M. REWORK update for Your Bizarre Adventure was released on 5th July 2023. In this YBA 1.55 Patch Notes we will tell you all the STAND REWORK, Balance Changes, Fixes and more.

So come and take a look at this YBA 1.55 Patch Notes – S.M. REWORK & Update LOG

YBA 1.55 Patch Notes – S.M. REWORK & Update LOG

YBA v1.55

STAND REWORK: Scary Monsters

– New Move-set consisting of 8 abilities
– Completely new skill-tree
– Completely new stand model
– 3 new obtainable skins from the Rib Cage
> Reverse Monsters
>> Rarity: Common
> Scary Monsters: The World
>> Rarity: Uncommon
> Scary Monsters: Retro The World
>> Rarity: Epic
> Scary Monsters: The World Alternate Universe
>> Rarity: Legendary

2 NEW 1v1 MAPS

– Dio’s Mansion
– Dio’s Coffin Room


– Added a 5s CD to being Stand Crashed that can be increased with Sturdiness Upgrades
– Optimized some code to reduce lag and memory
– Removed item pickup captcha because we have Roblox’s new Byfron anti-cheat
– Remodeled Heaven Ascension Dio
– Remodeled the following Stand Models:
> King Crimson Requiem
> Killer Queen
> Killer Queen: Bites the Dust
– Remodeled the following Skin Models:
> Stone Platinum
> Female Hando
– Reduced Lag on the following Stand Models:
> Soft & Wet
> Soft & Wet: Go Beyond
> King Crimson
> Crazy Diamond
> D4C
> D4C Love Train


– Fixed using macros to m1 faster than normal
– Improved performance time on String Lasso
– Improved ragdoll performance on Player and Mobs
> This also fixed ragdoll knockbacks on players being reduced than when used on mobs
– Improved the auto track system (for abilities like Grapple and Go Beyond)
– Fixed Golden Skin reducing Physical Defense
– Patched a god mode exploit that targeted the bleeding system
– Fixed a visual bug with cutscenes making your screen super blurry if used in a game-mode


– Chariot Requiem
> Reduced Conqueror’s Will’s range
– Crazy Diamond
> Blood Slash no longer sticks to victims with i-frames
> Reduced Hopming Shot’s AOE hitbox
> Rage Counter no longer refills Rage bar if Rage Mode is activated and Rage Mode no longer buffs Heal Mode
> Heal Mode now bypasses counters
– C-Moon
> Reduced Gravitational Shift’s range
> Uppercut to The Moon victims now have iframes during ragdoll
– Boxing
> Reduced abilities DMG by 25%
> Nerfed CD reduction on Quick Hands
> Nerfed Fleet Footwork’s windup reduction
> Can no longer use Boxing Shuffle with Haymaker
> Increased Haymaker & Liver Shot’s endlag
> Decreased lingering hitbox on Liver Shot and Jaw Breaker
> Nerfed the stacking of Dashing + Boxing Shuffle
– Vampirism
> Reduced abilities DMG by 25%
> Reduced blood gained from abilities by 20%
> Nerfed Ultraviolet Resist hamon reduction by 10%
> Increased Vaporization Freezing CD +5s and frozen victims now ragdoll after being damaged
> Vaporization Freezing and Oblivion of Death now SLOW victims and can be upgraded with Bodily Mastery upgrades
> Reduced Life Absorption’s healing by 30%, increased its windup, reduced its lingering hitbox
> Increased Oblivion of Death’s windup, and made victims resummon stand at the end
> Reduced Zombie Creation’s hitbox
– Spin
> Reduced abilities DMG by 25%
> Charged spin’s damage buff is now applied to all projectiles (Stands, etc)
> Golden Skin now buffs Character Melee abilities’ damage
– Hamon
> Reduced abilities DMG by 25%
> Reduced Hamon Punch passive’s damage increase for ONLY projectiles
> Metal Silver Overdrive now ragdolls, knockbacks, and slows victims
> Sendo Overdrive now blockbreaks on the last hit and has user Hyper Armor
> Increased Zoom Punch windup
– Sword-Style
> Reduced abilities DMG by 5%
– All counter abilities are put on a 8s CD after using a counter

That’s it for this YBA 1.55 Patch Notes Update

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